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New Cuckold Caption: Wedding Day Flash

Cuckold Caption: Wedding Day Flashing

I’m sure the wedding guests are thinking, “Maybe a sudden gust of wind caught her gown.” Or, “Maybe she got carried away and tripped, and her dress blew up.” Maybe the cuckold groom is helping lift the dress, even while he’s thinking better of it. Let’s not try to figure it out, shall we?

New Cuckold Caption: Poolside Fuck

New Cuckold Caption: Poolside Fuck

I’m really, really enjoying making these. It appeals to my love of cuckoldry (Eeek! Did I just use that word?) and my dorky love of comic books. So, enjoy. Don’t forget to take a look at all the other cuckold caption comics I made too. :)

New Cuckold Caption: Hotel Room Fuck

Cuckold Caption November 16, 2009

Here’s a new cuckold caption I just put together. It’s been a while (two years? Can’t be.) since I’ve made one of these. Every now and then though I come across a few photos that deserve the caption treatment. Particularly, this woman–I love her big boobs against the bed and how she makes eye contact with her hubby, presumably.

New Cuckold Captions: Hotwife April and the Handymen

I still get a big kick out of making these cuckold caption images.  I haven’t made any in awhile, but the mood struck me and I made this set of a hotwife entertaining a couple of handymen.  Let me know what you think, and maybe I’ll make even more soon.  I equate it to scribbling in my notebook in class–you know…something mindless to do while I’m thinking about something else.  Though I usually end up getting pretty into it, and then start jerking off.  LOL

Cuckold Captions: Julie and Sean

Here’s a new set of cuckold caption photos I made over the weekend.  I especially like the big cumshot at the end.  I get a big kick out of making these.  If any of you out there would like some captions made of your wives or girlfriends, send me a photo of her.  I’ll privately send you back what I come up with for your private enjoyment.  LOL

Cuckold Captions: Tonya and Ray

Here is a new set of cuckold captions that I created with an interracial theme. I really like making these. If any of you out there would like to collaborate on some sets, please let me know. Enjoy!

Cuckold Captions: Hot Wife Allie

I snuck in some cuckold caption photos of Allie while you guys weren’t looking.  Enjoy her cuckold caption gallery. LOL

More Cuckold Captions: Melissa & Calvin

I created another gallery of cuckold captions, this time with an interracial theme. Let me know what you think!

Trying something a little different: Cuckold Captions

There’s a growing phenomenon in the hot wife / cuckold community. It’s been gaining a lot of steam in the past couple of years. Since there’s a limited (but growing) amount of cuckold, wife-sharing and hot wife erotica out there, some folks have taken to re-purposing other photos into a cuckold theme by adding text captions. There are some great examples out there, but I’ve always felt that the images were a tad lacking, in my opinion. I mean, they’ve always been a turn on to read–but they’ve lacked a certain quality that I couldn’t quite put my finger on.

So, I’ve taken a stab at doing some captions of my own, in more of a comic strip fashion. Here’s my first set. Have a look and tell me what you think, and maybe I’ll make some more.