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Photos: Allie giving afterwork head

I just thought I’d share a few quick snapshots of Allie giving me a quick blowjob after I got home from work the other day, before she went out for the evening with her FWB. I wasn’t allowed to cum, of course, until later that night.

The Friend With Benefits – An Introduction

So, if you’ve been following me on Twitter, you’ve probably figured out that my wife Allie has a new Friend With Benefits (hereafter just the FWB) that she’s been fucking since the first part of February. 

I thought I’d write a a short introduction to him and describe a typical encounter between the three of us. 

I wouldn’t say it’s a serious girlfriend/boyfriend kind of relationship–but they do spend a lot of time together, both in and out of our bedroom. 

The FWB is a nice guy, and I like hanging out with him. The three of us end up doing a lot of stuff together. Which is cool. But the dynamic is atypical and there’s a tension. Not a bad tension, but it’s there. 

He and I have an understanding that he’s in charge of the bedroom with her for now. And I’m growing okay with that. Allie and I are working hard to keep our personal communication constant so that there aren’t any hurt feelings between her and I–and sometimes they’re have been, but we work on that constantly. 

Any given week it varies how often the FWB comes over, but if I had to guess, I’d estimate that it averages about four nights out of seven. Sometimes more, rarely less. Allie might pay a visit to his house once or twice a month or so–but our place is just easier and more comfortable for them to hook up in.

The FWB is slightly younger than she is. She’s 38. He’s almost 30. He’s in decent physical shape–not great, but not bad either. And he has a lot of tattoos, which she really likes a lot. 

Oh yeah. I forgot to mention one very important detail. He has a huge, nine-inch cock. It’s just ridiculously big. 

I’m not joking. It’s a magnificent specimen. Allie says that it’s not just long, but thick. And heavy. She claims that she’s never encountered a cock before that had such heft–where it feels heavy in her hand. She has told me that when she holds it up over his stomach when he’s laying down and drops it, it makes a solid thud. 

She is, to use her word, “addicted” to his cock and what it does to her.

And what does it do to her?

Well, I’ve only been able to witness them having sex personally a few times with my own eyes. Once in person, once from a far from the hallway, and once on a private video stream from a webcam I set up in our bedroom. So, I can’t say for sure from what I’ve seen. 

Let me instead describe what I’ve heard. 

I’ve heard Allie make more guttural moans and cries from being fucked by her FWB than I’ve ever been able to make her do. I’ve never once been able to elicit the kinds of reactions from her that he has. 

I have made my wife cum countless times. I’ve never once made her cum like he has. Not. Once. 

She screams. She moans. She yells. She thrashes. She claws at the bed. It is scary and intense to listen to her. 

And it’s both wonderful and abjectly humiliating to me. I get so insanely jealous of the reaction he is able to get, and how much she is addicted to his cock. 

They started fucking bareback from the very first encounter they had, because the condom that she had in her purse likely wasn’t going to fit. Plus, I think she wanted to feel him bare inside her pussy. And she knew that I would want to experience his sloppy seconds later after she returned. Which I did. And was instantly hooked. 

Almost always after Allie has sex with the FWB, they cuddle and talk for a few minutes then she shows him the door. Occasionally he’ll spend the night, but it’s very rare. After they kiss goodnight, she typically finds me washing on the couch in the living room waiting for her. Usually, I’m rock hard, turned on from listening to her get drilled upstairs in our bed. 

Allie almost always does the same thing: she’ll open up her robe and let it drop to the floor. Then she’ll come over to where I’m laying and without much small talk or introduction, climb on top of me to straddle my head so that she can dump his cum all over my face and into my mouth. 

Honestly, I can’t tell you how many creampies from my wife’s pussy I’ve experienced in the past six months from the FWB. I’ve just lost count. 50? 60? 80? Have no idea. But every time, without complaint, I’ve swallowed up every drop, and tongued her used pussy clean as best as I could. I’ll write more about Allie’s creampies some other time soon. 

After I lick her clean, she will usually climb on top of my cock and let me inside her. Or she’ll lay back and spread her legs for me. 

And here’s the thing. Well, two things. 

