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Video: Hot Wife Gabby plowed in her wedding dress

Well, I knew as soon as I found this video I’d be posting it on the blog for all to see. I can’t resist a hot wife getting drilled in her wedding dress. This video is hot! I love how her dress is all hiked up around her, while her black stud pounds away. I would have loved to have watched Allie get fucked like this on our wedding night. Time to renew our vows? ;)

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NYT: The Bride Wore Very Little

New York Times: The Bride Wore Very Little - Sexy Wedding Gowns

Those that have hung around this blog long enough know about my predilection for sexy brides (particularly when they’re being bent over and fucked in front of their husbands…but I digress). The newspaper of record today has a story on a great trend that, of course, I wholeheartedly support: sexy wedding dresses.

Cut away at the rear to reveal a tattoo at the small of her back, the dress suggested a languorous night in the honeymoon suite.


(Via Boinkology)

A great wedding porn gallery

John, a longtime friend of mine, obviously knows nothing pushes my porn buttons better and faster than wedding and bridal porn. He sent me a link to this wedding sex gallery today that is super-hot (even if staged, I don’t care, she’s in a wedding dress).

It’s well-documented here on the site that I’m always on the lookout for a good gallery that shows a bride-to-be (or a even a just-married bride) getting fucked in her wedding dress–particularly so if there’s more than one guy involved.

This gallery meets all my requisites. Hot babe in wedding dress? Check. Skirt hiked up around her waist at some point? Check. More than one man in the wedding party taking a turn in her pussy? Check.

So, check out these glimpses of this great find, and let me know what you think in the comments. Click on the photos to see more.

Fully Clothed Sex Wedding Night Porn
Fully Clothed Sex Wedding Night Porn
Fully Clothed Sex Wedding Night Porn

Found online: A Cuckold Wedding Cake Topper

A Cuckold Wedding Cake Topper

Sorry…I found this online today and I couldn’t resist posting it. LOL Can anyone think of some other good ones? Post them in the comments.

Wedding Night Gangbang: Newlywed Gets a Three-Guy Facial

Newlywed Wedding Night Gangbang Video

It’s not clear in this video I found last week (via Fleshbot…thanks!) which of the guys is the groom (I personally like to think he’s holding the camera). One thing is very clear though, and that this video is extremely hot. Check out the video (6:25, and worth every minute) in the flash player below.

I’ve made my thoughts on wedding night porn very clear in the past. Fans of this blog know where I stand. LOL So, you can imagine I practically jizzed myself when I saw this.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Pinup of Hotwife Allie Bride

Happy Valentine’s Day, everybody! Love is in the air today, so I thought it would be appropriate to share a very special pinup of Hotwife Allie today. While Allie didn’t entertain any guests on our wedding night, I certainly wish that she would have. Can’t you just imagine her flat on her back in our bridal suite, her stockinged legs held high in the air by me, while she’s plowed by some young stud on our wedding night? And all I can do is just watch as someone else gets to take her first? As you have probably already realized, the thought has crossed my mind before.

Was there any wedding night craziness for us? Not really. We were pretty exhausted by the time we got to the hotel. The most remarkable thing I remember of that night is that when she finally crawled on top of me to take my cock inside her, she worked it into her tight ass instead of her pussy. She sat up and rode my cock up and down until I came deep in her bottom, and then we both pretty much passed out. It wasn’t until the next morning that my cock found its home inside her pussy.

Raven: Wedding night cuckold

From the best-wedding-reception-ever dept.:

Anyone that knows me, knows I’m a total sucker for wedding night sex stories and photos. Especially if the bride is a hotwife, and particularly if she’s getting reamed by someone other than her groom.

Gothy hotwife Raven and her hubby at have staged a great wedding night cuckold photoset that’s definitely worth a look. You should see how much black meat she can cram into her pussy. Amazing!

Here’s a tease:

Wedding night porn

One thing I am certain the world needs is more wedding night porn.

For some reason, I am turned on immensely by seeing women getting fucked on their wedding night, in a wedding dress, wearing a wedding veil. Not sure why. Just what I’m into at the moment. To quote my favorite line from Boogie Nights:

“I like simple pleasures, like butter in my ass, lollipops in my mouth. That’s just me. That’s just something that I enjoy.”

So, my secret is now out there. I like seeing wedding night sex, in any combination:

  • bride fucking groom
  • bride fucking groom and best man
  • bride fucking groom, best man and wedding DJ
  • bride fucking groom, best man, wedding DJ and caterer
  • bride fucking groom, best man, wedding DJ, caterer and maid of honor

Well, you can see the possibilities are endless.

The trouble is that there’s not many good wedding night sex porn sites out there. Occasionally you might run into one, but it’s a rare niche.

Anyway, I found one I kinda like called It’s got a eastern European edge to it, and if you can get over that, it’s pretty hot.

Enjoy a few samples. I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss the bride.

When I knew I had a hot wife…

Many people have written to ask, “When did you know you had a hot wife?”

I’m not sure I can answer that question. We started swinging while we were engaged, almost nine months before we got married. By the time we got married, I had already witnessed first-hand Allie getting fucked by other men several times. In that sense, she was hot long before she was a wife.

However, I will say that I finally realized that I had something uniquely special on my hands on our wedding night. After all the festivities of the ceremony and reception had past, Allie and I retired to our wedding night quarters at a local hotel. After removing the trappings of the evening and her taking a quick shower, we climbed into bed pretty exhausted. It had been a busy day.

Still, it was time to consummate our marriage–and we couldn’t keep our hands off each other. She rolled on top of me into a lazy 69. After a few minutes of tonguing her clit, I signaled that I wanted to fuck her. Allie turned around and deftly guided my well-lubed cock, not into her waiting pussy as I’d hoped, but into her tight ass.

My new bride was giving up her asshole on our first night as a married couple–squatting down on my dick while on top of me. As you might guess, it didn’t take long for me cum. I crammed my cock into her as far as it would go, my nuts flush against the smooth cheeks of her bottom. My cum gushed into the depths of her bottom.

As my climax subsided, I began to realize that this was no ordinary woman.

Within a few months, we shared even hotter experiences–including threesomes and moresomes with other men. Some of which she was even double penetrated. None of those experiences, great as they are, are as memorable than that time.

To this day, I marvel sometimes that Allie made a decision that she wanted to be fucked in her ass on her wedding night–rather than in a more “traditional” place.. I was more than happy to oblige.