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Hotwife Story: Our Whitewater Rafting Trip

By Seth

Allie and David called me up a few weeks ago and asked me if I wanted to go on a weekend white water rafting trip with them over the Fourth of July. I told them that it sounded like fun and so we made plans to go to West Virginia and take a day trip on the New River. We left from their house late Friday night and drove to the river charter location and go there early Saturday morning. Since there was only three of us, we ended up being part of a larger group.

Before leaving for the river, we all changed into our bathing suits in some stalls that the rafting company provided. The stalls were made of stained pine boards, nothing fancy, but enough to do the trick and provide some privacy. As I was looking around “the room”, I noticed that there were plenty of knot holes in the boards, many of which had fallen out.

A short while after entering my stall, someone entered the stall next door. I sat on the corner bench removing my pants, and glanced at one of the holes in front of me. I saw a Yellow shirt being removed, then a white lace bra. This seriously caught my attention. The bra came off and I saw a “C” sized tit topped with a dark brown nipple. I stood up and looked through one of the knot holes, and saw her as she removed her shorts and panties with one smooth stroke, and was rewarded with the site of a neat patch of brown pubic hair.

I was not right up against the hole, but standing back a few feet. I’m not sure what caused her to do what happened next, but maybe she could see my growing hard-on through the same knot hole. Maybe she thought it was her boyfriend, maybe she thought something else, at any rate a minute later her nipple appeared pressed through the hole.

I figured it was Allie having a little fun, so I quickly reached to tease it with my fingers, then bent and sucked at it. A minute later it disappeared. I then heard her voice say “Take a look now…” I looked through the hole and was rewarded with the sight of this girl as she lifted one legs on to the bench close to the wall and she was spreading her pussy lips and she was rubbing her clit with her finger.

I then heard “look over here!” and saw a finger waving at me through a different hole and then the finger was replaced by a set of lips and a tongue. This larger knot hole framed her mouth perfectly and my mind began to race about what I should do next. I didn’t have to think long, because my friend in the next stall did the thinking for me by saying “Give me your cock! Feed it to me!”

Throwing caution to the wind I slipped my now hard dick through the hole and into her mouth.

I got the glory hole blow job of my life. She sucked and played her tongue over and around me like I was a lollipop. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better she stopped sucking, but kept her hand on my cock and was stroking it through the hole.

Her hand finally slipped away, but was quickly replaced by a warm moist feeling around my cock. She must have turned around and pushed her ass up against the wall and I was now in a wet pussy and man was she ever clamping down around my shaft. This wasn’t a slow nice fuck, this was a naughty let’s get this over with before anyone catches us type of fuck.

The woman on the other side of the wall rode me hard, pressing herself against the wall.

I could only see her bare back and a bit of a brown pony tail through the crack in front of me.

She milked my cock with her pulsating muscles. It only took a few minutes before I felt the familiar sensation of cum rising from my balls and knew it was only a few moments before I would be gushing cum as it rocketed out of my dick.

I whispered to my fuck buddy that I was close to cumming and she squeezed her pussy even tighter around my shaft. That was all it took, I came, blasting the insides of her pussy with my sticky warm juice. My cumming inside of her must have sent her over the edge also, because I could feel her driving her ass against the wood wall, trying to press her ass back towards me, trying to get every last bit of my cock inside her she could. And then she stopped, and she just stayed that way, with my now shrinking cock inside of her for a minute more then pulled away.

I was just about to pull my cock back through the hole when I felt the wetness of her mouth and tongue as she bathed my cock clean of our juices with her tongue. When she was satisfied with her work she gave the tip of my dick a kiss and said “All done!”

About 10 seconds later, as I was pulling up my swim trunks, I heard her door open and close with a thud. She must have slipped into her suit as she was cleaning me off. I quickly dressed and rushed out, but trying to not be too obvious, and saw David and Allie standing there waiting for me.

Allie looked at me and said “It’s about time you came out. What the HELL where you doing in there?”

I just smiled at her and said “As if you didn’t know…”

Allie stood there with a puzzled look on her face and I realized that she didn’t’ have a clue what I was talking about.

I just looked at her and said “Weren’t you in the changing room next to me?”

David explained that he and Allie had shared a room and had been outside waiting on me to return for about the last 10 minutes. I asked them if they had seen a woman come out of the changing rooms just a minute or so before me and Allie said “A whole bunch of them. They must be part of a group or something and pointed towards a group of girls standing, waiting to get on the bus for the trip to the river. There must have been at least a dozen women with brown hair, all in pony tails. I made out some Greek letters on their T-shirts and realized that they must have been part of some sort of sorority.

I just laughed and shook my head and began to tell David and Allie what had happened. By the time I was finished, Allie was in disbelief and looked over at David and said “OK that’s it! I’m officially horny now! The two of you have your work cut out for you later when we get to the hotel…”

The rafting was fun and I enjoyed myself watching Allie get wet and flirt with our river guide, but I couldn’t help thinking about my friend from the changing room. I spent a good part of the trip trying to figure out which one she was, and didn’t have any luck.

By the time we got back to our hotel room, Allie was hotter than a firecracker and wore both David and me out, but that’s another story.

Hotwife Story: Visiting Friends

By Seth

After a few years of being asked by one of my old college buddies, I finally decided to go out to California and visit him and his new wife. I had been traveling out of the country on business when they got married, so I missed their wedding and in fact I had never met Rick’s new wife in person. I had talked to her on the phone and I had seen a few pictures of her via email, but that was it.

The first night I flew out, Rick met me at the airport and it was like old times and as if years hadn’t passed since we’d last seen each other. We were telling jokes and remembering stories from our college days and he even reminded me about a few wild times that I had forgotten about. We drove straight from the airport to pick up his wife Wendy at her office in downtown LA and then went to dinner at a very nice restaurant close to their home out in the Laguna Hills area. Wendy was even prettier than her pictures could ever have shown. She was about 5’6″ tall and had her chestnut brown hair in a shoulder length stylish cut and the prettiest brown eyes. She also had a nice full chest, which I later learned she was a full 36C, and a sexy heart shaped ass that looked incredible in her business suit. You could tell she was a California girl and that she worked out.

The meal was good and the wine was flowing and soon we were enjoying a great evening of conversation. After dinner we went back to their place and ended up staying up kind of late just talking and rehashing the past! Most of the stories involved our exploits in college either getting in trouble or about our adventures with the girls we dated back then.

Wendy seemed real interested to know and learn this side of her husband, since she didn’t know him in college. After spilling the beans about a night way back when where Rick and girl he had just met ended up in the fraternity house shower together, Wendy even chimed in with a story of her own.

We both just sat there listening to her not believing what we were hearing. Wendy began her story, “Well when I was in college…one night I fucked a whole fraternity…”

Rick stopped her and said “No Way! You were a slut in college?”

Wendy just smiled at him and said “Just wait and hear the rest of the story…I was dating this guy and he and I had been dating for just a short time and he wanted to show me off at his Frat party, so he asked me to wear a very short mini skirt and a small crop top that showed my bare tummy and tummy ring. We arrived at his Frat house and I really didn’t know what to expect. It was my first frat party and I was a little embarrassed as we walked through the main lounge. There where lots of guys there and they where all staring at me. Some of them even gave wolf whistles. My boyfriend at the time, Paul, yelled hello to some of them as he escorted me straight through them and up the stairs to his room. He wanted them all to think that he was taking me upstairs to fuck…”

“Well, did ya fuck him?” Rick interrupted.

“Of course I fucked him, he was my boyfriend!” Wendy replied. “Can I continue?”

Rick and I both nodded our heads yes.

“The moment we got into the room he was all over me. He pushed me up against the door and kissed me deeply and then we both tore off each others clothes and fell onto his bed. He climbed on top of me and started to fuck me. While he was on top of me, I started to think about all those guys downstairs knowing that I was getting fucked…”

“So where does the gang bang come in?” I interrupted this time.

“I’m getting to it, if you guys would let me! Jesus, I sat here and listened to your stories, you two can shut up and listen to mine!”

“Now where was I? Oh yea, Paul was pounding his cock into me and I kept thinking about how erotic it would be if all those guys where standing around the bed watching us. The idea of this really turned me on and I started to cum harder than I had ever cum in my Life! My pussy clamped down on my boyfriends cock and made him blow his load into me. He wad was so strong it surprised me and I even screamed out at the top of my lungs ‘YES! Baby, FILL ME WITH YOUR CUM!!’

Rick started to say something, but Wendy gave him a look that could kill and he kept his mouth shut. She then continued…

“I either passed out or fell asleep from exhaustion and didn’t hear my boyfriend get up. I woke up and I was alone. I looked around for a minute and realized that my pussy was a mess, with his cum leaking out of me and I needed to clean up, so I got up put my skirt and top back on, I couldn’t find my panties and went down the hall to the bathroom and took a shower. I found out later that Paul had taken them to show to his frat brothers.

After my shower, I went downstairs and found Paul talking to his friends. As I walked over to him he stood up and gave me a big hug and a sloppy french kiss. It sort of embarrassed me and I could tell I was blushing. I broke off the kiss and buried my face into his chest.

As I was hugging him, I felt him lift my skirt and everyone close by got a good look at my naked ass. He tucked my mini skirt up under the waistband so it was ‘stuck up’ and then me spun me around and lifted up the front of the skirt and showed everyone my pussy! I about died of embarrassment!”

“He showed everyone your pussy?” Rick blurted out. “Were you shaved back then?”