First, no matter how well I think I can lap up a creampie with my tongue, it still coats the inside of her pussy completely. So, her insides are just amazingly slick–much more so if she was just wet and gushing. 

And second, after months of fucking her with his massive thick cock, the FWB has just ruined Allie’s pussy. I mean it’s rearranged. Completely stretched out, especially in the hour or two after they’ve been together. Allie just gets opened up. 

So what does that mean? More humiliation for me. Because I can’t have that effect on her, no matter what. I’m just not equipped for it. And I don’t have a small cock–but there’s just no comparison to his. 

So combine her cum-coated pussy with being completely gaped open by his enormous tool, and it makes for a completely alien sensation. It just feels otherworldly. In a good way! 

But there’s no chance that I can last long under those conditions. Not after listening to her cum again and again and again upstairs, screaming and carrying on. Not after licking and lapping his cum out of my panting wife and getting the mindfuck of becoming more and more submissive to him because of it. And not after experiencing how he obliterates her pussy night after night after night. 

I usually cum in minutes. 

And Allie is happy about that. 

She loves that I’m mindfucked by the experience, humiliated and put in my place by his bedroom superiority. 

She loves the exasperated smile on my face. 

And frankly, she’s usually too exhausted by him to be able to go on much longer each night.

What I particularly like about cuckolding

Recently, I was asked what it is that I enjoy about being a cuckold to my wife. I thought I’d spend a few minutes to expound on that for a while, because there are few things about that I’d like to get on paper.

If you’ve followed this blog for a while (some of you have been visiting for years), or keeping up with me on the Twitter or on Tumblr, you’ve probably figured out in a general sense what it is I like about this cuckold lifestyle.

Ugh. There are those words again. Cuckold. Lifestyle. Bleah.

First of all, let me start with a few things about this fetish that I don’t like: primarily, the name. I hate the word “cuckold.” I’m on record for this in the past, but I’ll restate it here again. I have a strong dislike for this word. Cuckold comes across as too Elizabethan for my taste, more apt for Shakespeare than a contemporary, likely growing, fetish. Is cuckold really the best we can come up with? Still, it’s what we have, so let’s work with it for now.

The second is “lifestyle.” Is it a lifestyle? Ugh. Really? A lifestyle. Whatever. I’m sure you can see my eyes rolling through the words here. Lifestyle to me seems like something that is all encompassing. I dunno, but I don’t dwell on this stuff constantly (though my Twitter stream might say otherwise). I just don’t like the word choice. To me, the words lifestyle and lifestylers gets thrown around a lot of fetishes and kinks (i.e. swinging lifestyle, D/s lifestyle), but the word just doesn’t seem right. I dunno.

It’s not you, it’s me. Just my opinion. I’m open to discussion. These are the words we have so let’s use them.

Lately, as I’ve grown more and more into accepting of my cuckold role, there are few things that do stand out that I particularly like or love, even crave.

First and foremost, I crave the feeling of submission to my wife. Before very recently, I never really considered myself as a submissive male in that D/s sense, but I guess I kind of am.

I don’t think I fit that classic definition of a submissive male (if there even is one). Whips and chains don’t really do it for me. I’m only slightly interested in being tied up or restrained (except for one important part–more on this in a minute). I’m not interested in having a Domme, or breathlessly calling anyone “Mistress.”

However, I do love the mindfuck of my wife Allie calling the shots. I love when she takes charge in the bedroom. And I love the moment when it dawns on her that she doesn’t need to ask for permission to have a rendezvous or date with another man–she just let’s me know when and where it’s happening.

I love the feeling of being humiliated sexually. I know that to casual readers of this blog this has to seem completely bizarre or foreign, but it’s the truth. This humiliation can come in a lot of different forms. The most obvious one is living with the knowledge that my wife is having sexual encounters with other men. Just the thought of that is enough to drive me wild.

But there are other forms of sexual humiliation I crave. I love being reminded that her lovers are more experienced or capable in the bedroom. I love being reminded that my penis isn’t as large as her lover’s. I love hearing how they make her moan and squeal while they have sex or watching her cum again and again. It leaves me filled with all sorts of jealous doubts.

