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What is a “Hot Wife?”

The term hot wife is often used to describe a happily married woman who enjoys intimate relations with other men, with her loving husband’s full and genuine support, but where he typically agrees to be completely monogamous with his wife. Both spouses derive satisfaction from the wife’s extramarital pleasures. The husband is not necessarily submissive, although the couple may role-play that the wife relentlessly flaunts her “infidelity” in front of her husband.

It is understandable that this arrangement can appeal to women with a polygamous nature, but it is far from obvious why so many husbands are genuinely into this seemingly unfair arrangement. The husband is turned on by his wife’s adultery, whether this happens as part of a heterosexual threesome where she first has sex with her lover and then her husband, or if the husband is not present during her adventure, waits impatiently for his wife to come home from her date so that he can make love to her. You are forgiven if you wrongly believe that the husband is hoping for his wife to reaffirm to him that only he can truly satisfy her sexually. No, her husband gets more excited the more the wife enjoys her extramarital lovers! When the hot wife is back in her husband’s arms, she will often graphically describe the intensity of the orgasms she has just experienced with another man or men.

The wife’s sexual pleasure should not be confused with her romantic feelings – she is only in love with her husband. To minimize the risk that she develops a romantic interest in a lover, the couple has typically agreed to certain rules so that she for example only sees the same lover a few times, that there is a significant age difference, and that her lovers never are part of the couple’s regular social, professional or family circles.

Hot wife relationships are often first suggested by the husband who has fantasized about, if he ever gets enough courage to overcome his embarrassment and bring it up with his wife. The wife tends at best to react with complete amazement, at worst with severe hostility – even if she herself has fantasized about being with other men. She does so for good reasons: whilst there are common biological reasons for why the husband can be excited by his wife’s adultery, the reverse is rarely true and she therefore suspects that her husband has some other sinister reason for asking. Does he feel guilt because he has cheated on her? Doesn’t he love her anymore? Is he bisexual? Is he suggesting this as a first step to later justify that he should have the right to be with other women? Little does she know that the husband’s thought of his own wife having sex with another man tends to rank as the second or third most preferred fantasy amongst married men, and it increases with how long the couple has been married.

It is one of life’s ironies that men with hotwives often become very committed to themselves being faithful the more promiscuous their wives are. The husband typically finds his wife sexier than ever before – even when they first met – and the excitement of competing for his own wife highly erotic and exciting. There are accounts from wives that upon becoming hotwives, not only did they experience great sex and fun, but their husbands became more loving and romantic, bought them more gifts and vacations and started to take a greater interest in household duties – classical actions by a man seeking to gain a lady’s affection. Few wives can even in the slightest imagine that her no-nonsense husband who most definitely wears the pants in the house, possibly could be the type who would greet her with a passionate kiss in the early morning as she comes back to a picked-up house, knowing full well that his wife has just spent hours in bed being pleasured by one of her lovers! Now, before too many wives get their hopes up – only a minority of husbands – although a sizeable minority – would react in this way. And most husbands even in this minority will react with traditional jealous rage if he catches his wife cheating on him and where no hot wife arrangement has been discussed and agreed to in advance. The husband’s complete trust in his wife is fundamental for him to accept a hot wife arrangement.

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  1. on 19 Jan 2007 at 1:27 pmlustymale54

    I understand what and why a husband would get sexually excited watching his wife have sex with other men. I am one of thies men. However my wife would not go along with me. I have asked her to do this for me. I’d love to see her with one or more men. To see the delight and pleasure she would receive from the experience. She refused to, stating that I was the only man she wants. Most men would get angry and jelious if their wife had sex with other men, mine won’t and I want her to. She is a good woman and i don’t push it. I have been involved with other mens wifes when they watched or joined in, in the sex. I love it and would like to find others who injoy it too

  2. on 22 Jan 2007 at 1:10 amRandy

    very good explanation of what a hotwife is

  3. on 27 Jan 2007 at 6:50 pmJS

    Yes,an excellent explanation. It would appear that indeed a small minority would be involved in this lifestyle. Just like how a wife would be turned on by seeing her husband fuck other women would be few and far between. If the husband has no jealousy,i hope the wife wouldn’t but from what i’ve read thats not the case. Women are more jealous, even in the hotwifing lifestyle,if the man wanted to fuck other women because when the hotwife fantasy is initially brought up she thinks its an excuse for him to have other woman. I guess thats why the spouse with the fantasy of his/her partner is the one who brings it up.

