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Flickr: “I’m at his mercy”

I’m at his mercy, originally uploaded by go4broke_43.

I love the caption as much as I love this photo. I’m not sure who’s saying it. Of course, the first reaction is that it’s the wife saying she’s at his mercy. I think it’s the other way around. It’s the her husband in this photo that’s thinking it to himself. Our poor, unseen hubby is biting his lip while snapping this photo of his hot wife bouncing in their living room on this stud’s cock. What do you think? Do I have it right?

Flickr: Ex Wife and very Dom Male

Ex Wife and very Dom Male, originally uploaded by cuckybristol.

Not sure what I like more about this cuckold photo I found on Flickr today. Is it that this cuckold was kneeling in front of his hot wife snapping photos while her dominant lover was all over her? Is it that she spread her legs even further to give her husband a more un-“adulterated” view between her legs? Or that her dominant lover seems to be giving our cameraman the finger? LOL

Flickr: Hot wife giving a quick carjob

62554_car17P0001063_01_jpg, originally uploaded by deltazulu_99.

I was surfing the hot wife pics on Flickr again today, and came across this great photo. I don’t know what the backstory of this one is (and if it’s a commercial photo, there probably isn’t any). Allow me to construct a simple one though. How’s this? Our hot wife in question drives on her lunch break to a secluded spot to meet her lover, and reaches over just fast enough to give him a quick hand job (while flashing him her boobs of course).

Then (unseen in this photo), he cums all over her hand (and wedding rings certainly) before jumping back into his car. The two part company, leaving the hot wife to savor his cum (let’s hope anyway) on her way back to work.

Flickr: Okay…that looks pretty deep

Fun with my Sexy Pet, originally uploaded by BLKDoc4SexyWFs.

I can’t stop looking for photos on Flickr. I’m just amazed. I knew there was a lot of skin on there…but I’m impressed.

As for this photo…[gulp]. That’s about as deep as you can go, I think.

And speaking of Flickr…

party_03, originally uploaded by Hotwife Allie.

Who’s this sexy hotwife getting plowed at a party a few years ago? Hmmmm…LOL

Just a photo from our Flickr account. Feel free to add us!

Flickr is definitely where all the hotwives are

Since I created an account on Flickr, we’ve started to see an incredible amount of great amateur hotwife, cuckold and interracial photography. And yes, while there are a lot of pro webshots scattered throughout, I’ve found tons of great photos. Plus, I’ve met a lot of friends and nice folks there as well. I’ll start occasionally blogging the photos I see there that catch my eye.