The jealousy. Oh, yes. The jealousy. I crave this. It goes against any common sense, and yet I love the feeling. It is unnatural, I know. I get it. And yet, like the watersports fetishist that gets off on being urinated on, or the masochist that is thrilled with being spanked, whipped or beaten, I get off on feeling jealous.

And jealousy is a fine line for us cuckolds, isn’t it? It’s hard to say how much is to much or too little. For me, I know when I’ve had enough. I know when Allie has crossed a line (safe words help, just like in BDSM play). And yet, I never see the line coming until it has been crossed.

The cuckold can’t usually tell when his blissful discomfort is approaching unbearable torment until after it does. My recommendation? Keep the lines of communication completely open before, during and after any encounters with others. And yet, even Allie and I seem to constantly be flirting with this imaginary line, crossing it seemingly regularly. It can lead to some tense conversations between us. They’re usually resolved quickly, because we both understand it was a lack of communication or a lack of establishing expectations for an encounter. We try to learn from it and move forward.

Jealousy is an emotion that shouldn’t be trifled with haphazardly. Take care of it. Jealousy’s proper care and feeding will make for a very happy cuckold.

Which brings me to chastity. Remember when I mentioned being restrained a little while ago? I’m going to write a lot more about this soon, but it’s fair to say that exploring chastity, sexual restraint and denial is something that Allie and are having a lot of fun with lately.

I used to think there was something wrong with men that wanted to be locked up in a sexual chastity device. It always seemed to extreme to me, and just didn’t seem right for me.

I think I get it now. Not only is it a way for my wife to ensure that I’m keeping my hands to myself, but it’s a way for her to maintain complete control of my orgasms.

I know that when I’m wearing my chastity cage, I’m giving her piece of mind that I’m not sitting at home jerking off, and that I’m only going to cum on her terms, which only adds to my love of feeling submissive to her.

And that brings me to the craving to feel submissive to her male partners. I love this, though it’s not easily accomplished–because not all of Allie’s lovers are completely on board with this whole cuckolding fetish. However, when he and I both know that I clean up her pussy after he leaves, or that I sheepishly slide my cock into Allie afterward; feeling how stretched she is on the inside and how slick she is with his load–it’s an intense feeling I have trouble putting into words.

In a nutshell, these are some of the things I find myself craving more and more of as I continue to grow into my role as a submissive cuckold. There are more: name calling, wearing a collar when Allie and I have sex, watching her get ready for dates with her men–all of those things are great, and they all feed into it.

I’m sure there are countless tons of other things that other cuckold men enjoy and need from their wives, and I love hearing from other cuckolds, their wives, and their wives’ lovers too! There is a common ground though, I’ve learned. We’re all excited by our wives sexuality and exploration, and I think that’s just awesome.

Special thanks to my good friend Mistress Mayhem for lighting a fire under me for this post.

Here’s Allie’s contribution to #tittytuesday this…

Here’s Allie’s contribution to #tittytuesday this week. ;)

Fun with markers

Here’s what happened when Allie and her boyfriend (“D”) decided to fool around with a Sharpie last night.


He decided to tag her ass as his property. More on this later, I think.

Whip It Out Wednesday: The Visualiser

Lately, I’ve been sharing a bunch of photos and other stuff over on my cuckold-themed Tumblr site. I’m learning more about the community there, and it’s been a fun way to share some curated photos that I’ve found via other people on Tumblr. It’s pretty cool.

It’s also where I have learned about “Whip It Out Wednesdays,” a phenomenon similar to Half-Nekkid Thursdays, where guys are more or less encouraged to share photos of their cocks.

I’m not going to share a photo of my cock today. However, I would like to share something that I found today on a Tumblr friend’s site, Pondering Desire, and that is The Visualiser.

Using the measurement and visualization tools at The Visualiser, you can build a virtual model of your penis, and compare that virtual cock with others folks that have visited the site, famous porn stars, ideal measurements as voted on by Visualiser members and others. They have some great guidelines for measuring the length and girth of your penis, which you then plug into their modeling tool.

I’d recommend it for fellow cuckolds that are interested in seeing just how well (or not so well) they size up with other men. That’s what I did. Here’s my virtual comparison with famous porn star Lexington Steele.

