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A Visual Comparison

Just wanted to share a few photos that Allie took last night. The one on the top is Allie’s boyfriend’s cock. The one on the bottom is mine.

And just the record, neither of us were completely hard when the photos were taken. Luckily, Allie has tape-measured my cock at seven inches before. However, we don’t have photographic evidence of that, now do we? Still, the fact he’s not totally erect doesn’t really matter for her boyfriend. So you can only imagine how much bigger he can get (fully hard: in excess of nine inches long).

So, you can probably see why this new boyfriend has been a frequent guest in our bed for the last five months.

Allie's boyfriend's cock vs. mine

For scale purposes, the remote control in the photo is 4.7 inches long.

Photos: Hot Wife Allie laughing at my cock presumably

I took a few cameraphone pics of Allie giving me head. You small penis humiliation folks out there (you know who you are) might enjoy the few here of Allie evidently giggling at my cock. I’m not sure exactly what we were joking about in the moment, but the expression was too good to resist posting. Sorry about the image quality. For some reason I can’t quite hold the camera still enough when getting a blowjob. So sue me. LOL

“Am I a sissy cuckold?”

Sissy Cuckold Panties

“David, I am a sissy cuckold.”

I get a lot of emails and tweets from men that are very interested in their wives turning them into a sissy. Every time I read one of these message, I always have to stop and wonder just what exactly does he mean by sissy.

Does he want his wife to dress him up like a woman?

Does he want his wife to make fun of his penis?

Does he want his wife to make him wear panties?

Does he want his wife to fuck him with a strap-on dildo?

Does he not want his wife to have sex at all with him?

There is certainly an interest out there by some men that are into this lifestyle to sacrifice a certain amount of their masculinity in order to feel submissive, even inferior, to their wife and her potential boyfriends and lovers. There are men that have sacrificed not having a typical sexual relationship with their wife, or fantasize about doing so, in order to encourage and empower their wives to have sex with other men. And I’m all for it.

To a point.

I’m not particularly interested in completely losing my masculinity personally. I’m all for feeling inferior to one of Allie’s lovers, even submissive to him, but I’m not into being completely feminized, nor completely losing the privilege of having sex with my wife. For us though, it’s just one of many things in the cuckold “toybox” that we get out and play with.

And, you don’t have to be a sissy cuckold to be a cuckold. At all.

At the same time, I understand where men that enjoy this kind of fantasy play are coming from.

In the last several months, I’ve fantasized about Allie making me wear her panties to work, or while we’re out. And the few times she’s made me actually do it have been very, very hot.

Recently, one of Allie’s favorite things to do while we’re having sex is to tease me about my cock not being big enough for her, or that I’m not man enough for her. Plus, she does a fair amount of namecalling during sex. The one time she called me a “pussy” during sex drove me over the edge and I shot my load instantly. It was intense. If she called me a “sissy,” I imagine I’d lose it just as quickly.

I guess I can imagine myself in a pair of Allie’s panties, bedside while she’s getting plowed by one of her boyfriends, watching her get fucked by a superior, alpha male, with my hard-on peeking out the top of the silky waistband. It’s just not something I’m willing to commit to full-time, like some men are, nor does Allie want me to.

Still, that doesn’t stop her from whispering a reminder in my ear that I’m a pussy. From time to time.

What about you? Share your sissy cuckold fantasies in the comments. I’d love to hear them!

Cock comparison

Cock Comparison Photo

First thing I want to stress is that I found this pic on Flickr. Neither of these guys are me. Just want to get that on the record. LOL I fall safely in the middle between these two examples.

I love photos like this one though, don’t you? Even though my cock size lines up better than our example on the left, it is still how I feel when measured up against some men I’ve watched fuck Allie.

Okay, fellow cuckolds, now’s the time to post your thoughts in the comments. And, to our large-dicked brethren, please feel free to post your taunts.

Condometric: Condoms that measure penis length



I just found out about these measurable condoms today (via Sexoteric). This is an awesome idea. As soon as these come out, I’m definitely getting a box. Not just to see how I measure up, but also to see how Allie’s lovers might measure up on the same scale.

Now you can play safe and show off your length at the same time. I guess the old joke about never seeing the serial number on the condom because you never roll them down all the way to the end doesn’t really matter anymore. :P

Hopefully, they’ll release them in English units too, otherwise I’ll have to brush up on my metric conversion (1 inch = 2.54 centimeters). Sounds like I’m kidding, but I’ll get a box as soon as they come out.

Women’s Penis Size Preference Chart

I found this very interesting piece of research today on (via Buzzfeed, via Huffington Post). No, it’s not some new version of Minesweeper either. They’ve created a heat-map chart of the ideal penis size that women prefer on two axes, circumference vs. length. I’m not sure how scientific their survey was, but this chart certainly looks compelling doesn’t it?

Women's Penis Size Preference Chart

I’d love to hear how/where you guys measure up. Are you an A, B, C, D, E? And where are you on the chart?

Me? I’d have to get officially measured with a tape measure, but I can comfortably say I’ll end up being a C, maybe borderline D. Where are you? Post your grade (and measurements if you have them) in the comments!