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Hotwife Story: Calliope’s hotel threesome fantasy

Hotwife Calliope sent in this awesome daydream about a threesome with her lover and his friend. Check it out!

Sometimes work gets boring, but I actually love those stretches of time when there is little to do. I stare at my computer screen and start to imagine the things I want my boyfriend to do to me the next time he comes over to our house.

I fantasize about the look on my husband’s face as he watches us fuck and suck for hours, and how much Hubby loves to lick my pussy after my boyfriend is done cumming deep inside it. But what if we didn’t get together at my house at all? What if we met somewhere else and had fun without the Hubby leering at us? Sometimes it is just as fun to imagine what we would do if my boyfriend and I went to a hotel to play for the night.

Here goes…

I checked into the hotel about forty-five minutes before my boyfriend was supposed to get there, and left a key for him at the hotel desk. I went upstairs to our room and took a hot shower and shaved all over, then put on lotion and changed into a brand new corset and garter belt with stockings. I left off the thong panties that came with the outfit. For what I had in mind they would just be in the way. I had just bought the corset the day before at a lingerie store near the big mall in our area. I used Hubby’s credit card, but I never showed it to him. I like to show my boyfriend all my new lingerie before my husband gets to see it. My new corset was all satin and lace, in my boyfriend’s favorite dark maroon color. I knew he would like it when he saw it.

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A great hotwife strip club idea

Strip Club Pole Dancer hotwife cuckold

Charles H., a friend of the site, instant messaged me the other day with a great idea to possibly fulfill some cuckold / hotwife roleplay at a strip club. He asked me if Allie and I ever visit strip clubs together. I said yes, since Allie is bi comfy and enjoys watching the dancers from time to time at our favorite gentlemen’s cabaret. He then asked if the two of us ever get private dances together. Again, yes–Allie and I enjoy watching each other squirm. Charles then asked me if Allie ever mentioned to the stripper giving us the private show that I am a cuckold…

I started to get the picture that Charles has played this fantasy out in his mind more than once.

Still, it got me thinking and more than a few questions started swirling in my head. How would the stripper react to my wife whispering in her ear privately that she fucks around on me? Maybe doing so might convince our private dancer to tease me alongside Allie, no? I’m sure Allie would get even more than her fair share of attention from the dancers then. What do you think?

I’m looking forward to testing these theories very soon.

New Story: A hot wife’s return home after her “first time”

My friend Tony sent me this great story about his hot wife’s return home after her first encounter with another man. I’ve seen photos of his wife before, and she is exquisite. Alas, he doesn’t want me to post any of them online–even though she would get rave reviews here on the blog. Oh well, maybe some other time. Anyway, his story about her is hot enough. Enjoy!

She just phoned, she’s on her way home. I can’t believe she’s actually done it. Until I see for myself I won’t believe it. My biggest fantasy of all time is for my wife to fuck someone else and she says she’s done it! We’ll see though, it may be some elaborate role play thing, I’m not convinced. I’ve been home alone all night and haven’t been able to settle.

First I sat by the pc and surfed some favourite sites, but couldn’t settle. I paced up and down, made a drink, left it to go cold, had a beer, left it to go flat, ordered take out, it’s still in the box. God, why can’t I just relax? Because my loving wife, virgin when I met her, is out supposedly fucking some guy she met on the internet.

She did look stunning when she left here, all done up like a porn starlet. She had her hair cut earlier today, her classic “bob” style dyed black just how I like it. Her dark brown eyes made up so well and trimmed with long false lashes, her skin pale and her lips deep red. She made the mistake (or not?) of asking me to pick out her outfit for tonight. Knowing she likes to keep an air of mysticism about her body I picked out her latest “photo shoot” clothes. Long line black corset, lacey and so very sexy, with black stockings, black silk panties and matching bra. All covered over with her little black velvet dress. Low cut and clinging, it accentuates her more than voluptuous shape. 38F tits trying to escape the confines of the bra, bulging tantalisingly over the scooped out neckline made me excited at the thought of her going out in public like this. I think she was more than a little shocked when she stood in front of the full length mirror, not with how she looked but at my choices. Until this moment she hadn’t been sure I meant it when I said I wanted her to do this.

