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What I particularly like about cuckolding

Recently, I was asked what it is that I enjoy about being a cuckold to my wife. I thought I’d spend a few minutes to expound on that for a while, because there are few things about that I’d like to get on paper.

If you’ve followed this blog for a while (some of you have been visiting for years), or keeping up with me on the Twitter or on Tumblr, you’ve probably figured out in a general sense what it is I like about this cuckold lifestyle.

Ugh. There are those words again. Cuckold. Lifestyle. Bleah.

First of all, let me start with a few things about this fetish that I don’t like: primarily, the name. I hate the word “cuckold.” I’m on record for this in the past, but I’ll restate it here again. I have a strong dislike for this word. Cuckold comes across as too Elizabethan for my taste, more apt for Shakespeare than a contemporary, likely growing, fetish. Is cuckold really the best we can come up with? Still, it’s what we have, so let’s work with it for now.

The second is “lifestyle.” Is it a lifestyle? Ugh. Really? A lifestyle. Whatever. I’m sure you can see my eyes rolling through the words here. Lifestyle to me seems like something that is all encompassing. I dunno, but I don’t dwell on this stuff constantly (though my Twitter stream might say otherwise). I just don’t like the word choice. To me, the words lifestyle and lifestylers gets thrown around a lot of fetishes and kinks (i.e. swinging lifestyle, D/s lifestyle), but the word just doesn’t seem right. I dunno.

It’s not you, it’s me. Just my opinion. I’m open to discussion. These are the words we have so let’s use them.

Lately, as I’ve grown more and more into accepting of my cuckold role, there are few things that do stand out that I particularly like or love, even crave.

First and foremost, I crave the feeling of submission to my wife. Before very recently, I never really considered myself as a submissive male in that D/s sense, but I guess I kind of am.

I don’t think I fit that classic definition of a submissive male (if there even is one). Whips and chains don’t really do it for me. I’m only slightly interested in being tied up or restrained (except for one important part–more on this in a minute). I’m not interested in having a Domme, or breathlessly calling anyone “Mistress.”

However, I do love the mindfuck of my wife Allie calling the shots. I love when she takes charge in the bedroom. And I love the moment when it dawns on her that she doesn’t need to ask for permission to have a rendezvous or date with another man–she just let’s me know when and where it’s happening.

I love the feeling of being humiliated sexually. I know that to casual readers of this blog this has to seem completely bizarre or foreign, but it’s the truth. This humiliation can come in a lot of different forms. The most obvious one is living with the knowledge that my wife is having sexual encounters with other men. Just the thought of that is enough to drive me wild.

But there are other forms of sexual humiliation I crave. I love being reminded that her lovers are more experienced or capable in the bedroom. I love being reminded that my penis isn’t as large as her lover’s. I love hearing how they make her moan and squeal while they have sex or watching her cum again and again. It leaves me filled with all sorts of jealous doubts.

The jealousy. Oh, yes. The jealousy. I crave this. It goes against any common sense, and yet I love the feeling. It is unnatural, I know. I get it. And yet, like the watersports fetishist that gets off on being urinated on, or the masochist that is thrilled with being spanked, whipped or beaten, I get off on feeling jealous.

And jealousy is a fine line for us cuckolds, isn’t it? It’s hard to say how much is to much or too little. For me, I know when I’ve had enough. I know when Allie has crossed a line (safe words help, just like in BDSM play). And yet, I never see the line coming until it has been crossed.

The cuckold can’t usually tell when his blissful discomfort is approaching unbearable torment until after it does. My recommendation? Keep the lines of communication completely open before, during and after any encounters with others. And yet, even Allie and I seem to constantly be flirting with this imaginary line, crossing it seemingly regularly. It can lead to some tense conversations between us. They’re usually resolved quickly, because we both understand it was a lack of communication or a lack of establishing expectations for an encounter. We try to learn from it and move forward.

Jealousy is an emotion that shouldn’t be trifled with haphazardly. Take care of it. Jealousy’s proper care and feeding will make for a very happy cuckold.

