Kentucky Fan MILF fingerbanging
Kentucky Fan MILF fingerbanging

Found this hilarious tidbit yesterday (via Fleshbot, via Deadspin). You have to see it to believe it. Apparently, this hot MILF was getting fingerbanged (to quote Fleshbot) during the University of Kentucky’s loss to Florida this past Saturday in Lexington. Here’s what went down (and check out Deadspin for full-size photos):

Here’s the deal. 8:00 mark, 1st quarter, UK up a touchdown. Most people celebrate with high-fives and rocksplosions.

But the couple in front of me…not so much. They celebrate by straight up finger-banging. that’s how we roll in the bluegrass.

My girlfriend alerted me first of this hot public action. Then the chick to my left elbowed me pointing with disgust at the table-turning in the pants. (Apparently women can hear other women’s belt buckle coming undone.)

Then, basically, me and 32 others in the section watched with shock-and-awe for the next 3 minutes as this M.I.L.F. got her shit on.

Now, I’ve been to literally dozens of UK Football games in my life and never have I seen such a display. Hats off to this guy for having the state of mind to snap off a couple of great public sex shots.

On a side note…this woman HAS to be a hotwife, right? Don’t you think? Well, maybe, maybe not. During the first quarter, my hotwife would be still be in the parking lot giving head in an RV to our tailgater friends. She’s never in her seat before halftime.