She left the house in the taxi six hours ago, her ass wiggling as she walked down the drive. Since then I’ve been like a cat on a hot tin roof, as previously described, lol. The phone rang several times, I had asked her to keep in touch. The first time was just after she’d arrived, she wanted to let me know they’d met and they had hit it of pretty well, so far so good. From the ladies room of the restaurant she called again to make sure this was really what I wanted. Of course my answer was an affirmative so she hung up and went back to him. The next time was nearly four hours ago when they were waiting for a cab to take them to his hotel. God this call excited me, but at the same time made my stomach lurch and my mouth turn dry. The last time she called was fifteen minutes ago, to tell me she was just getting into a cab to come home and she wanted to make sure I was in bed but awake.

A car pulls up outside, I hear its engine idling for a few seconds before the door slams and it pulls away. It must be her, the pause was while she paid the fare, now I hear the clip clop of stilettos on the drive. The rattle of keys in the lock confirm my suspicions, it is her, the open window making the sounds loud and brash in the early hours. I hear her climbing the stairs, slowly and then the door opens. Standing there she looks the perfect slut. Her beautiful hair is tousled and her fringe all out of place. The red lipstick has been re applied but there are remnants of the first coat fading out across her cheek. Her eye make up is all smudged and her false eye lashes missing.

She smiles at me, my mouth is dry but my cock is hard as iron. Nodding her head at my unasked question she walks towards me. Raising the hemline of her dress with both hands she tugs it over her head, dropping it on the floor. Laying flat on my back under the duvet she can see the bulge of my arousal. She runs her finger along it before taking hold of the bedding and wrenching it off the bed in one fluid movement. My nakedness and aroused state make her cheeks flush redder then they already are and she kicks off her shoes before mounting the bed. Kneeling before me I can see quite a wet patch in the silk of her panties and her stockings are laddered and torn. She takes my hand and pushed the palm against her pussy and I can feel just how wet it is through the flimsy fabric. The silk slides at my touch, there is more in there than just wet pussy. The understanding hits me like a train, the lubricant beneath the fabric is this guys cum, she went bareback. I open my mouth to speak but she places a finger to my lips, shaking her head. Instead she moves forward and swings her knee over my chest until she is astride me, her pussy not six inches from my amazed face. She puts her hands behind my head and pulls my nose to her. Taking a long sniff I can smell the familiar odour of her sex, but it’s mixed with a new odour, a more masculine, musky aroma, his aroma. With one finger she pulls aside the crotch of her panties leaving me in no doubt that she has actually done the deed. Her hairs are matted together, pressed flat against her skin. The long fleshy lips of her inner labia are distended and swollen, red and angry looking. The hole is gaping and leaking more of the same fluids which matted her hairs. The odour is strong now, very familiar but at the same time totally new.

A sudden urge fills me and I lean forward to kiss her mound. My lips come into contact with her sticky pubic hairs and I taste it, the other mans semen. I’ve tasted my own on more than one occasion but never any one else’s. Licking my lips as I make eye contact with her, through the cleavage of her heaving breasts I smile. The sexual urge that’s been raging in me all night takes over and I push my tongue forward, licking up from the crack of her ass, through her open labia and up onto her clit. My tongue is coated in the copious amounts of semen and it slides into my throat.

The first load makes me gag as it goes down but I like it none the less. I begin to lap in earnest and I clean her thoroughly, my tongue like a whirlwind all over and inside her making her buck her hips and her breathing increase. She is so horny still that in no time my actions bring about a huge orgasm in her. Her pussy contracts, squeezing the remnants of his ejaculate out and onto my eager face, covering my cheeks as it runs over my skin, my tongue still flicking over her clit as she climaxes, not once but twice, almost unheard of until now.

Her energy now spent she rolls off me, leaving me flat on my back, my face and throat coated in another guys spunk and my cock harder than I ever remember it being, a pool of precum on my stomach beneath the head. Kneeling up I take my cock in hand and guide it towards her open pussy as she lays on her back. She doesn’t protest as I slide it home, but I can’t feel a thing. He must have been huge as my average sized cock slips in and out with barely any friction at all, pointlessly. Instead I move around her so my cock is alongside her painted face. She looks up at me and the lust in her eyes is evident. Her mouth opens and she takes me in, all of my length slides into her hot, wet mouth and I struggle not to cum instantly. I rock my hips back and forth, my hands squeezing her huge tits through the fabric of her bra, she’s still dressed in all her underwear.