    With all the fucking the hotwife does, i hope the husband wouldn’t be short changed because the wife would be to tired,to sore or prefer to relish in the moments of another lover.I think when it gets to that point and she isn’t giddy when seeing her husband.then changes would have to be made. All this is the husbands’ fantasy,although when the wife feels comfortable she has to enjoy it more than the husband. After all,she’s getting the sex. Men have more of a voyeuristic nature than women,so maybe thats why this type of lifestyle has caught on.

    The unfair comparision seems to fit the bill when

    [quote] a happily married woman who enjoys intimate relations with other men, with her loving husband’s full and genuine support, but where he typically agrees to be completely monogamous with his wife.[/quote]

    It would seem a fully sexual functioning man who has a high sex drive would get less of his wife’s attention by doing this and get frustrated. She would be giving attention to others while he would sit idly by waiting for her. Participating in the action would be a more rational course of action,imo. Those who wait around for their hotwife to come home after a few hours or a day or a weekend i hope actually don’t sit around or lie around waiting. She’s having fun why can’t you at least go do routine things to soothe the anguish lol.

    [quote] There are accounts from wives that upon becoming hotwives, not only did they experience great sex and fun, but their husbands became more loving and romantic, bought them more gifts and vacations and started to take a greater interest in household duties – classical actions by a man seeking to gain a lady’s affection [/quote]

    I would hope the wives would be more affectionate with sexual aggression towards him.I don’t know about you but i would want to feel like i’m first and most important. The same as the wives do.Thats why communication is a neccissity.

    [quote] No, her husband gets more excited the more the wife enjoys her extramarital lovers! [/quote]

    There will always be a man who can plesase and make a woman climax better and even more. Just like there will always be a woman who gives better oral sex and fucks better.The “swinging” lifestyle would make more sense,at least to me. Being monogamous with her romantically yes,however sexually whats good for the goose is good for the gander. I guess thats why my line of thinking i have no desire for a hotwife lol.

  4. on 07 Mar 2007 at 4:39 amLayla

    I am a hot wife and I agree upon husband requests, He wants me to cuckold him and to have sex with other man. I admit it is exciting and naughty, only as long my hubby enjoys it.

    Nice definition of Hot Wife.



  5. on 14 Oct 2007 at 12:35 pmsm

    Nice description, recently found I enjoy my ‘hot wife’ it is a strange but erotic feeling knowing she is pleasuring other men the satisfaction I get from her enjoyment is overwhelming.


  6. on 23 Dec 2007 at 4:51 pmLisa

    This is by far the best definition of a “hotwife” I think I’ve ever run across. My husband began sharing his fantasies involving me and other men about ten years ago, and I must admit I was at first taken a bit a back by it. I had to agree with him that I found the thought of it exciting but that was about as far as it went. About two years ago, being still quite attractive and getting hit on regularly from guys even ‘much’ younger, and with my husband still sharing his ‘fantasies’ and making them even ‘hotter’ involving me with other guys that he knew I was attracted to and especially during ‘sex’, I began to rethink it all, and before long I was finding myself thinking about it more and more(‘every day’). After a rather long discussion one night over dinner we both agreed to the arrangement that I could have all the sexual freedom I pleased, but he would remain totally monogamous. I have to say our sex life now as well as our marriage is better than ever. He loves having me as not only his ‘hot’ wife, but also his ‘hotwife’, as I know now there is quite a ‘difference’, and he says he’s happy now to have ‘both’. He’s much more attentive and romantic, and loves buying me sexy things to wear for my hot dates with other men. He also ‘loves’ me sharing all the ‘details’. I agree that it is exciting because he’s totally into it and I don’t have to feel any guilt or regretful feelings. He loves the fact that I’m now always hot and turned on just with the ‘possibilities’, even if it’s just a trip to the grocery store in summer wearing my little cut-offs and a skimpy halter top. I know it’s certainly not for everyone, and if some of our friends and family knew about our arrangement they would ‘shudder’, but as long as my husband is encouraging it I’m having fun, and probably will continue to do so!