Which brings me to chastity. Remember when I mentioned being restrained a little while ago? I’m going to write a lot more about this soon, but it’s fair to say that exploring chastity, sexual restraint and denial is something that Allie and are having a lot of fun with lately.

I used to think there was something wrong with men that wanted to be locked up in a sexual chastity device. It always seemed to extreme to me, and just didn’t seem right for me.

I think I get it now. Not only is it a way for my wife to ensure that I’m keeping my hands to myself, but it’s a way for her to maintain complete control of my orgasms.

I know that when I’m wearing my chastity cage, I’m giving her piece of mind that I’m not sitting at home jerking off, and that I’m only going to cum on her terms, which only adds to my love of feeling submissive to her.

And that brings me to the craving to feel submissive to her male partners. I love this, though it’s not easily accomplished–because not all of Allie’s lovers are completely on board with this whole cuckolding fetish. However, when he and I both know that I clean up her pussy after he leaves, or that I sheepishly slide my cock into Allie afterward; feeling how stretched she is on the inside and how slick she is with his load–it’s an intense feeling I have trouble putting into words.

In a nutshell, these are some of the things I find myself craving more and more of as I continue to grow into my role as a submissive cuckold. There are more: name calling, wearing a collar when Allie and I have sex, watching her get ready for dates with her men–all of those things are great, and they all feed into it.

I’m sure there are countless tons of other things that other cuckold men enjoy and need from their wives, and I love hearing from other cuckolds, their wives, and their wives’ lovers too! There is a common ground though, I’ve learned. We’re all excited by our wives sexuality and exploration, and I think that’s just awesome.

Special thanks to my good friend Mistress Mayhem for lighting a fire under me for this post.

My first foray with a chastity cage. So far, so good. Intense….

My first foray with a chastity cage. So far, so good. Intense. #cuckold #chastity

Gotta love Amazon Prime. ;) #cuckold #chastity

Gotta love Amazon Prime. ;) #cuckold #chastity

Hot Wife Kim’s poor cock-caged hubby

I just found this awesome photo gallery of Hot Wife Kim and her poor cuckold husband locked in a CB-3000 chastity cage. Ouch! I’m sure he did something to deserve it though. I can only imagine what it was.

While I’m fascinated with the idea of chastity belts and cages, I just don’t know. The more I look at these things, the less I think I could stand to be in one. Of course, it wouldn’t necessarily be up to me, now would it. I guess I’m going to have to just try it and see.

Check out hot Brit wife Kim though! She’s awesome! I love her posing next to his pathetic cock. Awesome photo shoot. Poor guy.

Lupo’s CB-6000 Chastity Device Review

CB-6000 chastity device photo

Lupo, a long time friend of the site and cuckold hubby of hot wife Calliope, sent me his review of the CB-6000 chastity device to share with the readers. You might remember that I asked readers for their thoughts and opinions about chastity devices earlier this summer. I was thrilled with the responses everyone sent in.

Also check out a CB-6000 photo gallery that he took of the chastity device assembled and unassembled.

Lupo writes:

When I first got CB-6000 chastity device, I thought that the company had stepped it up some. They upgraded the bag big time. OK it’s small, but it was a start.

As a Mechanical Engineer I spent some time looking at the molding and assembly. The CB-3000 was split horizontally and then glued together with a glue. This will work ok if they take some time. The glue basically melds the two pieces together. With my old CB-3000 the joint fell apart; let me tell you it was painful finding that out. The new CB-6000 uses a laser welding to put the two vertically split halves together. This is a much better, controlled way of binding the two parts together.

At that point I thought that the CB-6000 was a upgrade.

My first problem is the fact that the instructions I received were from the CB-3000 & Curve. OK that happens and I can forgive it. I better; many of my designs have been talked smack about on Amazon for no Instruction manual and I get pissed off. Hello…that is not the point of the product.

I still don’t know what I think of this no hinge ring. It’s great to have no more chance of pinching my scrotum when closing. However, I find it harder to get the unit together and find I pinch the skin just over my cock more often then I pinched my scrotum with the CB-3000. This new system is easier to get a good fit, but it is harder to put together.

