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Photos: Allie giving afterwork head

I just thought I’d share a few quick snapshots of Allie giving me a quick blowjob after I got home from work the other day, before she went out for the evening with her FWB. I wasn’t allowed to cum, of course, until later that night.

Allie’s legs in the air

I was able to get Allie’s legs in the air for a few snapshots last night while we were fooling around. Enjoy! ;)

Love this angle

Found this photo tonight on another blog. Just goes to show you that a good and resourceful cuckold will always be on the ball with a camera to capture awesome moments like this one. Looks like our intrepid cuckold photographer captured a perfect moment indeed. (Via Mbrell)

Love, love, love this picture

Found this photo today at My Secret Perv. Very hot. Can’t take my eyes off it. Love the idea of a cuckold being directed by his hot wife to place her lover’s cock in to her. Drives me wild. Your thoughts?

Found this photo

I can’t get this photo out of my head. Enjoy!

Photo: Allie can make sweatpants sexy

I posted this on our hotwives Twitter earlier, but I couldn’t resist sharing with the whole group. I was passing through the kitchen this morning and couldn’t help but stare at Allie’s magnificent round ass in her sweatpants, while she was leaning over her laptop on the counter checking her messageboards. Enjoy!

Photos: Hot Wife Allie laughing at my cock presumably

I took a few cameraphone pics of Allie giving me head. You small penis humiliation folks out there (you know who you are) might enjoy the few here of Allie evidently giggling at my cock. I’m not sure exactly what we were joking about in the moment, but the expression was too good to resist posting. Sorry about the image quality. For some reason I can’t quite hold the camera still enough when getting a blowjob. So sue me. LOL

Photos: Topless Hot Wife Allie in front of our Christmas Tree

I snapped a few impromptu photos with my iPhone of Allie the other night after we finished decorating our Christmas tree. Enjoy!

Photo: Allie Coinslot Sighting

Allie's coinslot

This isn’t the first sexy coinslot sighting we’ve had here, and I’m sure it won’t be the last. I kind of had to help this one along though. I pulled her pajama bottoms down to expose the top of her luscious round ass while she was working at the kitchen counter. Sorry. I couldn’t resist.

New Cuckold Caption: Wedding Day Flash

Cuckold Caption: Wedding Day Flashing

I’m sure the wedding guests are thinking, “Maybe a sudden gust of wind caught her gown.” Or, “Maybe she got carried away and tripped, and her dress blew up.” Maybe the cuckold groom is helping lift the dress, even while he’s thinking better of it. Let’s not try to figure it out, shall we?

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