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Swingtown CBS TV Series

Is anyone out there watching this new show? Could someone bring me up to speed, if it’s worth watching? I’ve seen a little of the hype, but not sure if it has lived up to it. Let me know!

A recent swing party experience: Short recap

Allie and I recently (3/25) went to a swing club party in Los Angeles called LA Couples. They have an exceptional facility, and attract, in our opinion, a pretty exceptional crowd. We were pleased with not only the number of people that attended, but also the quality and age-ranges of couples.

We arrived at the club around 10:30 p.m., got signed in then took a tour. We were both pretty amazed with the variety of themed play rooms. There are a lot of nooks and crannies in the club for couples to get acquainted and have a good time. They have a large dance floor, with reservable VIP areas next to it. There are comfortable booths along the walls, with a few seating areas that give the dance area a real lounge feel.

By the end of the night, Allie and I found ourselves playing in a pile of seven people in one of the group rooms. It was a very hot scene. Allie was on the bottom of the pile, alternating sucking my cock and another man, while his girlfriend ate her pussy. Three or four other people were in the mix. I looked down once to see Allie alternating between sharing my cock with a woman, and making out with another woman (Jessica–one of the few names we remember from the night). All-in-all, it was one of our hotter encounters we’ve had in recent memory. We’ll be going back very, very soon!

Reader mailbag

It’s time to answer a little recent reader email!

“Just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful site. Your hubby is a very VERY lucky guy to be married to someone like yourself. Reading your bio and the material sounds so familiar, yet not like you two. I’m still afraid of approaching wife with this fantasy.” — Michael

Thanks for writing Michael. You might not want to spring the hotwife idea on your wife out of the blue. You might gently nudge her in the direction of experimenting with a threesome. Gauge her reaction to that idea, and work your way up. So long as you have an honest relationship, with clear and open lines of communication, you’ll be surprised what ideas you can at least get on the table.

“Just wanted to thank you for sharing! I have been a fan for over a year. Love your site…I’m a married, under sexed man who wishes you lived next door! Every time I see your pics I get rock hard, and have to stroke. Your creampie pics are such a turn on! Would love to bury my face into one and make you squirm and moan!

Love to read your stories too! I’m bi-curious, orally only, and wonder if you and your hubby have ever explored that. I’m very curious about giving and receiving head in a MFM setting only. Don’t know why this is such a turn-on as the thought of just male/male sex is not at all appealing!” — Louie

Louie, we haven’t got that far in our experimentation. I wouldn’t rule it out completely though. It would have to depend on a lot of factors. Not sure I could go through with it, but maybe if the situation was right.

“Did you play after having your baby? I have a 4-month old and I’m breast feeding. Just wondering if guys find that a turn on?” — Natalie

It was about six months before we started playing again, and then only sporadically. You’d be surprised how many guys find it a huge turn-on to have sex with a woman that’s lactating.

“We’ve been swingers for a number of years and have our fair share of stories, but yours has GOT to take the cake (or pie) in this case. My wife after reading some of your entries has started craving cock like a kid at Christmastime, and has been making comments about having two or three guys again. We’ve done a MFM threesome before which was fun, and I think it’s about damn time we did it again. So thank you for re-introducing us to the hotwife idea.” — Shane

You’re welcome, Shane. Glad we could help! A lot of couples that are into this do start as swingers first, and go from there.

“Just wanted to let you know that your site is usually one of the first I check when online.” — Jeff

So, you’re the one that reads this thing.

That’s just a sample of the email we’ve received over the past few weeks. Thanks to everyone for the great emails. If you’d like to write us privately, feel free to send us a message! We love to hear from people that visit the site, and we read every message that comes in.

You might be a swinger if…

I was digging through my inbox and found this joke in an old fossil of an email. Stop me if you’ve heard this one.

You might be a swinger, if…

  • your coworkers are convinced you have no social life because you always change the subject when they ask about your weekend.
  • when your coworkers talk about their sex lives, it takes a real effort not to yawn.
  • your guy friends invite you to a strip club and you ask if it would be ok to bring your wife
  • you’ve got a bunch of pictures of the two of you in a hotel room wearing brightly colored wristbands.
  • your kids see your online Christmas card list and want to know who are “two4fun”, “allwaysready”, “carresusboth”.
  • your girlfriend wonders why you have both birth control pills and condoms in your purse.
  • your Saturday night babysitter wonders why mommy already had her coat on when she comes out of the bedroom.
  • your boss wonders why you’re going to Orlando or Las Vegas “in the middle of summer for God’s sake!”
  • you both wonder if the sexy lady who just walked past you would like to mess around.
  • you make plans to meet a “straight” couple at a nice restaurant, and realize you have absolutely nothing you can wear.
  • the drugstore clerk wonders what you’re going to do with four bottles of Scope, three-dozen condoms, and five bottles of Astroglide.