  7. on 04 Jan 2008 at 2:24 pmTom

    Perfect definition. My wife does this and I love it.

  8. on 25 Jan 2008 at 5:28 pmTom and Donna

    I came across your website by chance researching ideas about how to format our personal website. I enjoyed and agree with most of your defintion of “Hotwife” and showed my queen and she thought so as well. We have been on and off swingers up to this point. Limited by family obligations, work schedule and alot of phonies on swingers sites. Guys that think themselves having more or being more than they actually are, as Donna puts it…. “legends in thier own minds.” Thus why we mutually decided to try creating a website to see how that works as far as getting what we/she wants. We are not the typical if there is such a thing, ‘hotwife/cuckold’ couple. Myself being nicely hung and pretty talented in bed and black. However I enjoy her taking a lover that fully able to satisfy her…something about watching her let loose with a guy that’s able to stimulate her both body and mind. Watching as she flirts, slowly allowing her wild side or HOTWIFE to come out and play. Seeing her let loose sexually seducing and being seduced by another man. There is something very powerful about witnessing this transformation that gets me extremely aroused. Her dating Solo is something were still working out, the idea doesn’t appeal to me as much as being there to watch and listen to her during the actual passion exchange. But there is something about having to wait and ponder what is happening that is a turn on also, especially if she brings home the evidence of sex.

  9. […] archive gallery. For everyone anxious to see more of their favorite, yet increasingly camera shy, hotwife, it’s the easiest place to corner her for snapshots. Click for bigger images. Enjoy (and […]

  10. on 27 Jun 2008 at 9:20 pmGraham

    I am so please to have found this fantastic site. I am a macho, hetro guy who has been married for 16 years. My first feelings that I enjoyed the cuckold/hotwife scenario started many years ago, before we got married. I noticed that I was always reading storries about guys who let their wife have sex with other men.

    We got married and about a year after that my wife wanted to go on holiday to Crete with a female friend. I was a little worried but decided not to be a jealous husband to I did not stand in her way. My wife is Blonde, 5’3″ with a good figure, large breats and an attractive face.

    A couple of days before her trip, while she was at work, I noticed her case under the bed with some shoes beside it. I could not help but notice that she had taken some of her sexiest shoes out of the closet to pack in her case. I could not help myself and decided to take a look in her case. The top of the case was fine. She had packed the usual holiday outfits and everything seemed fine, but when I lifted some of those items out of the way my heart skipped a beat. I found her sexiest stockings, bras, thongs, short thin dresses. I did not know how to feel. I thought I should feel jealous, and in a way I did as I knew she was bound to attract other men wearing those outfits. I was about to put everything back when I noticed a make-up bag in the corner of the case so I decided to take a look inside. That is when I knew that she wanted to find sex on her holiday. Among the make-up, lipstick etc I found a box with her name on it from the pharmacy with a date only a few days old. It contained a female contraceptive cap. In an instant I became totally turned on. My wife was going on holiday with a case full of sexy shoes, undies, stocking and I knew why.

    She never knew I looked in the case. I now know that she had sex with 3 guys on her holiday that year. I have hinted to her that it is one of my fantasies but she has never taken me up on it and always says that she would never try anything like that. If she only knew that I know everthing.

    Looking forward to looking at your site again.


  11. on 31 Jul 2008 at 9:01 amnew hotwife

    im glad i found this site. me and my husband of 4 years are just starting this lifestyle. i can tell you that my nature is to be totally monogamous and i expect the same from him. our sex life had always been lacking due to some of his “issues” and when he brought up the idea of me “cheating” on him i was devastated. why would he want that if he loves me so much? is he just saying this because HE wants to cheat on me and this would justify that?

    until this past week he has always been kind of cold and reserved towards me sexually, but now that i have been entertaining (but not yet doing) this thing for him he is super responsive to me and very attentive… im kind of hoping i can get out of actually doing it with someone else, i cant imagine wanting anyone else, but if my husband is going to start treating me THIS good, then maybe it will be ok.

    by the way, my husband is not weak or passive, he is actually quite dominant and ive always been the submissive one…

  12. on 03 Oct 2008 at 11:11 amrb

    This posting does an excellent job of describing our journey. I have been serving my Wife for nearly three years, and we have talked about her cuckolding me and she has now decided to date and find someone (or more than one) to take as a lover. i am not allowed, nor do i want to, have other partners…In fact, she has hinted that if she can find a man who can satisfy her need for a long lasting large cock and a relationship she enjoys, She might not allow me to fuck her anymore, though I will still get to service her orally.

