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Hot Wife Voicemail: Stephanie’s fetish revealed


In Hot Wife Stephanie’s newest voicemail, we find out a little about her fetish for recording herself having sex. And so that explains why she wanted me to post her voicemails recordings in the first place.

So, give this one a listen (MP3, 2:28, 292 KB), and everything suddenly makes sense. LOL

Hot Wife Voicemail: Stephanie and the Creme de Fleur

Hotwife Stephanie Voicemail

Busty hot wife Stephanie just left me another voicemail, this time while out and about at her local bakery. Evidently, she was getting her cleavage eyed up by someone else in line, and he still had the wherewithal to give Steph his card.

It’s a little hard to hear her over the crowd at the cafe, but her sweet voice comes sparkling through. Give her a listen (MP3, 2:11, 260 KB).

Oh, and the Creme de Fleur at the bakery? Only about 2,750 calories. Yum!

Hot Wife Voicemail: Stephanie is sleepy

Hot Wife Voicemail: Stephanie
A friend of the blog and exceptionally hot wife, Stephanie, wants to share some of her adventures via audio with other fans of the blog. Steph’s a shy little housewife, but you’ll learn she’s pretty willing to open up.

So, please enjoy this voicemail recording (2:39, 312 KB) I received from Stephanie last night, and let her know what you think in the comments!