“No! Remember that was the late 80’s and landing strips were the in thing, so I had pubic hair…Will you let me finish?”

“I knew that they could see my pussy. My heart was pounding, and I could feel the juices seeping out of my pussy and running down my thighs. I looked around and saw all the guys staring at me. Most of them had their cocks in their hands and where playing with them as the looked at me. A couple of them started to walk towards me and my boyfriend Paul just lifted my little top up and flashed them all my tits. This sent me over the edge and I felt my pussy tingle and I started to cum without anyone touching it.”

Rick interrupted Wendy again and said “You came by just having guys watch you?”

“Yes…I was so turned on that just the mere thought of all these horny guys looking at me sent me over the edge! Now let me finish!!!”

Wendy looked at me and gave me the look of death, making me stay quiet.

“Paul sat me down on the couch and two guys sat down on either side of me, their hands slid up my thighs, across my belly and fondled my breasts. They then leaned down and started to suck on my nipples. I was in heaven and I closed my eyes as they worked on my breasts. I then felt my legs being opened and I opened my eyes to see a naked college boy with his cock in his hand smiling at me.

The cock he had in his hand was bigger than my boyfriends, and I licked my lips as I watched him lean close to me as he began to stroke his cock up and down my pussy lips, each time going further between them. As I felt it stroke my clit I just couldn’t hold back from another climax. ‘Aaaaaagggghhhhh!!!!! Yesssss!!!!!’

He kept stroking it up and down as I came back to reality. Paul was beside me saying ‘Let him put it inside you. You’d like that big cock in your pussy, wouldn’t you?”

Wendy paused to take a drink from her beer and she just smiled at Rick and me, as we were now speechless and totally interested in what she had to say.

“I felt my legs being lifted by the guys that where either side of me, so that I was now spread wide open. ‘Let him put it in.’ Paul was still saying. ‘It’s all right, you’ll like it. Just lay back and let him do it to you.’ I was so turned on by now that I didn’t care who or what they did to me… but Paul was still saying ‘Let him do it to you.’ It was then that I realized that Paul was asking for my consent, for my permission to let this stranger fuck me.

I screamed out ‘Yes! Yes put it inside me. I want it in me. Do it!’ I watched mesmerized as this big cock slowly started to disappear between my pussy lips. God it was huge. I had never had a cock that big before in me. I screamed out as it felt like it was spliting me in two… My eyes flew wide open as I almost sat up straight from the shock of it, as the guy shoved the rest of that huge cock right up my pussy. It went deep and it spread my pussy wide open.

‘Aaaaaaagggghhhh!!!’ I screamed as another climax ripped through my body. He only took a couple of thrusts and he came himself, shooting his hot wad deep inside of pussy. This caused me to climax again. ‘Aaaaaggghhh!!!! Don’t stop, don’t stop!’ I was shouting as I felt him pull his cock out of my hot horny pussy. But just as soon as big cock was out of my pussy, another guy immediately took his place and I had another strange cock working into my pussy.

I don’t know what came over me, but I was now a wanton slut. I became a screamer and kept shouting ‘Yes! That’s it! Deeper! Deeper! Harder! Fuck me harder!’ as these frat boys all took turns fucking me one after the other.”

Rick stopped his wife’s story and asked “So how many fucked you that night?”

Wendy paused for a second and said “Are you sure you want to hear this?”

Rick shook his head “YES” in response to the question.

Wendy took a deep breath and then answered “10…I fucked 10 Frat boys that night…and most of them more than once…”

“God, you were a slut in college!” I blurted out without thinking.

“That was a fun night….” Wendy smiled and winked at me as she answered.

I sat there on the couch trying to hide the fact that Wendy’s story had left me with a huge hardon in my pants from my cock straining against my pants. I told Rick and Wendy that I was getting tired and I should go to sleep. Wendy showed me to one of the guest rooms, right next to their room. I’m sure she could see my hard cock pressing against my pants as she turned on the light and said “You should be comfortable in here.” In fact, I swore she looked down and checked out my cock and then smiled before she left the room to go into her own bedroom.

I fell asleep right away, but woke up to a knocking sound. It sounded like as if someone was tapping on the wall or something. I got up to investigate… I opened my bedroom door and heard a muffled voice saying “YES! YES! FUCK ME!”

I went further down the hall towards Wendy’s and Rick’s room and stopped dead in my tracks when I heard Wendy cry out “Fuck my ass!”

My mind was racing, my breathing was short and fast, my heart pounding and my cock throbbing in my shorts as I stood outside their bedroom door wondering what was going on inside the room. I put my ear up against the door and heard Wendy through it scream again “FUCK MY ASS!”

My curiosity got the best of me and I tried the door knob. It wasn’t locked…I knew it was the wrong thing to do, but I slowly turned the knob and gently opened the door. I looked through the open door and and watched as Rick got behind Wendy and started to slip his cock into his wifes ass.

I stood there and without thinking, I began to stroke my cock as I watched them have sex. Rick pulled out of Wendy’s ass and got on his back and Wendy got up and stradled Rick, with her back to him as she sat down on his cock. She looked up and smiled right in my direction. I realized immediately that I had pushed the door open further to get a better look at them, there I stood, with my dick in my hand, stroking it, watching their show. Wendy locks her eyes to mine and just smiles at me as she rides up and down on her husbands cock.

I didn’t know what to do, should I stay or leave? Wendy made the decision for me as she began to lick her lips at me and rubbing her pussy and kept fucking her husbands cock in her ass. I was so focused on watching Wendy that I didn’t know if Rick knew I was standing there. Wendy stick a finger deep into her pussy and then pulled it out and held her hand out towards me a wiggled her finger in a “come here” motion. I could see her pussy juice glisten from the moonlight coming through her window.

I shurgged and I told myself “What the hell!” and I walked into the room and got up on the bed. Rick looked up at me and smiled and said “Have fun buddy!” Wendy leaned back onto her husband, giving me an open shot at her pussy. I took my cock in my hand and fed it into Wendy’s pussy. She was dripping wet and I slid easily into her body. Wendy took a deep breath and adjusted to the feeling of having us both inside her.

Once Wendy adjusted to being stuffed full of cock, she began to set her own pace. I just tried to stay inside of her and not fall over. Wendy screamed with excitement and worked the rhythm. She clamped down around my cock with her pussy and I could only imagine how her ass felt around Rick’s cock.

Rick yells out that he’s going to cum and I let Wendy know that I’m close also. Wendy screams out “Not YET! This such a fantasy of mine, I want to taste you guys and have you shoot on my face!”

I pull out of her pussy and Wendy lifts herself up off her husbands cock and she leans over and took my cock in her mouth and began to suck me off. Rick pulled out a wipe from the nightstand and clean his cock off, getting it ready for his wife and once he was done, Rick knelt on the other side of her head.

Wendy began to alternate between sucking on Rick and myself. I thought to myself, “Man this girl loves cock!” She continued to alternate between us for about a minute more and then Wendy took my cock into her mouth and looked me right in the eye. I lost it, and pull my cock out of her mouth as I started to cum and shot my first blast of cum right onto her face. Rick had been working on his cock with his hand while Wendy blew me, soon followed with his own wad on her face and the amount of cum he shot onto Wendy’s face was unreal, leaving her face covered.

Wendy smiled at us, while trying to keep her eyes closed and said “Rick, Take a picture of my face so I can see what you guys did to me!” Rick pulled out a camera from the nightstand and took a picture of his wife. I looked at him and nodded towards the camera and Rick replied “Wendy likes to pose for naughty pictures…So I keep a camera close to the bed…”

Wendy reached out and took my hand and asked me to lead her to the bathroom so she could clean up her face. I left her in the bathroom and walked back into their bedroom and for the first time I wasn’t sure what to say or do and I felt a little strange. I had just fucked one of my college buddies wives and I wasnt’ sure how he’d respond now that we had both gotten our rocks off and we were now coming down from our “horny high.”

Rick broke the silence by asking “Wendy’s pussy is great isn’t it?”

I nodded and smiled and said “First class pussy…”

Rick nodded and Wendy reappeared in the room and smiled at us both and said “What are you guys talking about? Giving me round 2?”

Rick and I looked at each other and laughed and then smiled over at Wendy…

Wendy could tell that she had said what we were thinking, but that we hadn’t discussed it yet, and then she said to Rick “What type of hosts would we be if we only let him fuck me one time?”

Needless to say, I spent the better part of my visit between Wendy’s legs…

Hotwife Story: The Vegas Hotwife

By Seth

A college buddy/ Fraternity brother of mine was getting married, so for his bachelor party, a group of us made arrangements to take the soon to be married man out to Las Vegas to celebrate. We found a great room rate at the Aladdin, so we booked our little group into there. They treated us well enough, and in fact, they had us check in at the “High Rollers” desk and they gave us a few perks like show tickets, which we weren’t expecting. Later on we found out that one of the guys in our group goes to the Aladdin quite frequently and is on their players list, so he helped pull a few strings to get us better treatment.

On our first night out, we hit Vegas pretty hard, going to the Hard Rock and the Palms and ending up at Ghost bar until we stumbled back in the early hours of the morning. We then met up around 10AM for breakfast and made plans to meet in the afternoon to see what to do that night. A couple of the guys headed back to their rooms to sleep off their hang-overs and some of the others went out to hang out by the pool. I personally headed out to the casino to see how my luck was.