    I believe this is how things should be and am a very happy man.

    For more…


  13. on 05 Nov 2008 at 11:41 pmHammerHeart

    Excellent explanation Allie – Thank You!

    We need more experienced, well-spoken people in this growing lifestyle to help establish a clear understanding of what this is all about, because there is a lot of misunderstanding and confusion about it.

    For those of you who may wonder how a Husband could not only allow, but crave this lifestyle, I will para-phrase a quote from Nancy Friday’s book entitled, “Men In Love”:
    ~To the Man, Love (for his wife) + Jealousy (over her sex with another male) = Intense Passion~.


  14. on 08 Nov 2008 at 3:26 pmHot Sally

    Great definition, but to my hubby, the best part is the creampie!

  15. on 22 Nov 2008 at 10:57 pmMWFluvn

    Wow, Nice definition. Im gonna take it one step further for me in that I had always cheated on b/fs before I met my husband. Since our marriage, ive always felt guilty about wanting to be with other guys.Once we started talking about this lifestyle I realized I had these urges not because I dont love my husband or cared for those guys I dated, but because Ive got a deep desire to be pleased by lots of different cute guys and be taken by them. It used to be I did this sneaking around, but now that my husband encourages it and we talked it through, I have had that weight lifted off my shoulders and did do the hotwife transformation mentioned above and so did he. And no, I dont feel guilty anymore about being with different lovers and cuckolding my husband because I know thats what he wants and makes him happy and more attracted to me. When I come home with stained panties and he cleans me up, It just reinforces my desire to keep going back to my lovers and have them be a regular part of my life and marriage.

  16. on 05 Dec 2008 at 9:08 amMichael

    I just sent the definition of a hot wife to my honey, Maria. We were a couple years ago and were happy and sexually electric. After we were geographically seperated, she told me about her boyfriend Jamie. I was incredibly turned on, and when she sent me photos of them having sex, I discovered my fantasy – watching her be wild! I’ve been convincing her over the years to have her naughty adventures for both her and my pleasure – and she’s finally coming around to enjoying this lifestyle. I am happy because just as the definition describes, at first she was angry and thought I wanted to be with other women, but now she is beginning to understand it’s not that at all. I think we have begun many years of fantastic adventures and I can’t wait to watch my honey be wild with her men! Great site!

  17. on 05 Dec 2008 at 5:34 pmloud n proud

    I also inderstand how a husband can enjoy watching his wife with another man. I am now 28 and have been married for 6 years. About 3 years ago my husband started talking about how he wished I had the chance when I was younget to be with more men. I was a virgin till I was 19 and even then only had 2 boyfriends before my husband, and only had sex a few timew with the first and then a few dozen times with the second. I didn’t think sex was a big thing and then I met my husband to be and he totally rocked my world. By the time we were married we had tried most things, got a toy and porn collection started and got very uninhibited together.

    So as my sexuality developed and I became more and more relaxed with the whole scene, I became very responsive and learned to orgasm frequently and easily. I loved sex and everything about it. And this from a girl who at 20 still thought sex wasn’t a big thing. By the time I was 25 I was sometimes worried that i was starting to believe it was the only thing!

    Often when we made love, or watched porn he would bring it up that I needed some variety, that I had missed out, that variety is the spice of life. After he brought it up a lot and we both realized the idea turned us both on, we really started to get into it. When he was eating me out (something i think I am addicted to) he would slide a large vibe just in and out of my pussy and telle to pretend it was a guy I seen somewhere recently that looked hot. I would imagine it was and tell him all about what i was thinking about and how it felt. Then he would jam the vibe in deep just as I was cumming and it would be intense. Or as I was blowing him he would reach down and rub my head and play with me nipples and talk to me like he was a lover who was fucking around with me in front of my husband, as if my husband was wathcing me blow my lover while my hisband jacked off and stuff. I very much got into that and used to orgasm when he did, just from the hot talk and his spurting cock.