I probably don’t have to explain that my virtual cock is on the left and Mr. Steele’s is on the right, do I?

In case you’re interested, my erect cock measures out at 5.75 inches in length and 4.75 inches in girth. Dare I say average?

Maybe by next week, I’ll be brave enough to share an image of my cock for Whip It Out Wednesday. In the meantime, please have a look at My Cuckold Tumblr and stay tuned for more updates here on the main blog!

Also, please let me know your measurements in the comments, or send me a photo of your virtual cock to my Tumblr.

Don’t forget you can also follow us on our hotwives twitter.

Love this angle

Found this photo tonight on another blog. Just goes to show you that a good and resourceful cuckold will always be on the ball with a camera to capture awesome moments like this one. Looks like our intrepid cuckold photographer captured a perfect moment indeed. (Via Mbrell)

Love, love, love this picture

Found this photo today at My Secret Perv. Very hot. Can’t take my eyes off it. Love the idea of a cuckold being directed by his hot wife to place her lover’s cock in to her. Drives me wild. Your thoughts?

How we spent New Year’s Eve this year…

I’m sorry it’s taken so long to tell you all about how Allie and I spent our New Year’s Eve this year. A lot of you have posted blog comments requesting an update, posted a message to us on Twitter or you’ve sent us an email directly wanting to hear the scoop about what happened. It’s just taken me a little while to get my head around everything that happened.

We started New Year’s Eve without any plans really. We thought we might head out to dinner someplace or catch a movie. We had arrangements for an overnight babysitter for our kids, but it didn’t look like we were really going to need it. Allie went out during the afternoon to do some shopping and we swapped some text messages back and forth to try to figure out what we wanted to do with our evening.

I suggested that we could go to a swing club out of town that was planning a New Year’s Eve party. The only problem with that idea is that it’d been forever since we had been to a swing club, and we weren’t sure about going there on one of their biggest nights of the year. Plus as much as we’d love to go, the drive there and back was going to be long, and we didn’t want to face a long drive back home late at night with all the drunks out on the road possibly. So, we shelved that idea. Finally, we decided on just treating ourselves to a nice steak dinner and then coming home to watch the ball drop in Times Square on television.

At the same time that I was chatting with Allie via text message about our lack of New Year’s plans, I was instant messaging with my friend John, a long-time fan of the website, about his lack of plans too. I thought maybe we could pay John a visit after dinner, if he was okay with it. He said he needed some time to clean up his place and get his act together. I told him that there was no hurry, since we didn’t have dinner reservations until 8:45 p.m. anyway. Allie had never met John in person, but I had a hunch that they would hit it off.

I quickly texted Allie the idea of joining our friend at his place after dinner. We would bring the champagne and ring in the New Year with our friend in person finally. Allie knew right away what I was getting at, and wanted me to send her photos of John to her iPhone so that she could have a look at him. She gave her approval and I texted John to let him know we would see him at his place after we left the restaurant.

Dinner was awesome. We both had great steaks with all the trimmings and several cocktails each. The service was wonderful. If our evening ended right then, we would have had an awesome New Year’s Eve. I wasn’t prepared for just how awesome things were going to quickly get. After dinner, we got in the car and headed over to John’s address.

We got to his place around 11:15 p.m. John was a very pleasant host. After some small talk and getting to know you conversation, I suggested we open the champagne and we all had a toast. Then we all settled down on his couch, Allie in the middle, to watch the countdown from Times Square on his big screen TV.

After a few minutes of the three of us sipping champagne in the dim light of the television, I suggested that the two of them should get more comfortable and more acquainted. Allie needed no more persuasion than that, and reached over to undo John’s belt and unzipped his pants. I heard Allie gasp under her breath as she took out John’s cock. I leaned forward so I could get a peek. His cock was enormous.

Since he was a little nervous he was only semi-hard, but he was still easily 50% bigger than mine in length and girth. I could sense that Allie was thrilled. She dipped her head down and took the head of his cock into her mouth. I watched her bob her head up and down on him and heard her slurping his dick as she went to work on him. John put his hand on the back of her neck and held her head so he could grow harder in her mouth. I took out my dick and started to stroke while watching the two of them.

