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Back from my trip: A welcome home creampie

I finally made it home Sunday after a much-too-long business trip last week. When I got to the house, I found Allie upstairs making the bed. With a wink, the first thing out of her mouth was:

“I thought it might be a good idea to change the sheets before you got home.”

And with that she pushed me down on the freshly made bed, stripped down and climbed up onto my face. As she sat her full weight on to my face, grinding her pussy on my mouth, she said:

“But you should be able to tell that Mark just left just a little while ago.”

Text message: Allie at the office

Well, she’s at Mark’s office apparently. I just got this text message from her:

On my way to Mark’s work to give him a bj while his coworkers are out.

This was unexpected to say the least. I’ll keep you updated.

Allie’s coffee break blowjob date

So, Allie met her friend (I never know when to start calling them boyfriends) Mark for coffee this past Friday afternoon. Apparently, he works in sales or something, so he can get out of his office on short notice. That is convenient.

Anyway, she met him for coffee at a Starbucks near his house. I got the picture that she still wants to meet him there first, just so it just doesn’t feel like they’re just “hooking up.” Even though, we all know that’s what’s happening. I’m sure the staff at Starbucks will figure it out over time. LOL

She said he was once again very polite and gentlemanly in public. Though, she did tell me that behind closed doors he has a more dominant personality that comes out. He didn’t have a lot of time to play on Friday, but he made it clear that he wanted a quick blowjob before he went back to the office. Allie said he could be pretty forward–and she was taken aback. But it really turned her on.

After she followed him home to his place, he had a much more aggressive, yet playful demeanor. She wasn’t prepared for it the first time, but she told me that she kind of likes the slutty treatment she gets from him now.

Once at his place, he sat down in the living room and motioned for her to come over and get on her knees in front of him. She kneeled, took out his stiff cock. Allie has told me that he’s much more well hung than I am (which drives me crazy with jealousy and turns me on at the same time), and that while she can manage sucking his dick–it’s a little bit of a challenge. She opened wide and started to suck him.

And that was when he started in with the dirty talk, which just drove her wild and she told me made her want him even more. Finally, after only about five minutes, he came in my hot wife’s mouth. He pulled his cock back, so just the head was inside her lips, and held the back of her head while she took his entire load and tasted it all.

Allie told me that it made her feel like quite the whore, when he stood up and zipped his pants. But she admitted to liking the feeling of being used like that slightly. Plus, she got what she wanted–she got to see her boyfriend’s (might as well start using the term) massive dick again.

She drove home and was only gone for just over an hour. When Allie came in, I kissed her hello, and I could taste the musky scent of another man on her mouth. She laughed when I noticed it, and giggling said, “he had a big load for me.”

I felt down between her legs, and I could tell her pussy was hot and wet. I offered to eat her out then and there, but she declined, saying she wanted to still get her head around what had just happened. Personally, I think she really enjoyed the sense of being submissive to him. So, we’ll have to see what happens next!

Poll for today: Allie’s afternoon coffee date

Prediction: How bad will Allie be after her coffee date today?

  • Excellent...David will be on clean-up duty shortly (33%)
  • Very good...she'll end up fucking him all afternoon in our bed (31%)
  • Bad...she'll end up on her knees again at his place (14%)
  • Good...she'll end up on her knees again at our place (10%)
  • Something will happen...but none of the above... (5%)
  • Not so bad...maybe she'll just give him a handjob in his car (4%)
  • Nothing will happen (3%)

Total Votes: 281

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So what happened?

Since Allie’s date this past Friday night, I’ve received tons of email and blog comments wanting to know the full scoop of what happened.

I didn’t want to press her for too many details–because I don’t want to screw up a good thing. The last thing I want to be is pushy. But here’s what I found out.

She had a nice date with Mark. It was supposed to be dinner and a movie, but they didn’t get out of the house until it was getting pretty close to showtime. So they just went to a bar for a quick drink and some appetizers. She commented that he was very gentlemanly, which she appreciates. Then they headed over to the movie.

After getting Allie a large popcorn and Raisinettes (did I mention she is not a cheap date, even at the movies? LOL), they settled in to their seats for the show. Fortunately for them, the movie they picked out wasn’t too crowded, and allowed them some discretion. Which apparently was apparently when Mark’s gentlemanly demeanor wore off. He started with his hand on her knee, which moved up her thigh, then when he didn’t encounter any resistance–moved between her legs.

