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Love this angle

Found this photo tonight on another blog. Just goes to show you that a good and resourceful cuckold will always be on the ball with a camera to capture awesome moments like this one. Looks like our intrepid cuckold photographer captured a perfect moment indeed. (Via Mbrell)

A permanent Queen of Spades tattoo sighting?

Way back when in 2005, I blogged about some awesome Queen of Spades temporary tattoos I learned about.

Recently, longtime fan and occasional Allie playmate, Lawrence sent me some photos of him playing with Lexi, a friend of his who has an alleged permanent tattoo on her left shoulder. Looks legit to me. Even if it’s not, these photos are still awesome. Thanks to Lawrence for sending them in!

Reader Fan Mail: A strong black cuckold’s perspective

In response to my “Am I a sissy cuckold?” blog post, cuckold Tom writes:

I love reading both your adventures. Many people assume the wife gets to have all the fun and I couldn’t disagree more. I think when she’s NOT with a “superior lover” I am the one more bummed, especially if it’s been a while.

First let me say our situation is particularly usual since I myself am very dominant in everyday life and nicely hung (eight inches and thick). I am sexually aggressive with other women and I am black! But when it comes to her taking lovers, I am very much her happy and loving cuckold. As far as “sissy” role-play, given what I know to be true about myself in both aspects I want her to treat me in that manner. Make me wear sexy panties, verbally humiliate me while where having sex together, ie your too small, I need a big strong man, you never satisfy me, my lovers are better, I want his cum more than yours, he gives me big thick loads, etc. Nothing I have experienced gets me harder or more aroused than this. It’s a struggle not to cum when she gets like this.

When she’s with a stud, I like to be forced to “help out” by fluffing him, licking her to get her ready, inserting, fetching drinks or cleaning up her or both after. I like being belittled, your a sissy, pathetic, little or laughed at even. But for me always by her, not the guy. I think that would make me aggressive toward him and that wouldn’t end well. Just wanted to give a different perspective on cuckolding.

I wouldn’t say it’s such a different perspective, Tom. It is hot though. I think the fact that you’re a hung black man that revels in cuckold fantasy play sounds rare. I’m sure it’s more common that many would realize–but you just never hear about it as much. We usually hear about the hung black male as the target of the hotwife’s affection (and source of the cuckold husband’s humiliation), that it’s refreshing to hear that you’re into being as submissive as the rest of us. Thanks for writing!

Gallery: Introducing young cuckoldress Jinxypie

Well, well, well. Here’s another young addition to our growing collection of hotwife hotties. May I introduce Jinxypie, a young cuckoldress from North Carolina. From her website:

I prefer well-endowed men for either one-on-one or a group. (Heck, if you’re bigger than what I’ve got at home, you’ve got a shot!) I am very sexual. I enjoy many aspects of sex and cuckolding… not just being fucked. I’m always looking for the right men to fulfill my needs. I enjoy taking and being in pictures and making videos with my sexual partners; I love sucking dick, as well as being fucked in many different positions. I can never get enough and usually wear my lovers out well before I am finished.

Most guys I see don’t like the idea of my cuck being in the room. It’s not like he’s some big scary man… he’s a sissy that can’t satisfy his hotwife.

It also sounds like she meets members of her site:

It is very possible to meet me in person. I do make my self accessible to my “fans”.

I am interested in: fucking in multiple positions, role playing, “fake breeding”, dates, cuckolding my husband by talking to him while we’re fucking or having him clean up a fresh cream pie, gangbangs, well-hung white or black men, bulls, oral sex, lingerie, high heels and stockings, sex toys, sock fetishes

Sounds awesome to me. I feel for her sissy husband, I really do. But, if it makes for more awesome photos like these, all the better. Right? Give her a look, guys!

Gallery: Alice Bell gets fucked in front of her cuckold

Of course the vast majority of commercial cuckold porn is staged. We all know that. We’re all cool with it, right? I mean, we’ll take what we can get. Occasionally, the photos I run across though are worth a second look. This particular set of Alice Bell at Cuckold Sessions really does it for me. I’ll give you a few guesses why. Post your answers in the comments. LOL

Gallery: Spring Thomas’ young cuckold

Spring Thomas is a popular and pretty young webgirl that pretty much fucks black guys exclusively on her web site. Even though she’s not officially a “hot wife,” I check in with her site every so often, because I think she’s hot, and I’m amazed by how much cock she can take. She’s also started to feature more and more cuckold content, some of which is pretty intense. Typically, her cuckold playmates are older guys–but turns out she’s found a new cuckold boy toy to tease. Seems she’s already got him trained for clean up duty as well. Have a look at this gallery, then take a preview of Spring Thomas’ web site.

Flickr: “I’m at his mercy”

I’m at his mercy, originally uploaded by go4broke_43.

I love the caption as much as I love this photo. I’m not sure who’s saying it. Of course, the first reaction is that it’s the wife saying she’s at his mercy. I think it’s the other way around. It’s the her husband in this photo that’s thinking it to himself. Our poor, unseen hubby is biting his lip while snapping this photo of his hot wife bouncing in their living room on this stud’s cock. What do you think? Do I have it right?

Video: Hot Wife Gabby plowed in her wedding dress

Well, I knew as soon as I found this video I’d be posting it on the blog for all to see. I can’t resist a hot wife getting drilled in her wedding dress. This video is hot! I love how her dress is all hiked up around her, while her black stud pounds away. I would have loved to have watched Allie get fucked like this on our wedding night. Time to renew our vows? ;)

Find more videos like this on Cuckold Space

Flickr: Okay…that looks pretty deep

Fun with my Sexy Pet, originally uploaded by BLKDoc4SexyWFs.

I can’t stop looking for photos on Flickr. I’m just amazed. I knew there was a lot of skin on there…but I’m impressed.

As for this photo…[gulp]. That’s about as deep as you can go, I think.

Flickr is definitely where all the hotwives are

Since I created an account on Flickr, we’ve started to see an incredible amount of great amateur hotwife, cuckold and interracial photography. And yes, while there are a lot of pro webshots scattered throughout, I’ve found tons of great photos. Plus, I’ve met a lot of friends and nice folks there as well. I’ll start occasionally blogging the photos I see there that catch my eye.

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