Allie came up for air and looked at me. I asked, “Does he have a big cock?” She replied, “Yes. Much bigger than yours.” Then she looked at John and said, “See what I have to work with?” John looked at me jerking my dick and I don’t think he was expecting to say anything particularly cruel or humiliating on our first meeting. I turned bright red.

My life leaned back on the couch and pulled her large breasts out from under her sweater, inviting John to caress and suck them. She warned playfully that she was still lactating. I watched as he lifted and sucked her tits in front of me. Allie tugged on one of her nipples and tiny droplets of milk squirted out. John was happy to play with her tits that up until now he’d only stared at on the internet. His cock was rock hard and she laid over his lap to resume sucking him.

The way Allie was positioned on the couch, with her sitting between us, I couldn’t get a good view of her blowing him. So, I stood up and knelt on the floor in front of them, and I had a perfect front row seat of the action. Allie was sucking her new friend, her eyes rolling back in her head as he occasionally thrusted his hips up, pushing his cock deeper into her mouth. I pulled on my own cock while she blew him.

Allie pulled me closer to her while she sucked. She took turns between passionately kissing me and sucking the head of his cock back into her mouth. I was only inches away from her face. She asked, “What do you think? Think I could use some help with this?” I whispered, “I dunno.” Allie said, “Well? Ask him if it’s okay for you to help.”

I raised up and asked John if it was okay if I helped Allie with his cock–still not entirely sure what I was getting myself into. John simply said, “Sure.”

I knelt back down by Allie’s face. John was thrusting upward into her lips. Finally, his cock plopped out of her mouth, and Allie brushed it against my lips. “Do it. Suck his cock,” she said. I took him into my mouth and Allie watched me suck him for the first time. After a few seconds, she dipped down and licked the shaft of his cock while I sucked the head. Then our lips met and we sucked him back and forth into each others’ mouths.

Behind me, I could hear the countdown in Times Square reach its climax, while Allie and I serviced her new lover, both of us kneeling between his legs. I kissed my wife around John’s cock at the stroke of midnight, and she put him back in my mouth. Allie watched his balls begin to tense up. Finally, a few moments into 2010r, Allie took his cock back and accepted his huge load of cum into her throat, swallowing every drop. Then she kissed me and I could taste the bittersweet taste of John’s load still coated on her tongue.

It was an awesome start to the New Year.

Reader Fan Mail: A strong black cuckold’s perspective

In response to my “Am I a sissy cuckold?” blog post, cuckold Tom writes:

I love reading both your adventures. Many people assume the wife gets to have all the fun and I couldn’t disagree more. I think when she’s NOT with a “superior lover” I am the one more bummed, especially if it’s been a while.

First let me say our situation is particularly usual since I myself am very dominant in everyday life and nicely hung (eight inches and thick). I am sexually aggressive with other women and I am black! But when it comes to her taking lovers, I am very much her happy and loving cuckold. As far as “sissy” role-play, given what I know to be true about myself in both aspects I want her to treat me in that manner. Make me wear sexy panties, verbally humiliate me while where having sex together, ie your too small, I need a big strong man, you never satisfy me, my lovers are better, I want his cum more than yours, he gives me big thick loads, etc. Nothing I have experienced gets me harder or more aroused than this. It’s a struggle not to cum when she gets like this.

When she’s with a stud, I like to be forced to “help out” by fluffing him, licking her to get her ready, inserting, fetching drinks or cleaning up her or both after. I like being belittled, your a sissy, pathetic, little or laughed at even. But for me always by her, not the guy. I think that would make me aggressive toward him and that wouldn’t end well. Just wanted to give a different perspective on cuckolding.

I wouldn’t say it’s such a different perspective, Tom. It is hot though. I think the fact that you’re a hung black man that revels in cuckold fantasy play sounds rare. I’m sure it’s more common that many would realize–but you just never hear about it as much. We usually hear about the hung black male as the target of the hotwife’s affection (and source of the cuckold husband’s humiliation), that it’s refreshing to hear that you’re into being as submissive as the rest of us. Thanks for writing!

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