Allie said she then pulled her skirt up slightly to give him better access, and pulled her panties to the side for him. He spent the rest of the movie with his fingers in my wife’s pussy.

After the house lights came back on, they went back out to the parking lot and made out for a few minutes in his car before ultimately deciding to head back to his house. She said she rubbed his cock through his pants the entire way, and even toyed with the idea of blowing him during the drive–but they were already pulling into his driveway.

Again, more making out in the doorway, in the living room, and into the kitchen, where she says she got down on her knees and sucked his cock until he came in her mouth once again, and she swallowed.

She was totally prepared to leave at that point, since she knew we had a lot of family obligations to attend to the next day. But he was able to easily convince her to stay for a little while longer. Plus, Allie was pretty anxious to get fucked by his fat cock–so obviously didn’t take a lot of persuading on his part.

So, he led her up to the bedroom where he undressed her, laid her in his bed and proceeded to eat her pussy while his cock regained consciousness. Which is where Allie’s radio silence began. Allie told me that he made her cum a few times pretty quickly, since she was still soaking wet from the movie.

Mark then reached in the sidetable to retrieve a condom and she put it on him, but not before sucking his dick again. He eased her back, spread her legs wide and pushed his cock into my wife. She said that since he’d already came, he was pretty long-lasting, but he came soon enough. They kind of collapsed for a little while and chatted–but before long were fucking yet again. And again it seems–because she said he came in her (in a condom) three times.

Allie and Mark snuggled for a little bit, then fell asleep. When she woke up at about 6 a.m., she decided rather than ask him for a ride home, she would just call a cab. While she waited for her ride, she gave Mark an early morning blowjob. Knowing she was going to leave any minute, he helped it along by jerking his cock until he came once again in her mouth. She pulled herself together and came home.

And that’s it. Those are the details pretty much as she told me. By the time she crawled into bed with me, her pussy was swollen and sore from the treatment it got the previous evening. I tended to it the best I could with my mouth, and made her cum once more before she fell asleep for a few hours.

Update: She’s home finally

Allie got home about 7 a.m. this morning. She taxicabbed it back to the house from his place. I’ll have more updates later today as details emerge. She kept up the radio silence all night long–so I finally made it to bed, fitfully and restlessly, about 2 a.m. I hate to bombard her with questions the minute she hits the door, or as in this case, crawls into bed next to me.

I can say that her pussy was red and swollen from being well-fucked throughout the night. I got a close inspection when I went down under the covers to give it the oral attention it needed. No creampie or sloppy seconds this go around, but there was a latexy kind of taste (mint-flavored condoms?).

She’s sleeping off her late night at the moment, before we have to engage in a lot of weekend family activities. More soon!

Breaking news: Radio silence

Just got the following text message from Allie on her date:

um…looks like i’m putting down my phone for little while. i wouldn’t wait up if i were you.

Of course, that made my cock rock hard in seconds.

Breaking news: Going back to his place

I was hanging out at home and pacing the floors just now when I got a text message from Allie:

Movie just let out. Just had a quick drink & apps beforehand. Looks like his place next.

Interesting… [gulp] Now is when these things start driving me crazy. Usually I get to watch.

Breaking news: They just left…

Allie and her date just left. It sounds like a pretty simple night out for the two of them. Dinner and a movie. He didn’t come to the door. She was waiting for him in the living room and watching out the window, pretty anxiously.

She said she’d wait and see what she felt like afterwards, as far as playing was concerned. Still, for a simple date, she was dressed for a club: black dress, with a short skirt, black heels and the anklet that hasn’t seen the light of day in a while. I confirmed too that she was wearing panties–but that doesn’t mean anything. Those have a history of coming off pretty fast.

It’s amazing how nonchalant Allie can be sometimes

So, you’d think Allie would have more to report after yesterday’ intriguing voice mail. Nope. In fact, when I got home from work yesterday–it was like nothing happened. Now, she’s getting ready to go out with him. He’s picking her up in just a few hours for a date.

And I’ll be sitting at home pacing the floor and biting my nails. Stay tuned for updates throughout the evening.