    We are very happy and very satisfied. For the last 3 years I have developed a small group of 4 men who I have fun with. They know about each other and accept that they sahre me. My husband loves watching his little slut and him and I still fuck just as much as we always did or more so it isn’t like the strange cock is wearing me out.

    We are both very in tune with our sexuality and see no problem in enjoying ourselves. We love each other. We are halthy. We have good jobs. My husband probably has at least 10 good orgasms a week and I know betweeb my husband, my lovers and my toys I have at least twice that many.

    This may wear off some day…but I hope it isn’t for a while.

  18. on 18 Jan 2009 at 4:46 amAllison

    Wow, and we thought we were the only ones who had this crazy wacko , amazing marriage where I (the wife) can do whatever, whomever I like–and my husband encourages it. So glad to hear that there are other people out there like us. We often tell ourselves “if people only knew” and that’s half the fun, the shame or secrecy that comes with it. We have an amazing marriage–10 yrs strong–and would love to connect with other ike-minded couples!

  19. on 21 Apr 2009 at 6:08 pmFredandAnn

    This is absolutely the best statement I’ve read anywhere defining how my wife (HotWife) Ann and I feel about the HotWife adventures we both enjoy. I feel as though you wrote it specifically about us. Thanks!

    I could go along and agree line-by-line (I won’t), but we especially agree with “Both spouses derive satisfaction from the wife’s extramarital pleasures.” Yup!

    Our agreement goes on and on, we enjoy this as a ‘shared’ activity, although there’s another man involved, this is something we do so we can share the enjoyment together, the two of us…it’s actually drawn us closer!

    I’m a heterosexual Alpha male, who, before we started, thought about my tremendous flirt of a wife actually taking her flirting to the next level and bedding a guy. When I finally very gingerly brought up my fantasy, my wife of 3 years was emotionally crushed. She thought, just as you’ve said, I had cheated or I wanted to, I didn’t love her, etc., all untrue. More than a year of hard, honest discussion later, Ann became a HotWife! And we both enjoyed that first adventure and every adventure since…that first adventure was in 1971, 38 years ago this month, and Ann’s still my active HotWife.

    In all these years, I haven’t had another woman, I’ve been totally monogamous, while Ann has had 49 different ‘lovers’, some one-shot-deals, most for a month or so, some longer term, in fact she’s been seeing one guy for 27 years now. I enjoy the occasional threesome with my wife, but typically Ann will ‘date’ a guy while I wait at home. When she returns, it’s all about us, and the sharing really starts. I LOVE my HotWife Ann!

  20. on 19 May 2009 at 11:47 amAmyLamBiNe

    Allie you’re hot. From your related blog I learned that you’re now playing with coworkers. Awesome! My steady boyfriend remains monogamous and someday I wish he’ll play with someone gorgeous like you. In a wicked way, I’m not sure I like this double standard! But I enjoy my men and my man and most importantly, our love making is unbelievable ever since I became his HotWife!

    btw, is there any racial preference? To you or him? I’m dying to know.


  21. on 07 Feb 2010 at 7:34 amWannabe


    Thanks. Great definition. And different in the sence that the man is allowed to be a MAN (as I read it)

    I am a guy who most men look at as a great guy. Normal hight and body, cock larger that average. I have bedded more women then most men. I am typically a ‘strong’ man socially, have my own business, and do well in all areas in life

    Most sites define the husband of a hotwife as a wimp, a looser

    I have been married to a hotwife for many years. We broke up for other reasons some years ago. Now I have a new woman in my life

    I have told my new gf that I want this. I want her to fuck other guys and share the whole thing with me. At first she was very surprised. And all the arguments in your definition came up. Now, a year later, she is comfortable with my fantasy. She understand this is something I really want. She is joking about it a bit, and teasing me from time to time

    We are not there yet. But, from previous experience, I know that a deep dialog is needed. We talk a lot. And have even fantazised about it once or twice in bed (she actually orgasmed easier than usual these times). So she is getting there

    There are some moral issues we still are discussing (things in her upbringing). And also rules for the game.