I found an opening on a craps table and spent most of the morning there, playing safe bets like the pass/no pass line and come bets. I was actually having pretty good luck, and was up $300. After awhile, I started talking to the other players around me. The guy next to me, Bob, started to win pretty big too. We started talking while we were playing, after a while his wife, a pretty Latina lady with long dark flowing hair and a sexy round ass, which you could see in her tight sun dress, came up to ask if they could go get something to eat. Since he was on a roll, he asked her to wait for awhile.

During this time, we all started talking to each other and I learned that her name was Maria, and that they were from LA. Maria kind of got caught up in the moment because every time we won, she would give a high five to both of us and “buy” us drinks. This must have gone on for about an hour or two, until Maria finally said she was hungry and wanted to eat NOW!

Maria and her husband went and got something to eat and I stayed at the craps table for a little while longer, until I felt the luck change and I walked away from the table up $500. Pretty good for a few hours work! I walked around the casino until I found a $5 dollar blackjack table, I didn’t want to loose my winnings too fast, besides, my buddies liked to play the $25 dollar tables, so I knew I had to save my money for later. I had been playing about 15 minutes at the blackjack table, when I felt a hand on my shoulder and figured it was one of my college buddies coming up to say something. I turned to see who it was and I was surprised to see that it was Maria.

She had changed into a pair of tight button fly Levi’s and the top two buttons were undone, and had put on a tight crop tank top that showed of her stomach and breasts quite nicely. She smiled at me and leaned over and whispered in my ear “Are you busy? I have a question to ask you…” I wasn’t really doing all that great at the black jack table and I finished the hand I was on and took my chips and got up from the table and walked away with Maria. Her ass looked very sexy in the tight jeans, nice and round with full ass cheeks. I could tell she was wearing a thong by the way her ass moved as she walked. Maria stopped as we got the steps of the sports book staircase and turned and looked me in the eye and said “Please don’t take this the wrong way….But would you like to fuck me?”

I stood there for a second, looking Maria’s body over thinking to myself about how much I’d love to fuck her and I then looked her in the eyes and smiled.

Maria began talking again, “If you fuck me, you have to know that my husband will be present and he may join in….I only play with his OK and with him in the room…..” I just stood there and nodded my head, like I was trying to understand what she said. I had played with swingers and couples before, so this wasn’t the first time I’d heard something like this.

Maria continued “I’m a Hot wife….Do you know what that is?” I shook my head no…I wanted to hear what she had to say…. “I’m a slut who likes to fuck other men besides my husband….and he’s OK with it. In fact, he likes to watch other men fuck me and then once their done fucking me, he fucks me….It’s all straight stuff, nothing gay or bi…..I just like more cock than my husband can give me….”

I again looked Maria over, and felt my cock start to harden in my pants, which she noticed also, and Maria leaned over and whispered in my ear “I can see by the front of your pants that you like my offer…” Maria took my hand and led me over to the elevators and we took a ride up to her floor. We walked closely together, with my arm around her waist. We stopped in front of a room door, which turned out to be hers and Maria knocked on the door. She then leaned into me for a kiss, which I started with a nice little peck on the lips. Maria responded by putting her arms around me and pulling me tighter against her and and putting her tongue down my throat. She wasn’t wasting anytime with a “safe kiss” as she ran her fingers through my hair and over my back. Maria broke the embrace and licked her lips and smiled at me and then the door opened and her husband was standing on the other side.

He smiled at us as we walked into the room. Maria excused herself and she went into the bathroom. I chatted with Bob, Maria’s husband for a couple of minutes while we waited for Maria to return. The bathroom door opened and Maria walked out of the bathroom with her top off, exposing her nice breasts! Without saying a word, Maria walked up to me and kissed me again. My hands roamed her over her body, stopping at her tits that were now fully exposed. We continued to kiss while I rubbed her tits and we moved to the bed.

Maria sat on the edge of the bed and started undoing my pants. While she was doing this, I looked over at her husband and asked “Are you sure your cool with this?”

Before Bob had a time to answer, Maria had pulled out my cock and in one motion slid it into her mouth, taking me down her throat till her bottom lip was pressing against my balls. She just held it there, sucking on it for a minute or two. She then started to rub my balls while she sucked on it. Maria was an expert cock sucker and I closed my eyes and tilted my head back while she worked on me. Maria continued to suck on my cock for about 5 minutes or so, and then she put her hand on my ass and began pushing me forward into her mouth. I was now moving my hips in rhythm to Maria’s head movement. I was now fucking her mouth!!

Maria next cupped my balls and began to milk and squeeze them as she sucked on my cock. She was swirling her tongue around my cock head and really working on me. I soon felt my balls start to tighten and I let Maria know that I was close to cumming. She took my cock deeper into her mouth and deep throated me as I tensed up and began cumming in her mouth… Maria opened her eyes and looked up at me and moaned in pleasure as I pumped my load down her throat.

After I stopped coming, Maria lifted her head up and removed my still hard cock from her mouth. She pushed herself up onto the bed and lay down on her back. I quickly joined her on the bed and began kissing her neck and full sexy breasts. I then moved down her body, licking and kissing her all over. I got to her jeans, and Maria lifted her hips up to allow me to undo her the rest of her buttons and pull then off of her. Once off, Maria spread her legs, pulled me close to her and she started kissing me again. I felt her pussy against my leg and moved around so my cock was now rubbing her clit as we kissed. I felt my cock head part her opening and slip into her pussy. God she was wet and warm!

Maria broke our kiss and let out a very loud moan as I penetrated her. She reached around so her hands were now on my ass and she shoved my cock all the way into her. Maria grunted a little as I bottomed out into her pussy and then she smiled at me and began passionately tongue kissing me. I began pumping in and out of Maria slowly with nice long strokes. Maria loved what I was doing, but she wanted more. She put her hands on my ass again and pulled me in deeper. She cried out into my ear “Fuck me hard!!! Faster!!!” I began pumping faster into Maria’s pussy. As I moved in and out of her body, I could hear the sucking sounds of Maria’s pussy around my cock as it pumped in and out of her.

Maria started to cum and she wrapped her legs around me, shoving her pelvis into me, driving my cock deeper into her. Her pussy started to quiver around my shaft as she lost herself in her orgasm. Her pussy clamped down on my cock and I couldn’t take it anymore and I thrusted myself into her and grunted loudly as I felt the cum rush out of my balls and shoot into Maria’s body, dumping my cum into her pussy.

After I finished cumming inside of her, I pulled my cock out of Maria’s pussy and smiled at her. She smiled back at me and put her hand between her legs and felt her freshly fucked pussy. My cum was now visible on her pussy and she began to play with herself and my cum. She brought her fingers up to her mouth and tasted our combined juices and looked over at her husband Bob and said “I’m full…He came a lot….” Bob just smiled back at her and said “You looked like you had fun…”

Maria looked over at me and said “That was only round one! I still want to ride your cock and make you cum again before I let you go…”

Needless to say, with an offer like that, I ended up fucking Maria again and cumming inside of her pussy. I checked my watch and I had only 30 minutes before I supposed to meet my friends for dinner. I made my goodbyes and got dressed. As I was leaving, Bob was crawling between Maria’s legs and began sucking on her pussy. Maria cried out “That’s it Bob…Eat my cream pie!” They never even knew I left the room as Bob shoved his tongue into Maria’s pussy, sending her into another orgasm.

Hotwife Story: The Swing Club

By Sportfuks

I finally decide to visit a new swing club that started in the area where I live. It is a club open to both singles and couples, any night their open, just certain nights the single guys pay more for the door charge.

I was given a tour by a host couple named Mark and Cheyenne, and I had a difficult time listening to what they were saying due to the fact that Cheyenne was beautiful, about 5’4″ about 125lbs or so, with nice full round breasts and a cute bubble butt, and she was wearing a white teddy with white thigh high stockings that looked very good on her curvy figure. I do remember some of the tour, where they showed me private and group rooms, even with a viewing window with blinds to either open or close for those watching. There was a shower room and and hot tub room and of course the general club room, with tables, TV’s and a small dance floor. After the tour Mark and Cheyenne said their goodbyes to me, as a new couple had entered and was waiting for a tour. I preceeded to moved around the club room, introducing myself to the women and couples sitting at the various tables, meeting people and discussing general topics. At this one table was an attractive brunette sitting by herself. I asked her it she minded if I sat down, she said “No” As we talked, I learned her name was Ilene, she was married(a girlfriend told her about the club) and that this was her first time at the club, so we found a common ground right away. I moved over to sit next to her and we began people watching, checking at the incoming couples, and singles, watching them interact, flirt and then leave the club room, headed for the room areas. We sat there making up stories about the couples we saw, Ilene going first.. “See the blonde over there in the red tube top and black leather mini…She looking for a guy to join her and her husband for a threesome, she wants to have two mens service her all night and take her, until she can’t stand it anymore and passes out from exhaustion”

I went next, looking around the room for my own story to tell. I searched until I saw this young red headed woman sitting at a booth with either her husband or boyfriend and 3 other guys… “Ok, the couple in the booth, the little Red Head, with the white top, she’s been swinging for a while with her guy here at the club, but so far it’s been with couples…They had a threesome a couple of weeks ago, at their own house with a friend of the boyfriend.. they were sitting around drinking and playing cards and the next thing they knew, they were having a 3-way… Now the girlfriend wants to try more men, she liked the idea of having 2 men service her, and now she wants to try a mini gang bang. That’s why there’s so many single guys at the table and no other women….She interviewing guys to take back to one of the party rooms….”