And the best way to tell that you might be a swinger is…

  • your neighbors wonder why they aren’t invited to any of your parties. And why most of your guest arrive carrying pillows, towels, and overnight bags!

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A great encounter at the swing club

We went to another great “hot wife party” at the Club Princeton swing club in Columbus this past Friday night. It just happened to be Allie’s birthday, and she got a great birthday gift.

We met up with a new friend, Lawrence, a single black male from the Columbus area. He had been emailing us for a few days, hoping to see us at the party. After chatting with him for about an hour, as well as having several cocktails, Allie was starting to feel a little horny and ready to play.

The three of us moved from from the dance floor area to a group play area in the back of the club. Allie stripped down to her new red and black lingerie, while Lawrence and I both got undressed for her. She got on her hands and knees in the middle of the bed, and proceeded to suck his big, black cock while I ate her pussy from behind. Now and then I would peer down between her legs and see her bobbing up and down on his dick–but most of the time my face was buried in her beautiful, trimmed pussy.

There were about 10 people standing and sitting around us watching the show. Within about ten minutes of her oral attention, Lawrence couldn’t take it anymore and he came all over her hands and face. That’s when the three of us decided that we’d shown off enough for the crowd, and we all headed to one of the private playrooms for some more quality time.

Once we were in a private room, Allie stripped off all her underwear and she laid down on the bed. Lawrence and I took turns feeding her our cocks. Within just a few moments, he was hard again and he proceeded to fuck my hotwife while she continued to blow me. He was pounding her pussy–and everyone in the adjacent rooms at the club could hear her moans and grunts of pleasure. I reached down between her legs to massage her clit while he was fucking away. Finally, Allie arched her back and came in a huge orgasm right as Lawrence shot another sticky load–this one into her tight cunt.

He pulled out of her and she rolled over onto her hands and knees and it was my turn to enjoy her freshly fucked pussy. I fucked her in a hot doggie style for what seemed like 15 or 20 minutes, then pulled out at the last possible second and coated her ass with my sticky cumshot.

After a few minutes to catch our breath and our composure, we all agreed that this was the perfect birthday gift for a birthday girl hotwife. We had a great time at the club–and we can’t wait until the next party!

Hotwife Spotlight: Jean

We’re proud to spotlight Jean, a neighbor hotwife who’s just about an hour and a half down the road from us. So close, in fact, that we’re hoping we can meet up with her and her hubby for some fun together soon. Jean writes:

I’m Jean & my hubby is Wayne. I am originally from Southern Indiana & I now live in Kentucky. I am 5’5″ tall, 135 pounds, blue eyes, reddish brown hair, & my measurements are 34d-25-36.

When Wayne and I met I was pretty shy. He teases me now because it took him two weeks to get into my pants. Even though I was shy I have always been a very horny girl. When I was young there was a neighbor girl I would have sex with on almost a daily basis.

I can’t remember exactly how the topic came up, but about 3 months into my relationship with Wayne he started feeling me out about having sex with other men or women. I was more than eager to try, so we experimented with one of my guy friends. It was an incredible feeling having two cocks in me at one time and also very exciting. I felt like I was having sex for the first time again.

Wayne & I both like to be in the same room with each other when we’re swinging. I get off just as much watching Wayne do another girl as he does watching me do another guy. Wayne & I love meeting other select single guys and females and couples, so we decided to start a website. JeanSwing.Com was opened August 1999. I love reading my emails from my fans and members. I answer all of my emails personally and Wayne handles the tech questions.

A few of my favorite things are…sex! I love to watch porn and I love to masturbate. I masturbate on my live cam shows and I cum multiple times. I love to slide my finger in there just right and mmmmm then here comes the juices. I masturbate atleast seven days a week and more.

I think the wildest thing I ever did was my gangbang. It was alot of fun. I would love to do it again. <smile>

I have my amatuer videos on my website forsale. I have the way. <wink> I would have to say my first interracial experience was my favorite movie. It was hot! This guy came so much he flooded me. I loved every moment of it. I also got to know this member of my site really well before we made the video and I felt really comfortable with him. Then my second favorite video is my cum video. Lots of cum swapping.

A few things about me that guys are always asking…I love to be lightly kissed on my neck, I love having my nipples sucked and lightly bitten (I can cum just by having this done to me, shh! <smile>), Oh and I really love to have my g-spot massaged (it makes me go nuts). I love to swallow cum. Mmm it is just so yummy. I love the warm creamy tatse as it slides down my throat. I do like anal sex. It really gets me purring! Of course I do have to take time off from anal sex and let my butt rest up. ;)

My favorite position with a man is tied between being on top and getting it from behind. With a women: I love doing a 69.