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The Hot Wife Lifestyle

Perhaps you’ve seen her at the clubs on a Friday night. She’s a beautiful woman, mature, in control, and dressed to kill. You notice that her flirting has made her the center of attention and she is completely un-intimidated by the group of guys who are taking a strong interest in her. You then realize that her left hand, which is rubbing the crotch of one gentleman, wears a wedding band and an engagement ring. Her right ankle, which is softly rubbing against the leg of another man, wears a single ankle bracelet. As she makes her way out of the bar, escorted by new friends, you notice that she smiles knowingly to a gentleman who had been watching the whole scene from afar…her husband.

The hot wife lifestyle is one in which the husband enjoys having a wife who freely engages in sexual encounters with other men. The dynamics of this type of relationship vary widely, however most of the time the relationship will follow one or more of these patterns:

Cheating wives

The husband enjoys knowing that his wife is “secretly” cheating on him. In many cases the wife is unaware that the husband has discovered the affair. For fear of endangering his wife’s newfound relationship, the husband will make no mention of his knowledge of her activities and will secretly derive pleasure from finding clues of her infidelity. The ultimate pleasure for this type of cuckold is to be able to secretly witness the affair in action.

Full participation

The husband is publicly aware of his wife’s activities and encourages them whenever possible. In some cases the husband watches from afar while his wife puts on a show just for him by flirting, kissing, heavy petting, and more with other men. In other cases the husband joins in on group sex activities. Most of the time these activities involve multiple men pleasing the wife, but occasionally other women are involved.

Humiliated husbands

In some cases the husband enjoys the humiliation he feels in having his wife have sex with other men. In this type of relationship the husband becomes excited when his wife’s “hot wife” status becomes public knowledge to friends and co-workers. In some cases the wife’s lovers claim exclusive rights to sexual acts with the wife, or the wife will withhold certain sexual acts from the husband based upon the husband’s poor sexual prowess or small penis size. When the hot wife engages in sexual acts with the husband’s superior (boss, military superior, parent) the feeling of overall helplessness heightens the husbands humiliation and pleasure.

Cum queens

The husband becomes aroused by the overall excess in his wife’s sexual experiences. Gang-bangs and cum-baths are popular with this type of relationship. Many men find it extremely exciting to give their wives oral sex after one or more (or many!) men have left their cum inside them. Having a hot wife come home from a date with panties and pussy full of cum provides the husband the “proof in the pudding” that makes this variation so arousing.

And other variations…

The husband pimps his wife to clients, wife engages in sex act with men of other nationalities, wife becomes impregnated by another man, husband is forced to engage in oral sex with his wife’s lover…

20 Responses to “The Hot Wife Lifestyle”

  1. on 26 Sep 2007 at 3:34 pmmike

    i have a fantasy that you might help me explore. i would like to “catch” my wife fucking a large black man, and as punishment for interrupting them, i’m made to suck the large black man’s cock while he cums on my face. can you direct me to where I can find material – movies, stories, illustration-toons – about this topic?

  2. on 06 Feb 2008 at 11:16 amPastor

    as a man of the cloth i must say – nummy – i wish my lifestyle would permit

  3. on 17 Mar 2008 at 9:14 amPastor

    i have been in the ministry for 25 years and my wife has been a “hot wife” for 22 years of that. to the pastor that wrote if your wife is willing and you can be discreet, believe me it is possible to enjoy the pleasures of watching another man sex your wife.

  4. on 06 Apr 2008 at 10:10 amonehornedking

    I enjoy my own “hot BBW wiife”. You wouldn’t believe how “stimulating ” it is thinking of her blowing somebody else, maybe fucking him, and then coming home to me. All I want is a short synopsis of her exploits and then I jump on, hard and fast. Over and over, for as long as I can. If I’m lucky I’ll catch her just right and she will cum big for me. Everyone should experience this kind of rush.
    But I can’t seem to keep her interested in the process… any suggestions? Any “volunteers” in the central Minnesota area ?

  5. on 01 Jul 2008 at 9:42 amgeorge

    My wife has done this some but always feels bad about it! I want her to get into this all the time I love seeing a man pump her full of cum! It is the greatest she is very hot and I love seeing younger men do her! We are in Tampa, FL and I hope to find a group of college guys to get her involved with real soon!