Ilene looked around the room for her next story, and she then looked into my eyes and said “There are these two people, a man and woman, who are at the club for the first time, sitting at a table getting to know each other, having good conversation, the woman laughs a sexy laugh at something he says, moves her chair closer to his, their bodies touch for the first time, it’s only their knees and thighs, but the secuction has started… he places a hand on her knee, she touches his arm and gives it a gentle rub, the feeling of “what if” is in the air between them, their hearts start beating a little faster, a flush feeling coming over them, they both notice the twitch of arousal between their legs as they feel themselves getting a little horny towards each other…” She stops to take a drink of water, and then puts her hand on my knee and starts telling her story again.

“There’s a great, yet awkward moment when he leans over and gives her a little kiss on the neck/cheek area, and takes a deep breath of her clean smelling hair, he pulls back and checks her face to see if the kiss was appropriate or not…

He waits…she gives him a little smile, a positive signal, he then moves in for a real kiss…on the lips…

They start with closed mouth and end with open mouth passionate kissing, nibbling on each others lips, gentle nuzzling on the neck and ear…. their hands start to massage and explore each others body right there at the table, finding new and exciting things out about each other…two bodies begin to become as one, rhythmically starting to rub and bump against each other as they become one with the moment….they realize that they must either stop what they’re doing and find a place better suited for continuing, such as a private room or just give into the lust that they’re feeling and not care that they are in the club room, where all can see and start removing your partners clothes…”

I look around the room, trying to find the couple she describing…and then realize she’s talking about us… Ilene laughs and says “You can’t be that damn dumb…You knew I was talking about us.” I just give her a sheepish grin and the “I’m busted” shrug and nod.

“So you like my story?” she asks.

“Yes” I whisper.

“Would you like to go somewhere?”

“Sure.” Ilene gets up and takes me by the hand and leads me towards the room area, where we find an open room and go in, shutting the door behind us and begin to fumble with each others clothes, I notice that Ilene has nice firm breasts and remove her bra for her. I lean over and take a nipple into my mouth and suck on it. She moans and runs her fingers through my hair. “If my husband did that more, I wouldn’t be at a swing club…”

Ilene removes her pants, but leaves on her midnight blue satin panties and helps me with my belt and pants. She reaches her hand into my boxer shorts and grabs ahold of my growing cock and gives it a few gentle tugs…She then pulls down my boxers and is greeted with a boner in her face. She leans over, looks me in the eyes, licks her lips and puts her mouth over my cock head and begins to suck on just the head and then she slides the rest of my cock into her mouth and slowly, yet sexily begins to to slide my cock in and out of her mouth, taking me all the way down to my balls one time and then the next only going half way down the shaft before stopping and returing to the cockhead. Ilene begins to swirl her tongue around the head and then starts to nibble and kiss the entire shaft until she reaches my balls and lovingly takes one and then the other ball into her mouth and gives each one a gentle suck…While sucking on my balls, she puts one hand on my shaft and uses my precum as lube and begins to jack me… After she takes my balls out of her mouth, she starts to lick the area between my balls and ass, while continuing to work on my cock with her hand…She stops for a minute and says “In case you didn’t notice, you’re rock hard…I can’t wait to feel you inside of me.” We look around the room and there on a table next to the bed is a big candy dish full of condoms. Ilene takes one out of the bowl, rips it open with her teeth and places the condom on the tip of my dick. It looks like a little party hat…She then puts her mouth over both the condom and my cock and proceeds to unroll the condom over my cock by using her mouth.

When finished, she sits up and smiles at me, and says “Now you’re ready for me.” She pushes me back onto the bed and gets on top of me and she starts to ride on my cock, slowly at first, building her speed up as her pussy gets use to being penetrated and as her pussy gets warmer and wetter, she increses the speed of her motion on top of me. I take and put one of her nipples into my mouth and then put both of my hands on her ass and assist her with lifting her ass up and down on my cock. She starts to breath faster, and I begin to let her ride at her own pace…she screams out I’m cumming and I feel her pussy tighten around my cock as she starts to cum… I then feel a wetness between us, Ilene’s a squirter and that realization puts me over the edge and I cum with her on top of me. Just as we’re catching our breath, we hear clapping and cheering. We both look up and realize that we’ve picked a room with a view window and we didn’t close the blinds…There must be atleast 4 couples and 4 or 5 single guys standing there, they’ve been watching us…

Hotwife Story: The Slot Machine Pickup

By Seth

I was in Atlantic City for a trade show and staying at a casino resort. It was a nice enough casino, but the time of year, March, made for little site seeing and it was too cold to really enjoy the famous Atlantic City Boardwalk. Only a few restaurants we open along the Boardwalk, plus the shopping mall, which looks like a big white cruise ship pointing out to sea from the Boardwalk.

In the evenings after the trade show, there wasn’t much to do except to gamble in the casinos. Now Atlantic City is a little different from Vegas in that there are just about more slot machines per square inch than there are blue haired ladies playing them. Everywhere you looked there were retirees gambling and more coming in daily by the bus load. There weren’t many table games open, so I regulated myself to playing a few of the slots myself just to kill the boredom until the next morning and back to the trade show.

It must have been on the third evening, after dinner of the trade show that I was sitting at a slot machine playing video poker, when an attractive brunette woman in her early 40’s sat down at the machine next to me and started to play. She started to actually do pretty well and every time the waitress came by, she got another Long Island to drink. After about her third drink, she started talking to me as she played. I found out that her name was Katie and that she was in town for the same trade show that I was, and she was working in one of the exhibit booths.

We continued playing side by side and talking, and I was really starting to enjoy having a little company while I gambled. I felt something rub against my leg and I looked down to see Katie’s stocking foot rubbing against my leg. I looked towards her and Katie just gave me a wicked grin and licked her lips before she gave me a wink and went back to playing her game.

A few minutes later, I felt Katie’s foot again touching my leg. This time when I looked over at her, Katie leaned towards me and said ” Are you ready to come back to my room and fuck me?” I was shocked at first by her offer, but that shock quickly left as Katie cashed out her winnings from her machine and said “Let’s go!”

Without saying another word, we got up and quickly left the casino hand in hand, went to the elevator. Once the doors closed, Katie leaned in close to me and kissed me, softly at first, and then increased the force of her kiss until she was kissing me deeply with her tongue. I slipped a hand around Katie’s waist and began feeling her sexy ass for the first time.

Katie slid her hand down between us and started to rub my cock and balls through my pants, stopping every once in awhile to squeeze the shaft. Katie whispered in my ear ” I can’t wait to suck your cock and then feel it in my pussy.” The elevator ride lasted only a couple of minutes to get up to her floor, but needless to say it was long enough to get us both good and horny.

As soon as the elevator doors opened, we walked out with her head on my shoulder, holding my arm and my raging hardon, pushing against my pants leading the way to Katie’s hotel room. Once the door to the room closed, Katie pushed me against the wall, kissing me deeply, with her tongue swirling around in the my mouth, as her hands worked to get my belt undone and my pants off.

When my pants were finally down around my ankles, Katie dropped to her knees without saying a word and in one smooth motion, she took my cock in her mouth and began to give me one of the best blow jobs I’d had in a long while.

She alternated between shallow and deep sucks, while she swirled her tongue around the head of my cock. Katie then began squeezing my balls with one of her hands and slid her mouth up and down like a jackhammer on my cock for about thirty seconds. She then paused to catch her breath and took her mouth off of it and started to jack me off and looked into my eyes and asked “How am I doing?”

I responded “Suck it for about another minute like that and you’ll see how you’re doing!”

Katie then got up off her knees and said, ” Get on the bed, I want to ride that cock of yours!” I stumbled over to the bed, remember my pants are around my ankles and my shoes are still on, sat down and took my shoes and pants off as quick as I could, while I watched Katie undress at the same time.

She had nice full C cup breasts and her nipples were hard as erasers pointing out all nice and pink, just begging to be sucked on. As she took off her pants, I noticed she was wearing white french cut thong panties, that really looked good on her. Katie noticed me looking at her panties and she commented “Like what you see?” And then she bent over and slid the panties off, revealing a shaved pussy with just a little strip of hair above her lips, trimmed in the shape of a “V”.

Katie then walked over to the bed where I was sitting, took my head in her hands and placed a breast in front of me and said “suck” Which I did for about a minute before Katie pushed me back on the bed, knelt down and took my cock into her mouth, gave it 3-4 good sucks and then asked, “You ready for me to ride?” I just nodded up at her.

Katie opened the night stand beside her and took out a condom and ripped open the packet and placed the condom on my cock. Once she had unrolled it down my shaft, she took my cock in her hand and straddled me, guiding my cock into a very warm and wet pussy. Katie then started to ride up and down on me and started talking dirty, saying things like “Oh yea, fuck me…Your cock feels good… This is what I need, Fuck me, Shove your cock into me, fuck my pussy!”

I couldn’t talk too much, as I was trying to suck on her breasts as she rode me and holding onto her ass as she moved up and down. We must have fucked with her on top for a good 10 minutes before she slowed down after I don’t know how many orgasms, and Katie looked down at me and said “Your turn…I want you to Fuck me…Get on top!”

We switched to the missionary position, where I sunk down into her pussy to the hilt and I began to pump into her. This is where Katie started to really show me what her pussy could do. On one of my inward thrusts, Katie tightened her pussy muscles around my cock, so I couldn’t slide out and began to massage my cock with her pussy. Katie looked up into my eyes and said, “Feels nice, doesn’t it???” She kept up her massage for a couple of more minutes, before I couldn’t stand it any longer.

