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Frequently Asked Questions #3

What does the inscription on Allie’s anklet say, and do people notice it when you go out?

Allie has two charms for her hotwife anklet. One says, “I fuck around…” The other says, “I give great head.” The charm is noticeable, of course, but you’d have to be looking up close to be able to read it. Plenty of guys have gotten close enough.

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Frequently Asked Questions #2

What are Allie’s measurements?

Currently, Allie meausres 36-29-35.

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Frequently Asked Questions #1

We get emailed so many questions, that very often I’ve thought about compiling a FAQ for our hotwife site. Instead, maybe I’ll just tackle them here as they come up (or as I think they need to be covered).

I’ve been lurking a lot in the hotwife / cuckold chat room (check out to find the location of the old Yahoo chat). Lately in the chat, I’ve been frequently asked:

What do you do while Allie is having sex with another man?

Well, it depends really. Here’s a list (in no particular order):

  • Watch adoringly
  • Photograph
  • Videotape
  • Jerk off
  • Wait patiently for my turn
  • Join in the fun
  • Watch porn
  • Wait in another room and just listen to her moan, grunt and carry on
  • Hold her legs up or open, if she’s on her back
  • Spread her ass open if she’s on her knees
  • Occupy an opening if it’s not occupied
  • Suck on her nipples
  • Get her a drink
  • Get her a towel
  • Get her lube
  • Chat with other people watching
  • Wipe the sweat off her forehead
  • Caress her body
  • Make out with her
  • Wait impatiently for my turn
  • Cheer her on
  • Give her oral attention if she needs or wants it
  • Take notes
  • Pretend like I’m shocked, jealous or embarassed
  • Smile approvingly
  • Gasp or wince
  • Any combination of the above

Hmmmm…have I missed anything? There might be a few more uncommon things I’ve been known to do while Allie is getting fucked, but this is the best list. You’ll have to email me for those, or find me in the chat!