    I cannot wait till the first time she will come home to me telling me she fucked someone. To have the cucky agnst for some hours, and after holding her close and telling her how much I love her

  22. on 19 Feb 2010 at 1:18 pmAmy Jo

    I am a hot wife and when we started having threesomes our sex life increased by 100%. A man who appreciates what he has sexual and is willing to share her is the most loyal loving man ever!! Ladies maybe you should bring it up with your men you wont believe the orgasms, earth shaking!! Try it I guarentee you will love it and want to do it again and soon! Have fun and enjoy!

  23. on 28 Feb 2010 at 9:57 pmrichard

    i recently have informed my wife i want her to take sexual lovers and allow me to watch. she thought it was because i want to justify having other women. she didnt understand how i would get such immense satisfaction from her being fucked by other guys. I told her I didnt understand it myself but felt we were close enough to be completely honest. your article explains it fully and in great detail. i am showing it to her as soon as she gets home.
    i took her to a swing club i found and she had sex with 5 guys that night, including 3 at one time…….now she is hooked and i get to enjoy all the action. now to get her picked up at a club! you bulls shouldnt be shy going after the married ladies at the clubs….us cuck hubby’s want it bad!

  24. on 26 Nov 2010 at 11:48 amJenks

    Like some of the other guys that have commented here I consider myself a regular sort of guy, and not the usual stereotypical ‘wimp’ that tends to get associated with this sort of lifestyle. Quite frankly, a guy doesn’t need to be any less of a man to get pleasure from seeing, or just hearing about, his wife’s extra-marital activities. I married young, but knew within a year or so that I wanted to watch another man bang my lady. It took me 11 years into the marriage to admit that to her, and a further 7 before it finally happened. She was 39 when I got to watch another guy fuck her, and he did it so well she became hooked. That was 6 years ago now and she’s been with lots more guys in that time. There was a time when I used to worry about my needs, but not any more as I’ve got used to it. These days we use the net to meet up with well-endowed guys who are interested in meeting straight couples – I find it a huge turnon to watch some guy she’s never met before giving her a hard fucking – I know that the combination of a large cock, a stranger, and me watching it all sends her over the edge. So we both get something hugely enjoyable out of this, and the guys we meet up with get to tap a sexy wife whilst hubby watches and encourages.

  25. on 08 Jan 2011 at 2:33 amtd

    I too want my wife to be a hotwife. I fantasize about her being fucked by other guys all the time. I actually brought it up with her a while ago. About 8 mos or so, and she told me that was never going to happen. Who knows, at least I put the seed in her head. We will see.

  26. on 27 Jan 2011 at 5:08 pmSexy Marilyn

    I enjoyed your website as well it was very hot and totally turned me on. My husband and I have had this type of relationship for years (we have been married 20 years) and he told me shortly after we got married his fantasy about watching me with another man. I was a bit taken back but his fantasy was hot and he got so hard and turned on telling me about it that it turned me on as well. Shortly after he brought someone home after work and while we all sitting on the couch together he started to fondle me in front of his friend and started taking off my clothes and invited his friend to join in. My husband can be rough and dominate and likes to direct me, telling me what to do and telling me to suck his friend’s cock really turned him on. He watched me go down on him and started jacking off and directing me more telling me how to suck him and what to do. He watched his friend take me from behind hard and he loved it. I have to say it totally turned me on as well. We talked alot about threesomes and DP and how I wanted to try it. He really loves anal sex and the thought of being pleasured by two men made me hot. I finally got the chance to experience this and it was amazing…
    We have a different set of rules though and even though he stays monogamous, I cannot have sex with other men unless he is present to either participate or just watch AND he selects or brings home the men.
    It is very exciting as I never know when I will come home and have to pleasure more then one man. Sometimes he will bring home one man and once he brought home three and just watched as I had to pleasure them and in return they pleasure me. It borders on Hotwife – submissive wife as I must not only please the men brings home but also him as well, sometimes that is just in doing what he instructs. It is so hot and intense and we both have had greater sexual experiences together after this fantasy. I also have brought up some of my fantasies and he incorporates them into our play. He has videod some of these sessions (not posted anywhere) but uses them for his own pleasure and sometimes we watch them together to increase our excitement and play.
    My last session involved him bringing home another man and them tying me up in a swing, blindfolding me and my husband watching the man eat me and play with me (while bound) and then me sucking him off (while bound without using my hands) and then both of them fucking me at the same time.
    I must admit I thoroughly enjoy pleasing my husband this way and I get to live out my fantasies and have had more naughty pleasure then I can handle………

  27. on 02 Feb 2011 at 2:23 amHappilly married

    Absolutely correct, I to have a HOT WIFE, we have been togethor for 18 years, and we have been doing this for about three years now, it has made her a much more confident and adventurous women in the bedroom.