I told Katie that I was close to cumming and Katie told me to get on my back. I pulled out of her pussy and got onto my back. Katie took off the rubber and she bent over and took my cock back into her mouth and started at the head of my cock and sucked slowly down to the base. She then came back up my cock just as slowly, stopping at the head to swirl her tongue around and that was it. I moaned out that I was cumming and began shooting my load into her mouth, which she took all of it in her mouth. When I was done cumming, she raised her head up off my cock, looked me straight in the eyes, opened her mouth and showed me my cum load and then swallowed it.

Katie then said she wanted to cuddle for a little while and laid down on the bed in each others arms. After a while, we began to kiss and pet each other. We must have kissed for about 20 minutes and when we finally broke for air, Katie suggested for me to follow her into the bathroom so we could really have some fun.

Katie went over to the bathroom counter and bent over, gripping the counter with her hands and pushing her ass out towards me. I didn’t have a rubber handy, and told her so. Katie looked at me in the mirror and said “Look inside my make up bag. There’s condoms and lube in there…You’re going to need both…” I checked in the bag and sure enough I found condoms and a bottle of lube, and I pulled them out and showed them to Katie.

Katie smiled and said “Great, now put the condom on and lube up my ass!!” I put a drop o lube onto her pink puckered ass and Katie moaned as the cold liquid touched her. She looked at me in the mirror and said “Go ahead…stick a finger in there and get it ready…” So I put some lube onto my hand and I started to gently touch Katie. She didn’t want any teasing and she startled me by pushing back against me and before I knew it, my finger had slipped into her body. Katie moaned as she adjusted to having my finger inside her. She then began to gently rock back onto my hand and I could tell she was enjoying herself. I pulled out my finger and washed it off in the sink and then put the condom on my now throbbing cock and I got behind Katie and started to run my hands over her sexy ass.

I took my cock and slid it into Katie and gave her pussy a few good strokes to get my cock nice and lubed up with her pussy juices. I pulled out of her pussy grabbed the lube and put another drop onto her ass and firmly grasped my cock and slowly pushed against Katie’s asshole, letting my cock head sloooowly squeeze into her just past her ass ring … I then let go of my cock and let Katie adjust to the feeling of my cock, not moving…but keeping a slow pressure as my cock stretched her. Katie adjusted to me being in her and I now had about 2-3″ of my cock in her.

Katie reached back between our legs and cupped my balls, giving me a subtle signal that she was ready. I started to push into her with a slow fucking motion. As Katie adjusted to more of my cock entering her ass, she started to timidly returned my thrusting by pushing her ass back against me. I could feel Katie’s body start to loosen up and began to gently speed up my thrusts into her.

Katie loved the feeling and began moaning “Fuck my ass! Give it to me!” I noticed that Katie was looking into the mirror, watching us fuck. It turned me on to watch her face as I pounded into her. Katie started to cum with my cock up in her and as her body tightened during her orgasm, her ass started to milk my cock and I couldn’t last any longer and I began to empty into Katie while balls deep in her.

We both watched the other in the mirror cum. It was incredible. Katie kept telling me over and over how great it was to watch my face and feel me cum inside her at the same time. We cleaned up and I checked my watch and found out that it was 4 AM and I had to be back at the Convention Center at 8AM, so I said my goodbye and went back to my room.

I later on walked past Katie’s exhibit booth and she stopped me and asked if I had dinner plans. I told her “I did now!” Katie replied “Great! My husband’s coming in to town tonight and I love him to meet you…” Katie then leaned close to me and whispered “It’s OK…we’re swingers and I really want to have a threesome with the two of you guys!”

I just smiled at Katie and said “It would be my pleasure to join you both for dinner!” and then I winked at her and returned to walking around the exhibits. I joined Katie and her husband for dinner later that night and what happened after dinner is a whole another story!

Hotwife Story: The Shopping Trip

By Sportfuks

I met my new girlfriend, Peggy, through AFF and we had been dating for about a month. During a visit to a local swing club, we heard about this great little lingerie shop that caters to swingers and strippers. We decided to stop by and see what they had to offer. We ended up having Peggy try on a few new play outfits and this is the story…This place isn’t some Victoria’s Secret in a mall, it has private changing rooms that you and your partner can be in at the same time, if you want to… The store even provides paper towels in the rooms…

I picked out a few outfits for Peggy to try on, a sexy gold and black bra/panty set with garters and stockings, a black and white zebra strip stripper bustier costume with built in matching leggings and a matching thong and a black and red merry widow bustier that has garters built in with black stockings with the line up the back…

I waited outside the room for her to come out, she openned the door and stood there in the black and gold underwear set, with the matching garter and stockings and she looked good enough to eat….her breasts were pushed together showing enough cleavage that I just wanted to walk over and put my face in her chest… She said “OK, I’ll change into the next outfit…

I waited outside, with a growing erection in my pants, which I’m sure the sales lady noticed, for she commented “Did she look good?” I just nodded to her and turned away so she couldn’t see the strain in my pants.. Peggy opened the dressing room door to show me that she had put on the black and red lace up the front Merry widow, and she even looked better than the last outfit. Her breasts were so shoved together that it looked like she had grown about 2 extra cup sizes, she already was a full C, and the bustier really showed off her hourglass figure, and highlighted her sexy hips…I was getting hornier by the minute looking at her…”Ok, time for number 3″

By this time the sales lady came over and stood beside me, and said “You know, you can go in there and watch her change in and out of the outfits….The only rule is that if you have sex with her in any of the outfits, you just bought it!”

I stood there and thought about it for a minute and went over to the door and knocked…Peggy asked “What do you want?” I told her I wanted to come in. Peggy unlocked the door and opened it and stood there before me in the black and white zebra stripper outfit. It hugged her curves nicely, being made out of lycra and spandex. Her nipples where hard against the material and when she spun around to show me her ass, the thong split her checks apart and looked really sexy. I entered the room and shut the door behind me. “What are you doing?” Peggy asked.

I told her what the sales lady had said about having sex in the room and wearing the outfits, and finished by spinning Peggy around and had her put her hands on the arms of a little folding directors chair in the room and bent her over… I leaned down and kissed her sexy ass and pulled down the zebra thong panties and started licking and sucking on her pussy from behind and then put 1 finger in her and begun thrusting it in and out… all Peggy could say in a whimper was “more”… so I put another finger in, and another, until I had 3 fingers massaging her pussy and my thumb was rubbing her clit….I kept this up until she couldn’t stand it anymore and she begged me to fuck her with my cock…. I unzipped my pants and took the head of my cock and rubbed it against the outside of her pussy lips, teasing her with my manhood. I then took the head of my dick and really pushed it against her clit, just barely entering her lips and teasing…

Peggy couldn’t take it anymore and thrusted her ass back into me, sliding my cock into her waiting, hungry pussy. I grabbed onto Peggy’s hips and started thrusting into her for all I was worth…

The naughtiness of it all, mixed with the warmth and tightness of her pussy had me filling her up after a few deep, but rewarding thrusts of my cock. Peggy pulled up the unbought zebra panties and put them back on, and just smiled at me…I told her to put her clothes back on over the zebra outfit and to come out when ready. I went to the counter and bought the zebra outfit. The sales lady had a sly grin on her face and said “We sell a lot of those zebra outfits, the strippers love them because you can dance and move easily in them, and couples like yourselves really like them too.” I just nodded and quickly left the store, wanting to get my sexy girlfriend home for round 2…

Hotwife Story: The Reunion

By Stephanie

Scott Ruden drummed his fingers on the leather covered steering wheel, keeping time with the beat coming from car radio. His thoughts, however, were not on the music, but his twentieth high school reunion being held that weekend in his home town. He had been pretty lucky over the years and had done quite well with his computer soft ware company, so at least he wasn’t going to have to make up a lot of stories about how his life has been going! It had been at least fifteen years since he had been to Maplewood, the last time being to bury his mother, so he really had had given no thought of coming back until he received his invitation in the mail. It was a five hundred mile drive, and it felt good to escape the big city tension for the pastoral calm of the green country side. About an hour later, Scott could make out the water tower that had maple leaves painted all over it. “Still looks just as hokey as ever,” he thought, as he turned down main street, marveling at how little change had taken place in all those years. Patterson’s Men’s Clothing was still on the corner, and Jenkins’ Drug Store still had the same old pink neon sign that had been there since he was a boy growing up. The memories flooded back with each old store, house, or park that came into view. He took a right on Elm Street, and two blocks later he slowed down and drove by the old homestead. Shutters had been added to the front windows, and the once white paint job was now an earth tone tan, but to Scott it still was home. He glanced at his watch and realized that the reception was already started, so he gunned the motor and headed off to the high school.

