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Video: A pregnant hot wife Allie masturbating

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Here’s another quick video of Allie, but this time she’s masturbating her swollen, pregnant pussy. More videos to come soon!

Know thyself

I found a provocative and interesting questionnaire online about masturbation this evening (via Holiday Life blog via Danae Whispering blog).

Give it a look over and feel free to submit your answers in the comments or send them to us via email, if you don’t want to share with the rest of the class.

Maybe in a few days, Allie and I will post our answers too.

Enjoy filling out the survey. I know I am. If I don’t go blind first.

Masturbation SurveyAre you male or female?
How old are you?
At what age did you start masturbating?
How many times a week do you masturbate?
How many times do you orgasm each time you play?

Where do you masturbate:
In bed?
In the shower?
In the bath?
At the computer?
At work?
Every room in the house?
In a parked car?
In a car while traveling along the interstate?

What do you fantasize about when you play:
A significant other?
A friend?
A friend’s spouse?
A stranger?
A student?
A co-worker?
A member of the same sex?
A past lover?

What position do you play in:
On your back?

How do you play:
With left hand?
With right hand?
With a toy?
With water from bath, Jacuzzi or shower?

What porn do you use to masturbate:
Written erotica?
Movie clips online?
Something on TV?

What is your favorite porn:
Straight sex between man and woman?
Gay or lesbian sex?
Group sex or orgies?
Blow jobs/oral sex?
Age play?
Role playing?

Have you ever masturbated to:
Email messages?
A chat room dialogue?
Exchanged stories or pictures?

Have you ever:
Been caught masturbating?
Masturbated for a man/woman?
Masturbated for the same sex?
Masturbated in a group?
Masturbated for a photo?
Masturbated for a webcam?
Masturbated for a video?

Do you ever:
Play with nipples/breasts when masturbating?
Insert something or play with your ass?
Insert something in mouth when masturbating?
Use pain as a method of playing?

For men and women:
Do you taste your cum?
When was the last time you masturbated?
Are you wet or hard now?
Are you going to masturbate now?
Are you a masturbation addict?
What is the most you have played in one day?