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Update: Allie playing at home

Here’s a short update to my previous post. While I was getting ready to leave the office to head home this evening, Allie sent me a few choice text pages.

06:10 pm:  forget something?

06:16 pm:  think you're pretty sneaky huh?

News alert: Allie playing at home

I came home from work today for a quick, unannounced lunch break. I only had about thirty minutes before I needed to be back at work for a series of meetings. I walked in the house and immediately could tell that something was slightly amiss. You know the feeling that something is different, but you can’t quite put your finger on it?

Allie was nowhere to be seen downstairs, but I knew she was home (her car was in the driveway). I thought I’d take a quick look upstairs to see what she was up to before heading to the kitchen to make a sandwich.

Halfway up the steps, the suspicion I’d had for a few weeks now was confirmed. I could hear Allie’s erotic panting in the bedroom and I knew it wasn’t a vibrator she was playing with. She had a visitor, in our bed even!

The bedroom door was slightly cracked open. I tiptoed as quietly as I could to get a view of the action, without giving away my presence.

Allie was flat on her back with her legs almost straight up in the air, draped over her boyfriend’s shoulders. He was slamming his cock into her, grunting with each and every thrust. His hands were around her thighs, and he pulled her into him on each stroke.

His back was to me. I could see his heavy nuts slapping against her raised ass. Sweat was dripping down both of them, and the smell of sex was in the air–even in the doorway where I stood.

Allie started clawing at the sheets on the bed–she was cumming! I wondered how many times had she gotten off already? I glanced at the floor–there were two used condom wrappers at the foot of the bed. So, he’s been in her at least twice, I thought.

I knew I couldn’t stand in the doorway for long, or stay in the house at all for that matter, without getting caught. So, I backtracked as softly as I could back down the stairs, out of the house and back into my car. I hightailed it out of there, to let Allie have her secret fun in private.

Pulling into the parking garage at work, I immediately realized that I left my backpack in the entryway at home. She’ll know that I was there–because she distinctly saw me leave with it on my way to work this morning.

More updates later when I get home.

A little text messaging

Allie and I text page each other a lot. It’s amazing how much can be said in such a short, succinct message. Here are the text messages I received from Allie last night while she was out on a date with a new man. We decided that this would be a great way to keep me updated on their “progress” since I wasn’t there.

08:21 pm:  dinner was good. cute.
we're going to check out a club

08:32 pm:  in traffic following him

09:47 pm:  he's not the best dancer. cute though.

10:09 pm:  mind if I make out with him? LOL

10:41 pm:  we're going back to his place.

10:55 pm:  standing at valet parking

11:01 pm:  maybe you shouldnt wait up.  ;)
you can if you want.

11:59 pm:  hes fucking me

12:17 am:  he's big

01:31 am:  hes in me again. more doggie style

02:45 am:  still up? on way home. cu in a minit

02:48 am:  got a surprise for you ;)

Hotwife voice mail

This is very similar to my recent magic words interest, but doesn’t really count because it came from Allie as a voice mail on my cell phone:

Ummmm…David honey…do you think you could…ohhhh…stop someplace on your….ohhhh…yeah….way home from the airport…ohhhh…yessssssss…and…oh god…mmmmm…pick up some condoms? Ohhhhh…we just…oh fuck…we just ran out…mmmmm…” (click)

Trust me. This is defintely the kind of message you want to get from your hotwife when you’re traveling on business. My cock sprang to attention right in the middle of an important meeting, and I couldn’t think about anything else.