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Video: Mature hot wife sucks and gets a creampie at a glory hole

Here’s a great video I found of a mature married woman giving great head to a black stud at a glory hole. Then in part two, she turns her big ass around and lets him slide his meat into her pussy for a great bareback fuck. My favorite part? Well, the creampie at the end, of course. I love how his thick cum drips out of her pussy from around his big dick. Aside from that though, I’d have to say how her wedding band shines in the dim light while her hand slides up and down his cock while she blows him.

Parts 1 and 2 are below. Each are about four minutes. A perfect video to kick off the weekend. Enjoy!

New Hotwife Cartoon Pinup: Hot Wife Allie’s Glory Hole Facial

Hot Wife Allie's Glory Hole Facial

I’ve been really anxious lately for Allie to have another glory hole marathon blowjob session. Maybe we’ll find her a hole to perch herself at one night this weekend. This time of year always seems to bring the slut out of her, and this pinup certainly illustrates her love for anonymous cock. :)

Hot Wife Charlee giving head at a glory hole

Incredible hot wife Charlee, who used to have a great site devoted to her glory hole adventures, is givng nonstop adult bookstore head here in this great clip I found (via All Amateur Blog via Porkolt). You gotta respect how her husband keeps his cool (and the camera on!) while his wife is in action.

New Hotwife Cartoon Pinup: Glory Hole Hot Wife Allie

There’s nothing quite like watching your hot wife suck endless numbers of cocks at an adult bookstore glory hole. Our newest Hotwife Allie cartoon pinup gives a little taste of what it looks like. Enjoy!

Perfect Wife – Quotes

Here’s a collection of some great quotes I found while surfing this evening:

Perfect Wife

“Wanna go to a bar and watch me pick up guys?”

“Will you play with my tits while I blow this guy?”

“When can we go back to that place with the gloryholes?”

“Why do guys like to gang bang me and come on my face?”

“How many black guys are coming over to fuck me in the ass tonight?”

Can you think of any others? Post them in the comments!

New Story: Allie at the Glory Hole (Part 1)

It’s been a while since we had a new work of fiction in our story archive. Here’s part one of a new story by our good friend Seth. This time out, Hotwife Allie and friends plan to try out a glory hole at a local swing club. Here’s a snip:

This particular club wasn’t one of Allie’s favorites, her and Dave had been there a couple of years before, but the idea of the glory hole room was too much for her to resist. We had made a game plan that Joyce, myself and my friend B would go and see if we could “reserve” the glory hole room, which basically meant go camp out in the room till Allie was ready to use it. She, Dave and Tim were going to work the crowd for potential playmates and try and get interest in having men join Allie.

We went downstairs and found the glory hole room empty and we went in and sat down. We left the door open and chatted while we waited. B was sitting in a chair in the corner and Joyce and I were on the bed. A few single guys and a couple or two walked by and smiled and asked if we were going to put on a show. (Continue reading full story…)

New Story: Our Whitewater Rafting Trip

Our very good friend Seth writes:

Allie and David called me up a few weeks ago and asked me if I wanted to go on a weekend white water rafting trip with them over the Fourth of July. I told them that it sounded like fun and so we made plans to go to West Virginia and take a day trip on the New River. We left from their house late Friday night and drove to the river charter location and go there early Saturday morning. Since there was only three of us, we ended up being part of a larger group.

Before leaving for the river, we all changed into our bathing suits in some stalls that the rafting company provided. The stalls were made of stained pine boards, nothing fancy, but enough to do the trick and provide some privacy. As I was looking around “the room”, I noticed that there were plenty of knot holes in the boards, many of which had fallen out.

A short while after entering my stall, someone entered the stall next door. I sat on the corner bench removing my pants, and glanced at one of the holes in front of me. I saw a Yellow shirt being removed, then a white lace bra. This seriously caught my attention. The bra came off and I saw a “C” sized tit topped with a dark brown nipple. I stood up and looked through one of the knot holes, and saw her as she removed her shorts and panties with one smooth stroke, and was rewarded with the site of a neat patch of brown pubic hair.

I was not right up against the hole, but standing back a few feet. I’m not sure what caused her to do what happened next, but maybe she could see my growing hard-on through the same knot hole. Maybe she thought it was her boyfriend, maybe she thought something else, at any rate a minute later her nipple appeared pressed through the hole.

I figured it was Allie having a little fun, so I quickly reached to tease it with my fingers, then bent and sucked at it. A minute later it disappeared. I then heard her voice say “Take a look now…” I looked through the hole and was rewarded with the sight of this girl as she lifted one legs on to the bench close to the wall and she was spreading her pussy lips and she was rubbing her clit with her finger.

I then heard “look over here!” and saw a finger waving at me through a different hole and then the finger was replaced by a set of lips and a tongue. This larger knot hole framed her mouth perfectly and my mind began to race about what I should do next. I didn’t have to think long, because my friend in the next stall did the thinking for me by saying “Give me your cock! Feed it to me!” (Continue reading full story…)