In what seems like seconds I feel the familiar sensation. My balls tighten and climb up to the base of my cock which thickens and hardens further. She senses this and pulls away, my hand wraps around my hardness and slides along its length. Pulling it two or three times at most I then release and let my cum fly. The first jets leave long lines across her cheeks and lips, the next few drop straight into her waiting mouth before her lips close once more over the head and she sucks the remainder from me. My cock softens, giving me a feeling of relief, it’s been too hard for too long tonight and I slump down beside her. She rolls onto her side and takes my head in her hands, bringing my lips to hers. We kiss deeply, passionately, lovingly. Her tongue passing the remnants of my cum back into my mouth, coating us both in the viscous liquid.

Laying here, side by side she gazes into my loving eyes and manages to utter the first word since she arrived home…”thank you.”

Great forum post: Hotwives “First Time” stories

Forum member Hawke82 got the ball rolling in a big way in our Hotwife & Cuckold online forums today by posting a story of his hotwife Lyn’s first time. Here’s a snip from the full post:

She moaned into his mouth as he slowly started sliding his cock past her soaked outer lips. Lyn is usually very tight, and it takes awhile to work my cock in, but she was so wet, that Gino slid all the way in on the first stroke. Lyn let out a moan, and started kissing him with even more passion, as he slid into her again and again. I noticed that the large dark inner lips of her pussy would disappear on his down stroke, and then reappear on the up stoke, seeming to cling to his hard shaft. They continued to fuck like that for a long time. Then Gino whispered something into Lyn’s ear, and she nodded approvingly. Gino grabbed her ass, and rolled over on to his back, carrying her with him. She was know on top, and I was even more amazed at this new sight. I had a beautiful view of my wife’s sexy ass as she raised her pussy up and down on his cock. She crouched over him, presenting her full breasts to his hungry mouth. She would rise up until only the very tip of his cock was still inside of her, and then slam her hips back down, burying his cock as deeply inside of her hot pussy as it could go. Lyn was moaning again and shifted so she could kiss Gino again. Gino was now moaning too, and it was very erotic watching these two lovers moan into each others mouths as they enjoyed their first fuck.

A Cuckold Story I Found: Whispering Without A Word

I just found (via Literotica) the most delightful short story about the attention a hotwife pays to her cuckold husband upon the arrival from her vacation with a lover. The imagery of the hot wife milking the cum from her cuckold’s cock is perfect! Here’s a snip. Enjoy!

Within minutes the speed of her hand increased as the pressure of her hand on her balls, from a soft stroke to an intense passionate tug. Her palm wet and lubricated with moisture from her mouth softly yet intensely began to squeeze on his sac, adding weight with her hand to intensify the feeling and stimulation.

Moments later the hand on his cock began to move with feverish speed….the other hand now releasing his balls reached towards a nearby tissue, lovingly wrapping it around his cock whilst the other furiously wanked him towards complete release.

As the moment arrived she cuddled him close and looked lovingly into his eyes and whispered “yes my sweet, that is it, you can do it…you can get every bit of it out for me, do it for me….”

The encouragement only added to her loving cuckolds excitement the first of his sperm shooting innocently into the tissue with the majority dribbling out watery. This, she knew, was to be expected and was something she enjoyed, she passionately loved the way her lovers could release and shoot such think creamy spunk, yet experiencing the opposite from her loving cuckold was a enriching and rewarding experience as his five inches released everything he had.

For most men she knew well that they would be quickly spent after release, and her gentle cuckold was no different, but her hand did not stop its constant stroke against him. That was why she so loved the affection they shared , since at this moment when her cuckolds instinct was to truly only to stop and rest to recover, she knew they could lovingly continue to empty every drop from him, and for both of them to know it was truly an act of meaningful affection.

Hotwife Stories

I’ve restored the archive of hotwife stories. It was one of the last nagging things on the site’s to-do list after we migrated to WordPress from Blogger. Now that it’s done, I’ll start adding new stories soon. In the meantime, please check out some of the oldies. If you would like to submit your original hotwife / cuckold fiction for publication on the site, please let me know! I’m always looking for new stories.

New Story: Lunchtime Encounter

Our man Seth has turned in another great story, about an illicit lunchtime encounter with a cum hungry hotwife. But really folks, is there really any other kind of hotwife? ;)

Here’s a taste:

I grabbed onto her sexy hips and began to really slam into Jodie from behind…I paused every now and then to give her sexy ass a playful slap and a rub, which she really loved. Jodie looked so sexy, and her ass looked even better, as I pumped into her and soon I was ready to cum…I thrusted deeply into her and felt my cock start to pulse as I came inside of her velvet glove. Jodie moaned out that she could feel me cumming and that sent her over the edge and into her own orgasm.