I have the same problems with the CB-6000 as I do with the 3K. When I put my cock into the cage my skin (I am circumcised so I can’t say foreskin but maybe what is left?) does not go down with my cock. It gets pulled back and then pushes out the side slots. If you brush that skin that is sticking out just right it will take you to your knees.

Hygiene is still a problem. Maybe it’s me, I do tend to try and take two showers a day and with the CB-6000 on I have no choice but the shower 2 if not 3 times a day. I never feel clean when I am in it. I can’t stay in 24/7 because of this. I need to come out ever other day to clean the unit and myself. I also then allow myself to air out.

Last problem I have is the lock. The new lock is great, no more click clack when you walk. Yet why would they only send 1 key? OK this had to be a packaging problem. Maybe the other key is with the proper Instructions.

Over all for the CB-6000, I think it was well designed. I could engineer no better. The manufacturing is very good also. I would give them both a 6 out of 5 stars. As for packaging the new case is nice, 5 stars, but the lack of proper instructions and only 1 key I would give them only a 2 out of 5 stars. Over all I would buy a CB-6000 again. I will be in it more often. Maybe I can come up with solutions to a few of the problems I have.

Thank you for sitting through my ramblings.

Thank you for the thoughtful review, Lupo!

You can buy a CB-6000 here.

Chastity device feedback roundup

You guys left all kinds of great advice and stories of your experiences when I asked for feedback about chastity devices. Thanks so much!

Here are some of the highlights of what you said in email:

Ruby writes:

I bought a CB6000 for my husband. It’s great to play with, but we don’t really use it for long periods of time. I have him put it on when I want him to focus on getting his work done on the computer and not get distracted by looking at pictures of me having sex and masturbating. It does wonders for keeping his attention on the task at hand.

hub4ck writes:

Sometimes I wear it all day long at work and the fun goes all day with sexy text and phone calls. I have worn it for 3-4 days all day and night a couple of times. It’s fun to get all worked up for days on end and not be able to get “relief”, my only thoughts are to satisfy her, I just focus all that locked up sexual energy into orally pleasing her. Of course I want satisfaction, but I don’t get it and the headgame goes on for another day.

Little Man P writes:

Finally, i have not worn my device long enough for a true behavioral change to occur (i wish!). My wife is too sensitive to my pain to allow that to occur. However, I believe that with prolonged wear, the male will have to alter his thought patterns to eliminate painful semi-erections and manage his inner arousal. Behavior modification is a wonderful and powerful thing!

Thanks for the great email everyone! I’d love to hear more about your experiences and how you incorporate it into your fantasy (or real life) play.

Chastity device advice, anyone? I need help.

CB-6000 Male Chastity Cage CB-6000 Male Chastity Cage CB-6000 Male Chastity Cage

I’m interested in learning more about other peoples’ experiences, cuckold or not, with different male chastity devices, particularly with a CB-6000 chastity cage. If you have any first-hand experience with this, or other similar male chastity devices, I’d love to hear from you. I’m not saying I’m looking for one–I’m just saying I’m interested in learning more. Please send me an email, or post some thoughts in the comments.

Hotwife & Cuckold Holiday Gift Guide: Day 2

Welcome to the second day of our naughty, yet nice, holiday gift guide!

For the hotwife…

We all know the obvious benefits of poledancing: turning on nearby spectators sitting ringside watching a beautiful stripper flaunt her wares and talent as she embraces and spins around a brass pole. But more and more, pole dancing is being seen for its merits of being great physical exercise. Why not have both: a hotwife that gets a great workout while she turns on her adoring lovers (almost always plural) at the same time, in the comfort of her own home. Check out the great selection at Lil’ Mynx Removable Dance Poles.

And for the cuckold…

I wanted to post this early in the holiday gift guide, so that you folks into chastity play (and you know who you are) can get your orders in early for the holiday season for Christmas delivery. The CB-6000 is out now, and it sounds like it’s quite improved over previous models. is calls it the “Cadillac” of chastity devices. Wives, this might be the perfect thing to make your poor cuckold husband wear while you’re practicing your newfound poledancing skills in front of him. Guys, if you find one of these under the tree this year with your name on it, please let me know. I’d love to hear more about what it’s like.