The squat red brick structure that was Maplewood Central High School used to sit on the east edge of town at the end of Bluff Street, now however, a new subdivision had been built up around the school, making it seem more a part of the neighborhood. There was a big sign hanging over the front door welcoming everyone to the reunion. Once inside the building, another sign directed the guests to gymnasium, where they found a crepe paper jungle of decorations hanging from the walls and ceiling. A table with name tags was manned by two smiling women that Scott didn’t recognize, but who greeted him like a long lost friend. He picked up his name tag, went over to the punch bowl and poured himself a drink, and then began circulating around the room trying to find someone he might remember from the old days. It was a voice that came shooting out of the past that made him turn around. “Scott Ruden, I haven’t seen you in twenty years, how have you been,” asked the masculine feminine voice? “Hello, Miss Foley,” answered Scott, “yes, I guess it has been twenty years, the last time I was home was fifteen years ago to attend mom’s funeral.” “Well,” she replied, “you certainly look like things have been treating you fine.” “Can’t complain,” Scott went on, “I’m married, with two kids, and have a nice business in Chicago.” “Is you wife here, I’d like to meet her,” asked Miss Foley? Scott went on to explain that his wife was a nurse and had duty that weekend, and couldn’t get away, so taking Scott by the arm, she gently lead him through the mass of people and through the doorway into the quiet dark halls of Central High and exclaimed, That’s better, you can barely hear yourself think in there!” Both of them sipped their punch as they walked through the deserted halls, commenting about old times as they passed by the different rooms. Scott hadn’t admitted it, even to himself, but the real reason he had come back for his reunion was not to see old high school chums, but in the hope that he would run into Miss Foley. Back in his high school days, Miss Foley was what was known as quite a looker, and more than one student had fantasized about seeing what was hidden under those loose tight fitting dresses! Not to go into the whole story now, but Scott had somehow not only gotten to see what was under those dresses, he had gotten to sample the many delights found there! It was a story he had kept to himself all these years, never even letting on to his buddies twenty years ago when he was getting so lucky. So here he was, walking through the halls with the woman who at one time had taken him to sexual heights he had only dreamed of and at that very moment wondering if she was thinking the same thing he was?!?

“Scotty,” she began, “I haven’t ever mentioned our little, ah, affair to any one, and since you’re married, I wouldn’t dream of imposing on you……” “I was thinking about the same thing,” he interjected, “I mean, about what happened between us, I mean!” She visibly relaxed, and continued to speak, “Well, back then you were so skinny and helpless looking, I don’t know what came over me, but I just had the most incredible urge to mother you, and one thing led to another!” Scott nodded, and replied, “And you were, and are, so incredibly beautiful, that feeling and seeing your huge chest was about more than a young man could take!!!” “That’s so nice of you to say,” she said, turning a a little red in her cheeks from embarrassment while continuing, “You were so cute sucking on my nipples, but what really surprised me was when I removed your shorts and found such a large penis on such a thin little boy!” Now it was Scott’s turn to get red, remembering how Miss Foley had reacted when his stiff penis jumped out full and erect in front of her. Now they were walking down a side hall that contained among other things the teacher’s lounge. Miss Foley pulled out a key, unlocked the door, and pulled Scott inside, while turning on the light and locking the door behind them. “I took the liberty of taking a chance that you would be attending the reunion and prepared myself for you,” she offered, and then in one motion took her dress by the hem and lifted it up above her waist. All the air whistled out of Scott, as he was now looking at Miss Foley’s pantiless vagina that was still the hairiest cunt he had every seen, thick and curly, in the shape of a perfect vee! She sat down on the couch with her legs spread, and said, “I think if I remember correctly, that this is what you enjoyed eating!?!” In a heartbeat Scott was on his knees, drinking in the aroma of fresh hot pussy, his nostrils flaring like a wild animal at the arousing scent! “Do me Scottie, do me like you used to do me,” she implored, spreading herself wider in an even more enticing manner! Scott didn’t need another invitation and he buried his mouth on the dripping slit weeping before him, and just like it was yesterday, the hairy bush, the sopping wet slit, and the huge clit all combined to make it the most arousing pussy he had ever eaten! Scott ate like there was no tomorrow, burrowing his nose deep into the thick lipped crack while occasionally looking up to see Miss Foley’s face, and what he saw was the look of pure contentment and lust all rolled together! She had opened the front of her dress, unhooked the clasp on her huge lace bra, and then twisted her dark red nipples until they stood out like twin thimbles on her heaving chest! Scott could tell she was close to the edge, and as speeded up the tempo of his lapping, a low guttural growl came from deep inside her throat, indicating that her orgasm was filling her belly. The growl quickly turned into a roar when her climax tore through her vagina like an express freight train, leaving her body a quivering mass of jello! If things were to go like they used to, Miss Foley would now be dying to give his cock some personalized oral attention, and he wasn’t disappointed, because in a matter of seconds she had switched places with him and pulled his pants and shorts down to his ankles. His already hard cock bobbed up and down in front of her hungry mouth, a mouth that had waited twenty years to satisfy its oral fixation. “Oh, Scottie,” she cooed softly, “I’ve been waiting for this moment for so long, and now your beautiful erection is mine to suck all over again!” Her mouth, eager and alive, engulfed his manhood and sucked it like it was to be the last time she ever would have a cock in her mouth. It was more than an ordinary blowjob, it was more like an act of personal love making to his penis, and Miss Foley, probably about fifty five years old now, still sucked cock better than any woman he had ever had, including his wife Cindy, who could learn a few tricks from this seasoned cocksucker! Now it was Scott’s turn to moan, as his nuts tightened up in anticipation of the ejaculation that was forthcoming. When Miss Foley sensed his approaching orgasm, she became a varitable human vacuum cleaner, making sure that every drop of his spurting cum was not wasted, but swallowing it down like it was nectar from the gods!!!

Even after he had shot his load, she continued to lick and nibble at his semi hard pecker, seemingly like she wanted to stay near it as long as she could. “Scottie,” she asked, “can you fuck me once before we have to go, I really feel the need to be filled up by your beautiful erection!?!” How could he refuse her??? “Okay,” he replied, “turn around and sit on it!” She scrambled to her feet and carefully lined up her twat over his now rigid member, taking time to run the big head up and down along her wet slit. When the head would pass over her clitoris, she would gasp and jerk her whole body in an involuntary spasm until finally easing the head into her hole, letting out a low satisfying moan as his thickness filled her to the brim! Rocking to and fro, Scott could see the wide expanse of her big fat ass, spread apart to accommodate his wide shaft. All at once she started bouncing up and down, almost letting him slip out, only to stop just in the nick of time, and then settling back down hard, driving his prick deep inside her on each plunge until both of them exploded together, their loins locked in a mutual orgasmic vice, straining with each other to achieve the ultimate sexual high! When it was over, neither one of them moved, except for Scott’s shrinking dick, which finally slipped out of her now well fucked quim.

Later that evening back in his motel room Scott made a long distance call to his wife, Cindy. After a bit of talk about the kids and how her day went, she asked, “Well did you see anybody you remembered?” “Yeah, I did,” he replied, “just and old teacher, but she barely recognized me!!!”

Hotwife Story: Real Estate Slut

By Redsfan5

A few years ago, when I was in my Late 20’s, I was looking at moving out of an apartment and getting a place of my own. I hadn’t really looked all the much into houses or condos, but knew I needed to get out of paying rent every month and start putting that money towards something I could own. I mentioned my desire to become a home owner to a buddy of mine who was also living in an apartment, and over a few beers and shooting pool we decided that if I got a place soon, he would move in and pay me rent. His lease was up soon on the place he was living at, and figured I couldn’t be any worse of a landlord than what he already had. Plus, if I got a big enough place, he might have a place to park his car, in a garage, and be able to store a few more things. It sounded like a win-win to both us. I’d get help on paying my mortgage with him paying me rent, and he’d get to live in a better place for the same money. We decided to go out the next day, a Sunday, and check out the open houses.

Well to make a long story short, we saw places we liked, but couldn’t afford, places we could afford but would never think of living in and a few others that were possibilities. As I driving back to my friends place to drop him off, we passed a new condo development that had an open house sign saying they were open till 4pm. It was about 3:45, so we decided to stop in for a minute and check them out, figuring to get a brochure and see what they were like before they closed for the day.

We walked into the open house Condo as was greeted by a cute little light brown haired sales girl, in her early 20’s. She was dressed in a little business skirt and white blouse. The skirt was a little too short to be selling houses and the shirt was a little too tight and unbuttoned to just above her breasts, showing a lot of cleavage. The sales girl was finishing up with a couple, answering their questions, so me and my buddy just walked around to take a look at the condo. My buddy pulled me aside and asked if I had seen the sales girls neck…I hadn’t. He told me she had the biggest hickey on it he had ever seen… I looked over at her and caught a glimpse of it, and it was huge! She didn’t even try to cover it up with make-up and like I said, her shirt was unbuttoned down to the top of her breasts, so it was in plain view.

The sales girl walked the couple to the door, giving them the sales pitch on closing and immediate occupancy and if they purchased within 10 days of visiting the open house they would save money, etc etc. By this time, me and my friend were upstairs checking out the bedrooms. The builder had decorated the place with “show room” furniture from some local interior designer, so you got a chance to see what the place looked like with furniture. The particular model we were looking at had a master bedroom, with its own bathroom, a hall bath and two extra bedrooms. It was a pretty good layout and would allow my friend to have his own room and bathroom, and I would get the master and use the other bed room as a guest and storage room.

The sales girl came upstairs to where we were and asked us if we had any questions for her… We asked the common real estate questions, about mortgages, and taxes, association fees, options that you could choose for the condo, etc etc. My buddy was checking out the sales girl, whose name we learned was Brandi pretty hard while I asked her the questions. She did seem to flirt with both of us a lot, but I just figured it was her trying to make a sale with a couple of guys. She did phrase a comment about two guys looking at places together, and it sounded like she thought we were gay. I explained to her that we were just good friends and that we were looking to live together, and that I would buy the place and my friend would pay me rent. This seemed to spark some interest in Brandi and she asked if we had seen the Jacuzzi tub in the master bath. We had, but I told her we hadn’t. We let Brandi lead us into the master bath with both of us checking out her ass as she walked. She did have a nice shake to it.

Brandi stood by the tub and started to tell us the features of the Jacuzzi model,with this many jets and those type of features. She did mention that the tub would hold 3 people comfortably, and then asked if we had any questions.