Once my cock stopped pulsing and shooting cum inside of her, I pulled out of her and removed the rubber. Both my knees and my cock were weak from fucking, so I laid down beside Jodie and cuddled and rested for a moment. We kissed and talked about how incredible our first time together was. We also talked about how much more we wanted to do with each other still before we had to leave.

I must have dozed off while cuddling her, and I awoke to find her playing with my cock, jacking me to hardness. Jodie noticed that I was awake and she said “I’m just getting you hard so you can fuck my ass…you have a problem with that?” (Continue reading full story…)

Sex blogging from the airport

I’m traveling on business today. Currently, I’m logged in to the wireless connection at the airport, surfing and checking email, waiting for my flight back home.

I travel for business pretty regularly, so I’m familiar with the role of the lonely businessman, far from home. What interests me more though is what Allie might be up to at home while I’m away. My mind often wanders to thoughts of her entertaining a secret boyfriend while I’m out of town on business trips. Maybe it’s not even a secret boyfriend or lover, but a man that we have met together several times and she’s seeking a clandestine fling on the side while I’m out of reach.

Certainly this idea is fine with me.

I’d love to come home and find the house just slightly smelling of sex–maybe the comforter and sheets on the bed are just slightly askew or hurriedly pulled up. Is that a hint of a wet spot in the middle of the bed?

Or I can imagine Allie greeting me at the door with a sly smile as she reaches out to me to give me a welcoming hug. After my hands wander down to squeeze her bottom, I discover she’s not wearing any panties. Hmmmm…I think, as she turns around to lead me into the house, “Are her thighs wet?” I walk up behind her and embrace her from behind–my arms encircling her, hands meeting below her waist. I pull up her short skirt to investigate.

My fingers travel over the soft patch of hair between her legs. Could it be? Surely she hasn’t gotten so wet and so turned on so quickly upon my arrival. Her pussy is literally dripping juice into the palm of my hand.

She’s been freshly fucked!

There’s the slightest of reactions on her face, and she knows she’s been caught. And she knows I couldn’t be happier.

Of course, that fantasy would only be better to come home from a long day’s business travel to find her and her lover engaged in hot sex in the middle of our bed. I stand there in the doorway of our bedroom, watching a big stud take her from behind. Allie’s huge tits are swaying back and forth with each thrust. Her lustful gaze rises to meet my approving stare. After a few moments, she finally says, “Well are you just going to stand there and watch, or are you going to join in?”

I begin to unfasten my belt, and get undressed.

Whew! Well, that certainly made the wait for my flight go by fast. Hopefully no one else in the gate area will notice my raging hard-on when I stand up to get on the airplane. So long as I keep my notebook secure on my lap, no one will notice.

No such luck. Time to board.

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Question of the week

I’m borrowing this topic from an another astoundingly sexy hot wife blog. It’s interesting enough though that it bears asking here. Here’s the question that site posed:

What have you NEVER done that you WANT to do? This should be something you want more than anything else.

Really think about it, I know a lot of men think 3some but think is there something else that you would like your wife to do.

Ladies what is it your man doesn’t do that you want him to?

The reason I want you to put some thought into this is because threesomes and swinging are a lot of fun, but for most of us doing so once a week isn’t possible because of jobs, family and finding the right people. So I want you to think of things that can easily be incorporated into your sexual activities.

So…? What are some of your ideas? Really give it some though. We’re very interested to hear. Post them in the comments–that is, unless you’d prefer to share them privately. If so, drop us an email.

New Story: Allie at the Glory Hole (Part 1)

It’s been a while since we had a new work of fiction in our story archive. Here’s part one of a new story by our good friend Seth. This time out, Hotwife Allie and friends plan to try out a glory hole at a local swing club. Here’s a snip:

This particular club wasn’t one of Allie’s favorites, her and Dave had been there a couple of years before, but the idea of the glory hole room was too much for her to resist. We had made a game plan that Joyce, myself and my friend B would go and see if we could “reserve” the glory hole room, which basically meant go camp out in the room till Allie was ready to use it. She, Dave and Tim were going to work the crowd for potential playmates and try and get interest in having men join Allie.

We went downstairs and found the glory hole room empty and we went in and sat down. We left the door open and chatted while we waited. B was sitting in a chair in the corner and Joyce and I were on the bed. A few single guys and a couple or two walked by and smiled and asked if we were going to put on a show. (Continue reading full story…)

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