  6. on 24 Sep 2008 at 5:33 pmshooter

    We have ben in the lifestyle 2 years and love every aspect of the above

  7. on 30 Sep 2008 at 1:20 pmEric

    I knew my wife was cheating, but she would never admit it. I decided that I wouldn’t question her on it, cuz I was more aroused finding her dirty panties in the hamper. She just presumed I would never check. Any time she would go out, she would come home filled with cum, or at least her panties would say so. I also knew she did cuz she didn’t want to have sex those nights either. But I loved it. I couldn’t wait to lay her panties across my face and jerk silly thinking about hot dicks in her twat.

  8. on 26 Dec 2008 at 9:43 amPathedick

    The Ultimate humilation, after watching my wife barebacked fucked by a black man with a cock much larger than mine. Seeing her cum on him more than once and him shoot his sperm deep inside her unprotected cunt. He asks me if I’ve made her cum like that. She laughs and tells me to tell him the truth. I tell him that when I am allowed to enter her she just lays there giggling and telling me that she can’t feel me and that I’m pathedic. That my cock isn’t a cock at all but a worthless little dick that should only be beat off. He laughs, and she giggles again and says it’s true.

    She then tells me to show him how she makes me beat off. I start beating off my small dick and place my other hand near the head. She says “that’s right, get ready to catch that pathedic load” and tells him how she’s trained me to get used to eating cum. She says “tell him what you are”. I tell him “I’m a cum eating worthless dick husband”. She laughs and says “I make him eat Every load he gets to shoot”. She then says “show my Real man how you eat sperm”. I groan and cum into my hand then immediately lick it all up and they both laugh.

  9. on 12 Feb 2009 at 7:28 amHot Sally

    We also have been in this lifestyle since December 2007. She had fucked about 16 guys since then. Hubby is a huge fan of creampies and encourages me to fuck bareback as much as I can!

  10. on 25 Jun 2009 at 9:48 pmPastor 3

    I am also a pastor that has a hot wife. I believe nothing is wrong with a wife having as many men as her husband permits. We have been married for 30 years and she has three grown daughters. She has made certain that none of them are mine and I love her for it. I can assure you that nothing is better than know that your wife is giving birth to another mans baby. While she is pregnant you will enjoy her very much.

  11. on 06 Jul 2009 at 1:12 pmWantsToShareWife

    I would love for my wife to be a hotwife! I am interested in the Full Participation aspect of the Hotwife Lifestyle. I have shared with my wife my fantasy and she says she is not inetested in any other men besides me. She will role play but has not agreed to actually make it happen for real. What can I do?

  12. on 11 Sep 2009 at 6:11 ampaul martinez

    when i came home 2 daysearly from working out of town to find my beautiful wife fucking 3 guys in my bedroom was the most sexually stimulated feeling Ive ever felt I want more but if i say anything to her it will never happen

  13. on 27 Jan 2010 at 5:41 pmterre & mers

    i primarily fall w/i the “other variations” category … but it has taken several years of evolution to achieve this status … w the help of many BULLS

  14. on 23 Aug 2010 at 9:51 amBrisvegan

    not sure what category this is, but i want my gf to go out clubbing, and suck guys off, and go back to their place and fuck them, and sms me a photo or two, then i pick her up at day break.

    ideally i’d like her to fuck 4 or 5 guys at once and come home with dried cum on her, in her, on her hair, face, that sort of thing.

    not keen on anyone that i know knowing.

    not overly keen on being there either.

    anyways, my 2 cents

  15. on 22 Nov 2010 at 4:30 amEnjoyingTheShow

    The best way to sum up my “hot wife” would be simply to say she is a natural born nymphomaniac and a true to the word cum slut. From a mans point of view I would say she is in the most wanted hot wife category. She does and does with NO thought of herself. She derives 99.9% of her pleasure and satisfaction distributing said pleasure and satisfaction to others.

    My hot wife is mostly orally fixated. From 1 to 3 to 5 cocks or whatever the situation dictates, she never says no and seems to never tire while she is in hot wife mode. Her apatite for cock and cum literally fuel her day to day actions and deeds.

    From solo encounters to groups and gangs she does not stop until everyone pops. That brings me to my next personal bragging point on my hot wife is her bottomless pit of a sperm receptical also known as her stomach. Her cum eating/drinking addiction/fetish would put most paid porn actresses to shame and my wife does it simply out of the sheer love and lust of its consumption.