    It has without a dought turned her into a amzing lover and pleaser, it has taken our sex life to an all time high, and we hav’nt had any regrets, its only some thing we do every now and then, but when we do its an amazing build up to the night!!


  28. on 20 Mar 2011 at 10:41 pmShe has a fuck buddy

    My wife and I have been married 15 years we recently started having fun by including another man in our sex lives. At first she would blow him them she started fucking him, all of this would happen as I watched and filmed her give and get pleasure.
    I let her go once by herself and the wait almost killed me, I went insane with fear and jealousy and could not sit still for longer than a few minutes. My wife took the camcorder all a recorded some shots but a lot was missing from the time the tape started to the end. It drives me nuts to not know. Now we did continue with this guy and eventually joined in. We gone to adult sex stores with video booths and a theatre. The three of us had sex in front of some guys in the theatre and my wife loved it. But my wife has never had an orgasm with her fuck buddy and now she wants to go off alone and fuck him by herself. She says that the excitement would be to be doing something wrong like I don’t know about it. My problem is I don’t enjoy the not knowing at all and it makes me I’ll to think of what she is doing. So my question is this, is this something I should allow her to do when it hurts me soo much?

    I don’t think of this as fun, it is too stressful on me! What should I do? I’m looking for feedback from all of you.

  29. on 10 May 2011 at 12:03 pmLou

    This site is spot on with respect to this lifestyle being about the wifes sensuality and NOT a rouse for the husband to later have an affair. I am in no way bisexual, submissive or incapable as a lover. I see the hot wife lifestyle as being seperate from classical cuckoldry which had tones of disrespect for the husband. I see this lifestyle as being a celebration of the wifes sensuality. It is about saying to other men, “see what I have”! And “you can try her to see how lucky I am but only I HAVE her heart”!
    I find that when my wife has other men it intensifies my desire for her and pride in her. It is true that at first she balked and felt that it was a sign that I didn’t love her anymore. It took years of trying to get her into the life but now that she has, she finds that it arouses her too. She has found that she can have her cake and eat it too. Now she is the one who asks, “I wonder who might be available this weekend”! And ain’t it hot!!!!! For both of us.

  30. on 08 Jun 2011 at 11:14 pmRYAN

    This is so wonderful to finally come across some validation and similar men with similar fantasy!!! I have been wanting what I now know to call “hotwife” arrangement for sooo long. My wife and I have been discussing this for more than 2 years now and it has been alot of hard work to get her to the point she is at now… however, the fantasy has not yet become reality.
    My question goes out to whomever can answer…; is there a recommended site to post my wife and I onto in hopes we may find our first sex partner for my wife?? Thanks all! Soo excited! Ryan.

  31. on 12 Jun 2011 at 10:50 amJ and N

    while i thought this definition is a good one, i wouldnt exactly say it covers my own HW and I situation. We on occasion “swing” with other couples and if the situation would present itself , a single female. She does date other men and if she can find someone who will become a regular FB she can without any hesitation or worry about my opinion as she has my total support.S she is a “real HW” .It can’t be just one way in my opinion (for us) as it would breed animosity , which we dont want to do , obviously , as well as make me feel as I’m continually left out of the fun. which I dont want to be. So there are a few different types of HWs and arraignments. Its all up to the HW and her LH to make up the rules to suit their lives.

  32. on 15 Jun 2012 at 6:09 pmjohn waters

    i have been trying to get my wife to try the hot wife lifestyle, at first she got mad when i mentioned it now she does not get mad she somtimes smiles when i bring it up, i think we are geting close i would take some advice on how to bring my hot wife to life, years ago she did have sex with other guys when we where not geting along, so i know she likes sex with other guys

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