My buddy, who had been starring right at Brandi’s chest and also the hickey while she was talking, looked her right in the eye and said “I have a question…How’d you get the hickey?” I couldn’t believe what I had heard. I mean we didn’t know Brandi, and here my buddy was asking her a question like we’d known her for years. Brandi sort of shrugged her shoulders, reached up to play with her hair and said with a half embarrassed smile “A guy gave it to me last night…” My friend replied “That must have been some party to get something like that…”

Brandi didn’t say anything back to him, but instead looked at me and said “The open house is closed for today. The model will be open on Monday from 10-7pm if you would like to come back and take another look.” I figured that my buddy had pissed Brandi off with his question and she was now giving us the bums rush out the door.

We started to walk out of the Master bed room and headed for the stairs, when Brandi called out behind us “Is there anything I can do to get you to purchase today?” My buddy and I stopped and turned around to face her, and saw Brandi sitting on the edge of the display bed, her skirt riding up on her, showing the tops of stockings with garters attached to them. I looked at her, and said “I don’t think we’re ready to make a decision yet. I need some time to think about it and look over the options you offer.”

Brandi leaned back on her arms, forcing her breasts out and said “I’d be happy to go over the options for the condo again…and I’ll even show you and your friend how I got the hickey…” My friend and I looked at each other and shrugged and began to walk back into the master bedroom. Brandi then said “The front doors locked. I locked it after that last couple left. No one will be in here until 10 tomorrow morning.”

My buddy and I sat down on the bed, on either side of Brandi and she chewed on her lip like a naughty girl and then smiled and leaned over and kissed my buddy right on the lips, and then started to take his shirt off. She then said out loud to both of us “I’ve never been with 2 guys before, this should be fun…”

Hotwife Story: A Lunchtime Encounter

By Seth

Just before Christmas a sexy hot wife I’d been chatting with for a few months suggested we get together for lunch and see where the day took us. So we made plans to meet one Friday for lunch. I met Jodie at the restaurant she suggested, one of those theme chain restaurants, and we had an enjoyable time getting to know each other in person

Just before we were about to leave, Jodie commented that she had to use the bathroom and she stood up from the table and smiled at me. She pulled up the skirt she was wearing a little to show me the tops of her stockings she was wearing and told me “A little something for you to think about while I’m gone…” and then she made her way through the restaurant to the bathroom.

When she came back to the table, Jodie smiled again at me, and asked “Ready to go?”

I got up from the table, paid our bill and then we walked out to our cars. She gave me a hug and kiss and then said “It was nice to finally meet you after all these months. We should do lunch again sometime.”

And then she started walking towards her car and got in. I just stood there beside my car, thinking to myself, “Man, did you ever misread this one.” We had spent months sending naughty emails back and forth to each other, our conversation at lunch was loaded with sexual innuendos and Jodie had even shown me the tops of her stockings, only to get a hug and a quick kiss?

I was about to get into my car and drive away, when Jodie’s car stopped behind my car and she rolled down the window and and said “I almost forgot! Since it’s so close to Xmas, I got you a little present!” She leaned out the window and handed me a little gift bag full of festive holiday tissue paper and then she smiled at me, blew me a kiss and drove off

I looked at the bag and thought to myself “I was hoping for a blow job, but somethings better than nothing!”

I opened the bag, moved around the tissue and found an envelope and a neatly folded up pair of red satin panties with white fur trim around the top of them. I open up the envelope and found a note inside.

It read:

“It was a pleasure meeting you finally after all these months! My pussy was dripping all through lunch with the thought of you fucking me.Please excuse me for this little game I’ve played on you…I’ve learned over these past months chatting that you have a sense of humor and a wicked sense of adventure and I thought you might like the thrill of the chase…

If you would like to see the rest of the outfit that matches the enclosed panties, and get the best fucking of your life, meet me over at the Fairfield Inn just down the highway, go to room 214 and use the enclosed room key to let yourself in.

And don’t forget to bring the panties…It’ll be so much fun to put them on and then let you take them off of me!



P.S. I can’t wait to swallow you…”

I must have sat in my car reading and re-reading Jodie’s note a half a dozen times and then I quickly started my car and headed towards the hotel to see if the key would actually work!

I found room 214 and put the key in the lock and the door unlocked and I opened the hotel room door to find Jodie laying on the bed, wearing a red “Naughty Santa” outfit, which was a red satin bustier with white fur around the top, framing her incredible cleavage, red garter belt and the same White satin stockings from the restaurant. I couldn’t help but notice she wasn’t wearing any panties…but I had the solution to that. The matching red satin fur topped panties were in my hand in the gift bag she had given me. Jodie also had a little Santa hat on. She looked sexy, cute and fuckable all at the same time. I felt my cock start to twitch in my pants as I shut the door behind me and walked over to the bed where she laid.

I handed her the gift bag and said “I think the missing part of your outfit is in here…” Jodie smiled at me and took the bag and pulled out the missing panties. She put them on and I got a good look at her pussy for the first time in person. I had seen a picture of her pussy that she had posted on a hot wife site that we both liked to visit, but she really looked incredible in person.

Once she had put the panties on, I knelt down and gave her a kiss and Jodie pulled me down onto the bed next to her and we began to kiss, passionately, with our hands roaming all over each other, groping and feeling as we went. She broke off the kiss long enough to tell me to sit on the edge of the bed. I did as I was told and she crawled over to me and then knelt down on the floor between my legs and unzipped my pants and took out my cock and lovingly, took it into her mouth.

Jodie’s mouth felt wonderful as she started to give me an incredible blow job. She was still wearing her red hat and she was looking into my eyes as often as she could, while sliding her mouth up and down on my shaft. Jodie was a better cock sucker than I could have ever drempt of and soon I could feel the cum starting to rise from my balls as they started to tighten and I neared orgasm. I let her know that I was going to cum and she reached down and started to squeeze my balls and soon she was milking my load onto her tits, covering her cleavage with a shower of warm cum…

Once I was done cumming, Jodie looked up at me and smiled. It was a sexy and funny sight, seeing her looking beautiful in her lingerie, wearing the Santa hat, yet covered in my cum and holding my cock in her hand. I let out a chuckle and said “If I only had a camera…now this would be a XXXmas card picture if I ever saw one!”

She then stood up and I asked her to lay down on the bed and let me return the favor to her. Jodie put a couple of pillows behind her head, and spread her thighs and I could see that she was really turned on. Her moisture had soaked through the red satin panties, leaving a little wet spot.

I first started to lick her pussy through her red satin panties, rubbing my face against her mound, feeling her wetness and breathing in her sexy smell. She was a woman in heat and in need of a good fucking. I next started to lick the inside of her thighs, right next to the panties and she squirmed and began to beg me to stop teasing her and just eat her pussy.

I pulled down her panties as she lifted her ass off the bed to help me get them off of her…and there it was, for the first time…Jodie’s engorged, horny, sexy pussy. I couldn’t wait any longer and I dove right into her sweet pussy and started eating, sucking and licking it until I had my face covered with her juice.

Jodie was enjoying what I was doing and she was moaning in pleasure for me not to stop and to suck on her clit and make her cum.

I took her clit into my mouth and sucked on it, feeling it grow in my mouth as her blood raced to it, and then began to flick my tongue against her clit and I could tell she loved what she was doing. I could feel JODIE’s hand on the back of my head and she pushed my face tighter against her body.

Next, I stuck my tongue into her pussy and swirled it around her opening. This drove her nuts and she began to grind her pelvis into my face. She again put her hands on the back of my head, driving me deeper into her mound. She began screaming with pleasure and squeezing her thighs against the side of my head as she reached orgasm.

Once Jodie was done cumming, I pulled my mouth off of her clit and she giggled as she noticed a string of cum/saliva hanging from my lip to her pussy. She reached down and broke the string and then licked her finger clean.

Jodie motioned for me to come and lay next to her and we made small talk for a few minutes while I held her in my arms. It was a nice and enjoyable time as we both caught our breath and got ready for what we both knew was next. Jodie smiled at me and said “Some thing’s poking my ass and getting me wet…” I laughed and replied “I told you it like you…and I did warn ya about my pre-cum…I’m a leaker!” Jodie laughed as she reached down and gave my cock a few loving tugs to make sure that I was getting nice and hard and then she laid back on the bed and opened her legs.

I took a moment to put on a condom and then I leaned into her, and began rubbing my cock on the outside of her pussy lips, teasing her. Jodie wasn’t in the mood to be teased, and she reached down and pushed my hand aside and took hold of my cock and placed against her pussy. She then put her legs around my waist and and pulled me into her. My cock parted her pussy lips and I felt myself entering her for the first time.

It was heaven. Warm, wet, tight heaven. I began to pump into her and Jodie started to grunt with each thrust into her body. I could feel each of our passions growing hotter and hornier for each other, and Jodie asked me to put her legs over my shoulders and “Really fuck her good”

I took her legs and put one on each shoulder and began to really pound into her. Jodie didn’t last long in this position and soon her pussy was quivering around my cock as I fucked her and she came for the second time, while kissing me deeply and pulling my cock further into her by putting her hands on my ass and pulling me tight and close against her.

Jodie now had the glow of a well fucked and happy woman on her face. She had came twice in the matter of 30 minutes and she still wanted more. I hadn’t cum yet from fucking her, so I asked Jodie to get up on all fours on the edge of the bed and let me fuck her doggie style. She did as I asked, and her ass looked incredible. It was nice and round and very sexy and her pussy poked out from between her thighs and ass cheeks. I bent over and gave her a quick lick from pussy to ass, and Jodie loved it. She wiggled her ass invitingly at me as I got behind her pushed my cock into her.

