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Hotwife Anklet: Denise’s Ankle Bracelet

Check out these cool photos of shared wife Denise’s hotwife anklet. Certainly the jury is still out on whether or not hotwife ankle bracelets really signify any kind or level of slutiness (or availability) of a married woman. I personally like to think so, but it’s ludicrous to think of them in that way in every context. Still, I love it when Allie wears her hotwife anklet in public, and I know what goes through my head when I see one on another woman. I usually can’t help but stare.

Denise’s hubby, a loyal reader and fan of the site, sent me these great shots of his wife. I particularly like the first. Can you guess why? Three words: see through panties.

Hotwife Denise's Ankle Bracelet

Hotwife Denise's Ankle Bracelet

I’ve recently been introduced to a cool online store.

More and more people are contacting us about anklets, tattoos, stickers, etc. People are looking for things to discreetly symbolize their interests and fetishes. offers some really sexy and erotic jewelry for swingers and other alternate lifestyles. If you’re looking for something along the lines of symbolic jewelry, then this might be the place to go. has exclusive HW charms, BBC and Queen of Spades charms (“big black cock” and interracial), plus different combinations of male and female symbols to suggest the kind of threesome (or moresome) situation your wife might be into. They also have a wide range of non-piercing nipple jewelry that looks pretty cool.

Have a look around their site and see what they have to offer.

A Picture Share!

Where I ordered Allie’s hotwife anklet charm

Daniel wrote the following question in the previous post’s comments, and it’s something we get asked quite a bit. I thought it bears mentioning here in the blog:

Danica has several anklets she wears — but none engraved.

Any recommendations on where I might get additional anklets to add to her collection? Would love to find one that was engraved “Hot Wife.”

There are a few vendors on the Internet that are selling “hotwife charms,” “hotwife anklets” or “hotwife jewelry.” If you Google any of those terms, you’re bound to find something. However, I found that those vendors are very, very expensive–and it’s hard to tell exactly what you’re getting for your money.

I’d recommend that you try where I purchased Allie’s jewelry. I ordered it online via Things Remembered. They have tons of locations in malls across the country, but I wasn’t comfortable going into a mall and asking a clerk behind a counter to engrave “I fuck around…” on a charm. At least by ordering online, there was some anonymity, and you can customize them however you want.

Plus, the quality was very high, the shipping was very fast, and all-in-all it was largely inexpensive. I ordered the first charm online through them, and ordered a 2nd one (“I give great head”) a few months later.

More about Allie’s night out

I forgot to mention this in yesterday’s post. When Allie was getting ready to go out on Friday night, she put on her special “fuck-me” anklet on her right ankle. I didn’t even notice it until after she got home and things started to get hot and heavy. Usually when she puts it on before we go out, it’s a sign that she’s looking to hook up–or that she’s interested in finding someone to fuck in front of me. I totally didn’t even notice that she was wearing it out the door.

I know there’s a lot of discussion and confusion on the topic of hotwife anklets, what they mean, etc. We’re not subscribers to the thinking that they mean anything at all, or that they serve as some universal signal to people in-the-know about what we’re into and what we’re looking for. For us, it just signifies something between us–and if people catch on, then great. If not, that’s fine too. No one for a second should think that because a woman is wearing one, does it mean that she’s looking for action, or that she’s part of this lifestyle. It’s just something that we find fun, sexy and an exciting addition to this lifestyle.

Ugh…there I go again throwing around the lifestyle word.

If you’re interested, Allie’s anklet is inscribed “I fuck around…”

Hotwife Allie’s Photo of the Day – Nov. 10, 2004

Of course, there’s no “official” policy or convention concerning hotwives and the wearing of ankle jewelry. There are those out there that think that if you see a woman wearing an anklet in public that for whatever rhyme or reason, she’s a hotwife (or at the very least, a little slutty). We don’t know where this belief comes from, but it’s out there (google “hotwife anklet”, if you don’t believe us).

We’re more of the mindset that if it makes you feel hot (or a little slutty) then go for it. So…here’s Allie’s hotwife anklet, and our photo of the day.

P. S. If you want to know what the inscription is–drop us a note, and we’ll share it with you.