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Pregnant hot wife update: Carol at 17 weeks

Pregnant Hot Wife Carol at 17 weeks

Hot wife Carol sent me a new photo last night of her pregnancy’s progress, with the news that she is farther along than she initially thought. One thing that is definitely pretty far along are her tits, which were big to begin with! If you ask me, there’s nothing quite like how the growing belly accents the growing breasts. You can check out her past updates in Carol’s photo archive.

Pregnant hot wife update: Carol at 13 weeks

Hot Wife Carol at 13 weeks preganant
Pregnant hot wife Carol checked in today with a progress report photo of her growing tummy at 13 weeks. And yes…hubby Mike is the father…but that’s not going to stop some of us from wondering, now, will it? ;) Post your ideas in the comments.

Hot wife update: Carol is pregnant

You may remember hotwife Carol. She is looking for a steady lover in the Flint, Michigan area, with the approval of her cuckold husband Mike.

Well, Carol is pregnant! And she’s going to be checking in with the readers here from time to time to show off her belly’s progress. Here are a few photos so far. As you can see, she’s starting to come along.

9 weeks…
Pregnant hot wife Carol at 9 weeks

11 weeks…
Pregnant hot wife Carol at 11 weeks

Plus, Mike snapped these photos of her last night to share with the blog:
Pregnant hot wife Carol playing #1Pregnant hot wife Carol playing #2Pregnant hot wife Carol playing #3
Pregnant hot wife Carol playing #4Pregnant hot wife Carol playing #5

Stay tuned for more updates. Post your congratuations, well wishes and questions in the comments!

An update and a new hotwife pinup

A lot has been going on since my last post a little over a week ago.  I’m happy to announce that Allie had the baby and we couldn’t be more thrilled.  Everything is going great with the new addition, and we’re all adjusting to our new sleep schedule.  I can’t say that things are back to normal (or if they ever were–LOL), but the formerly pregnant Allie is doing great.

To celebrate the good news, here’s one more pregnant Hot Wife Allie pinup.  Enjoy!

Half-Nekkid Thursday: Pregnant

Here’s our second HNT: A photo of pregnant Hotwife Allie after a shower.

Friday Fan Mail

We just got a great fan letter (we live for those) from our new friend Rob. He writes:

Dear Allie and David,

I just wanted to write to you and tell you how incredible your site is! I’m sure you get e-mails like this pretty much everyday, but I just felt the urge to let you know anyway. I’ve been visiting your site off and on for about a year now. It’s incredible, and there is nothing like it on the net.

Your site first caught my attention because several years back, while in college, I happened to have dated a very petite blonde who used to tease me with her attraction to black men. She never actually cheated on me or anything, but she would talk about some of the black boyfriends she had years before, or some of the guys she fooled around with even when we knew each other, but weren’t quite dating yet. I remember one time while we talked about one of them, just to turn the heat and jealousy knob up on me, she kinda chuckled and threw out comments like …”his penis was so long it touched his bellybutton…” and “Boy, he had ALOT of sperm! I don’t think I’ve ever seen that much sperm.” I was jealous as hell but boy, I wasn’t able to stand up for a few minutes either:)

She was very very petite and I could just imagine her tiny hands wrapped around an enormous coal black cock, swollen with lust and power. I imagine her trying to fit the whole head in her mouth, and doing her best to fit as much as the shaft as she could down her throat. Then I would almost cum when I thought of her gulping and swallowing another man’s thick load of seed, licking her lips after she had gobbled it all up.

Like I said, we broke up along time ago, but since I found your website, fuel has been added to the fire I had for the “hotwife” type of gal. Now I only HOPE that my next girlfriend or wife will also be attracted to black men, so that when our relationship is strong we can be more adventuresome and I will actually at last get to see the beautiful woman I love being serviced by well hung black stallions. Also, like your hubby, I hope to see them shoot their virile sperm into my love’s body, shooting it deep, mating with you in the most intimate sense. I know that is just a fantasy, but I think it is hotter than hell do imagine that your pregnant belly is the work of a black stud…or several:) I know, I know, becoming pregnant by a stranger is a very serious thing, and I definitely do not make light of it nore necessarily recommmend it, but at the same time, there is something incredibly hot about a powerful black stud doing his best to breed a beautiful white woman while her husband stands by in admiration of the entire act. The ultimate taboo I guess, a married white woman being impregnated by a black man that is not her husband. I hope you understand, and do not find me offensive, I just am trying to explain in the best way I can, why I love your site so much. One day, one very hot and sweaty day, I hope to be watching my own wife and best friend enjoy herself and break one of the great taboos by taking a great virile load of sperm from the enormous cock of a sleek and muscular black stud into the depths of her orgasming body. Only time will tell.

Well, I hope you have enjoyed my e-mail. Thanks again for letting folks write to you. I just wanted to make sure that you knew that I am amazed almost daily by the great quality of your website, and the great amount of material and updates. I love all the cartoons of Allie and the new cuckold “comic” Thanks for taking the time to read. Take care! I will always be a devoted admirer!

Thanks for the note, Rob! We really enjoyed it and we’re glad you like the site. I share your “admiration” too, and I hope that your fantasies are soon fulfilled as well.

Video: A pregnant hot wife Allie masturbating

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Here’s another quick video of Allie, but this time she’s masturbating her swollen, pregnant pussy. More videos to come soon!

Video: A pregnant hot wife Allie giving a great blowjob

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Here’s a quick video of Allie giving a great blowjob after our pregnant photo shoot the other night. More videos to come soon!

Pregnant Allie at 8 months

Pregnant Hot Wife Allie at 8 months

I took some photos and video last night of Allie. Can you believe she’s already 8 months pregnant? Have a look at her newest and long-awaited photo gallery. Video clips are coming soon.

Update: Everyone’s favorite hot wife is still pregnant

Allie Pregnant Pinup 1 (320 wide)

I just wanted to update everyone on Allie. She’s currently 8 months pregnant–due in the middle of March. Everything seems to be going okay, though she’s tired a lot. We’ve scaled back our extracurricular playing to almost nothing, though we’re both frequently horny. I’m going to try to snap a few photos of her belly for everyone tonight or tomorrow.

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