    My hot wife does not shy away from a good fucking either make no mistake but that is farther down her list of personal priorities. If the cock she is servicing is overly feeling the need to bend her over and take her well used pussy for a spin she does not deny the request. No matter usually the activity when it comes to the finish she wants it and takes it in the mouth.

    We do not have an exact body count she has racked up during her ventures but best she could guesstimate (low-balling even and a life long count) she figured she has fucked a minimum of at least 500 guys and has blown 3 to 4 times that amount. We take pride in the high numbers and her experience. When you figure she has been “Active” for about 25 years, those numbers are pretty good.

    With her job she meets and has easy access and opportunity to accumulate such an impressive resume. If her throat and pussy had an odometer I would have to say it would have had to roll over a few times by now. With her being orally fixated naturally she is deep throated as well. There is not many things within reason that cant go down her throat if she wants it there, cocks, dildos whatever. She needs no warm up time, she can drop to her knees, open wide and inhale a cock at the drop of a hat. She is partial to the long cocks because the further down her windpipe they can fuck the more she gets off. Enduring a hard throat fucking encounter she can go a good 40-50 seconds between gulps of air. She cums hardest pushing the 50 second mark.

    She has so many adventures and stories I could and probably should write my own book. When she is hungry and on the prowl her scruples and morals often tend to disappear at times. Sometimes I wake up at night and see she is not in bed and I make my way out looking for her and see a car in the driveway (we live rural) usually 10-20 minutes later she walks in the back door licking her lips and savoring the flavor someone just deposited in her mouth. She then tells me about it and usually then sucks me off before we return to bed.

    Just last week I was out shopping and returned home to find the house empty yet there were some cars in our driveway I had not seen before. I decided to walk out back to the barn to have a look around. I peeked inside around the corner only to see her knelt before 5 men who encircled her. I quickly went around to the back and decided to watch through the window as she sucked and fucked them all. She was slightly out of character this venture from what i saw. Perhaps it was decided upon previously I did not ask her why but the finale ended with her bent over the tool bench with all 5 men giving her pussy the cream filling.

    I wanted to share a bit for some others to enjoy and perhaps I will post more later :) Thanks and enjoy!

  16. on 06 Apr 2011 at 4:51 amJackMir

    My wife is a petite woman, 5’1″ very attractive with skinny legs and small butt. I discovered recently that she’s been fucking a co-worker of hers. Apparently he’s hung like a horse. I could only imagine how deep he drives his long thick cock inside her tight pussy. I am mad as hell, filled with anger and jealousy and would like to divorce her. She is pretty and hot and our sex life is at a standstill. However, I’ve read that living an alternative sexual lifestyle could be fun. Any suggestions?

  17. on 22 Aug 2011 at 4:15 amdogger

    This is a great resource. Horny wives are so liberated these days.

  18. on 12 Sep 2011 at 4:18 pmDave

    Is it odd for me to want to allow my wife to feel another mans cock and me be faithful to her..she has had an affair but that is can i open up communication without her getting upset..

    any ideas?


  19. on 15 Sep 2011 at 7:43 pmtungandhung

    While usually a submissive fuck machine my wonderful hot wife is a cum queen providing me with yummy creampies regularly. We have been assembling a stable of lovers for her pleasure (and mine!) She is more than multiorgasmic and now squirts every time she cums. Hope she has a gangbang in her near future…with lots of BBC.

  20. on 04 Jan 2012 at 3:32 pmrocky

    its been a while but I lived with a women who explained to me the scientific basis for gang bang. a mans sperm is actually designed to compete with other sperm to reach the egg, and a women is naturally equipped to take multiple cocks- unlike a man , after coming she is more ready. When I gave into this natural disparity – she was delighted. Since she knew a hard cock was waiting- she was no longer nervous about not coming and so she came and came. When we had gang bangs she could come thirty times- where as one on one she almost never came. On her fortieth birthday- I arranged for six black studs to attend her party- where she was the only women. This is the truth: she fucked non stop from ten in the evening til five the next morning; I came four times which is a record for me and then I fell asleep; she went on, and on. There was some pot smoked but that doesn’t explain it all. She is extremely attractive, and wants to see men aroused- she also has and extraordinary vagina, which explains her need for size. I got in her skin- some times while she was coming- I would just have to touch myself and I would come vicariously

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