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New Hotwife Cartoon Pinups: Hotwife Allie Means Business

Hotwife Allie's strap-on dildo cartoon pinup

Hotwife Allie's strap on dildo cartoon pinup

Here are a few hotwife cartoons to illustrate that sometimes Allie doesn’t just fuck around–she means business. And by business, I mean the business end of a very thick strap-on dildo. And of course, that can only mean a very long night for yours truly. (gulp!)

Hotwife Eva: Podcast

Hotwife Eva has posted her first audio post in her blog. She sounds super hot.

Stop by and check it out and let her know what you think. You can also subscribe to it as a podcast, so it’ll automatically sync up in your iTunes, or whichever music player you use that supports podcasting.