I grabbed onto her sexy hips and began to really slam into Jodie from behind…I paused every now and then to give her sexy ass a playful slap and a rub, which she really loved. Jodie looked so sexy, and her ass looked even better, as I pumped into her and soon I was ready to cum…I thrusted deeply into her and felt my cock start to pulse as I came inside of her velvet glove. Jodie moaned out that she could feel me cumming and that sent her over the edge and into her own orgasm.

Once my cock stopped pulsing and shooting cum inside of her, I pulled out of her and removed the rubber. Both my knees and my cock were weak from fucking, so I laid down beside Jodie and cuddled and rested for a moment. We kissed and talked about how incredible our first time together was. We also talked about how much more we wanted to do with each other still before we had to leave.

I must have dozed off while cuddling her, and I awoke to find her playing with my cock, jacking me to hardness. Jodie noticed that I was awake and she said “I’m just getting you hard so you can fuck my ass…you have a problem with that?”

I just smiled at her and replied “God NO!”

She continued stroking me until I was rock hard firm and leaking pre-cum all over her hand. Jodie took her hand off my cock and licked my pre-cum off her hand. Her tongue danced around her fingers as she snacked on my fluid. When her hand was clean, Jodie got up on all fours and looked over her shoulder and smiled at me. I knew what she wanted and I started to get myself into position. Jodie handed me a bottle of lube from her purse on the nightstand and asked me to lube her up nice and good. Once I was done applying the lube to her ass, I started to reach for another condom, but Jodie stopped me and said “I trust you…plus it’s Xmas and I love to feel a cock cumming in my ass, so why don’t you forget about the rubber and just get busy fucking me?”

How could I refuse an offer like that? I squirted a little lube onto my hand and rubbed it over my cock, getting it nice and ready for the job. I then got behind her and took my cock and firmly push against her asshole, letting my cock head sloooowly squeeze into her ass just pasted her ass ring … I then let go of my cock and let Jodie adjust to the feeling of my cock in her ass, not moving…but keeping a slow pressure as my cock stretched her ass. I had about 2-3″ of my cock in her by now. I started to push into her with a slow fucking motion. Soon Jodie was feeling comfortable with my cock in her ass and she started to return my thrusts into her body by pushing her ass back against me, driving my cock deeper into her.

I could tell she liked the way my cock felt in her and she began moaning for me to “Fuck her ass and to fill her up with my load.” Jodie’s ass was incredibly tight and I knew I wouldn’t last much longer as her ass squeezed and milked my cock with each thrust into her. I grabbed onto her hips and shoved my cock into her ass hilt deep, my balls pressed up against her pussy lips and I began to rocket streams of cum into her body. I could feel my balls empty into her. It seemed like I came for hours, as my cock pulsed inside her body and my cum flooded her insides…

Jodie just kept saying things like “Oh YEA…Give it all to me baby…YES fill my ass with your cum…” with each pulse of cum that shot from me.

I finally felt my balls reach empty and I had no more cum left to give her…I looked down and saw my cock still firmly planted in her sexy ass and I leaned over and gave her a kiss on her shoulder and thanked her for such a wonderful Xmas gift. After a few more intimate moments with our bodies connected, we knew it was time to break our embrace and we decide to take a shower and get cleaned up.

We took a nice long enjoyable shower, where we washed each other and then return to bed and cuddled in each others arms and relaxed. We both had looked at the clock and knew that our time together was about over, and we would soon have to part company. We talked about making plans for our next adventure, one that included her husband and Jodie commented that she couldn’t wait to fuck the two of together and get DP’d. I joking called dibs on her sexy ass, and she replied “We’ll see…When I’m in the mood for anal, my husband usually wants to be the one in my ass, since it happens so rarely. Now don’t get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE, and I mean LOVE having my ass fucked, but I try to keep it as a treat and not give it up every time I fuck.”

I asked her why I was so special and Jodie told me that she had been dreaming of the day she got the chance to fuck me and wasn’t about to leave anything undone or untried.

We started to put our clothes on and Jodie looked at me with a wicked grin on her face as she asked me if I thought I could get hard one more time for her. I told her I’d try if she was interested. She pushed me back onto the bed and pulled down my pants that I had just finished putting on. She slid her hand inside my boxers and pulled out my cock.

She looked at it for a moment and then opened her mouth and swallowed it whole. I learned fast that this wasn’t going to be a foreplay blow job, where Jodie took her time and just get me hard to fuck her again. No sir, this was one of those “I want your cum shooting down my throat NOW type of blow job” and soon I was on the brink of exploding.

I started to push my hips into her mouth as she sucked on me and she could tell from my breathing that I was about to cum. She began to suck even harder and I lost it, filling her mouth with my warm cum. Jodie started to moan and swirl her tongue as my cum flooded into her mouth. She clamped her mouth down on me and drank down all that I had left to give her…Her mouth felt incredible sucking on me and I almost passed out from the pleasure that her mouth was giving me.

When Jodie finished, she smiled and cuddled up next to me and asked me if I enjoyed my time with her. All I could do was smile and mumbled something about heaven…

Jodie then asked “What are you doing next month, say on the 14th?”

I replied, “Not sure, why?”

“Well, I was wondering if you’d like to have me for lunch again…”

“It’s a date!” I responded.

Hotwife Story: On Lake Michigan

By Sportfuks

The following story was told to me by a woman who’s best girlfriend was on the boat recently in the middle of Lake Michigan in Chicago where this story happend. Granted it is third hand, but it still is a hot story! Sorry, but I have to leave names out of it to protect the guilty…

A group of medical sales reps went out on co-workers boaton Lake Michigan for an end of summer cruise and to check out Chicago at night. There were 5 men and 3 women. Two of the women were actually customers of the a couple of the reps, 1 was a dentist and the other was medical group office manager. The 3rd woman was a medical rep co-worker of all the guys. The other two women had never met before that night.

The wine and beer flowed pretty freely and soon all on board the boat were feeling no pain and the talk soon turned to sex. The average age of the men boat was around 38 and the women, the dentist was 32, the office manager was 34 and the women medical rep was 26.

The dentist let it slip that she and her husband were swingers and the guys I guess jumped all over the topic, thinking that maybe they could get their dicks sucked or even fuck this woman out on the boat. The dentist said she only swung with couples and only with her husband present when she had sex with men… One of the guys caught on to the opening that she had left and asked “What about with women?” The dentist, who was according to the female sales rep, a hot little blonde, blushed for a minute, took another drink of wine and finally admitted that she was bi. The guys immediately started asking the three women to make out and play with each other. The female sales rep is Bi, but she was not going to give the guys she works with a show or let them know. I only know this b/c the woman I know, her friend who told me the story, has played with her…

The guys were getting more and more obnoxious about the women making out that the dentist told them “How much is it worth to you to see us kiss?” The office manager,another blonde, agreed that if they wanted to see anything they’d have to pay. The guys gave them each 20 bucks to kiss and make out. It couldn’t be a little peck, it had to be french kissing etc. The two girls really got into the kissing and even fondled each others breasts while they made out. Turns out, as I was told, the office manger was Bi also.

The guys were starting to get horny watching these 2 hot ladies make out, and since everyone was drunk, the suggestion came out next “How much to see more?” The dentist and office manager looked at the guys and said “How much do you have?” The guys came back with $100 each to see them go down on each other. The two of them agreed to play with each other for the money. The female sale rep would hold the money, so the guys couldn’t reneg on the deal.

The ladies were wearing skirts, so they pushed them up around their waists and took off their panties. The dentist even gave her panties, a black thong to one of the guys. The two women started touching each other and kissing passionately, each one either unbuttoned the other shirt or took off their shirt, so they could play with each others breasts. I guess they both sucked on each others nipples and then they got real close together and began fingering each other while the guys stood around watching and drinking beer.

After a while the dentist had the other blonde lay back and the dentist began licking the office manager’s pussy.

This went on for a couple of minutes and then the girls stopped. The guys agreed to pay the money for the show, but started to complain that they hadn’t seen enough of their bodies to really make it worthwhile. The guys then tried to get all three of the women naked by offering more money. The female med rep said, no way, again not wanting to have people she works with know what she looks like naked. Not because she’s shy or a prude, for she flashes complete strangers in bar, at concerts, etc and I guess does fuck strangers like a beast if she’s horny enough, but she doesn’t mix business with pleasure.

The dentist and office manager said that they wouldn’t do it either. The guys tried one more offer. If the girls would jump into Lake Michigan for a swim, they would pay them each 50 bucks. The female sales rep declined again, but the dentist said, “If you give us both $75 each, we’ll do it!” The guys threw the money down on the table and the two blondes actually got naked before they jumped into Lake Michigan, swam around the boat and got back in. The guys gave them both towels and figured that once they got dry, the two of them would put their clothes back on…Boy were they wrong. Once the dentist and the office manager dried off, they remained naked for the rest of the night until just before the boat docked back at the harbor. AND eventhough the dentist and office manager didn’t fuck or suck any of the guys, they let the guys feel up their asses, fondle their tits, one guy got to suck on the dentist’s tits and one guy tried to finger the office manager and even started to get a finger into her before she stopped him….saying that the boat wasn’t the place to do that….So I guess the moral of the story is if you have enough wine, enough cash, a boat and a couple of drunk horny women, who knows what fun you can get into!

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