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Some housekeeping notes and future changes

I’m contemplating getting back into regular blogging here on, and I’m hoping that everyone will be patient with some re-working of the blog over the coming weeks.

I know that I haven’t been the most faithful correspondent here on the big blog and I’m sorry for that. My bad.

So many of you have been following me elsewhere though, and I’ve been loving interacting with you all, whether it is on Twitter and Tumblr (or even on my new FetLife profile). I’ve been having a blast creating some cool online relationships with you folks in those channels, and I don’t want that to stop.

You might say that I gave up blogging for a while to focus more on Twitter. Truth be told, I love Twitter and the outlet it gives me to write something short and sweet, or to share a tidbit about what Allie is up to, or post a quick photo, or, well you know the drill.

So, here’s what I think I’m going to do.

I’m going to re-start using the blog for longer-form writing about Allie, hotwives, cuckolds and their care and feeding. I get no end of personal email from readers asking for more writing, so I hope you like some of the blog posts that I have planned.

I’m going to probably stop double-posting content from my Tumblr blog here on the blog. So, I encourage you to subscribe to my Tumblr, or at least bookmark it, so that you can keep up with some of the photos that I find hot over there.

I think I’m going to suspend commenting here on the main blog for a while. It’s not because I don’t read or love your comments. I do. I’d rather you post your comment on Twitter or on your own blogs though. I’d rather get the conversation going across multiple websites if that’s possible. Approving comments though is a major administration overhead for me, and really it’s more of a harbor for spam than anything. I’m going to turn them off until further notice. Trust me. It’s not you, it’s me. I think there are plenty of places for folks to discuss what they read here if they want to.

And if there’s something you really want to ask me, just send me an email. So many people ask me questions in the comments, and I don’t see them timely because I’m not moderating the comments every day.

I suspect I’ll post more of Allie’s photos here on the main blog and less on the Tumblr. I’ll probably start using Tumblr more for odds and ends–you know pictures that I find that I want to capture and share someplace. Tumblr seems best suited for that. And it sure is easy.

And before I forget, I want to thank all of you for hanging around and reading my blog. It’s come a long way since I first started it way back when in September 2004. I love having this outlet, and I love that you guys come to read it. I’d probably do this even if no one came, but knowing that there are fans of the site makes a huge difference and I’m so glad you stopped by. I’m looking forward to hanging out with you more.

I get this question a lot

Found this hilarious cartoon today (via Stiver’s, via Shared Cindy):
"Are you going to put this on your blog?" Cartoon

Recommended: Hotwife Dating

Hotwife Dating

My friend Trash over at the Hot Wife Blog has started a dating portal for folks interested in meeting folks interested in meeting hotwives, cuckolds and their admirers called Hotwife Dating. I’m very excited to see where it goes.

At Hotwife Dating, you can build a profile, express the qualities and interests you’re looking for, as well as the geographical area to which you want to narrow your searching. You can post personal photos, plus rate and comment on profiles. I quickly built a profile for Allie and was impressed with what I was able to do in a short amount of time.

If you’re used to the personals sites like Adult Friendfinder or Swappernet, or even social networking sites like MySpace, then you’ll get the hang of Hotwife Dating pretty quick. Just over 200 folks have signed up so far, and I expect Trash to release more features to the growing community as it gets bigger and more popular. Please give it a look!

Recommended reading: Mrs. Kelly’s Playhouse

Mrs. Emma Kelly's Playhouse - Last Tango

If you haven’t checked out the writing of Mrs. Emma Kelly and her cuckold husband Scott, head over to her blog at once, if only to see their Last Tango photos and to read Emma’s gems, like this one:

Scott was sitting across from me and the whole experience of this big, powerful guy taking possession of his wife was probably intense for him. We hadn’t really identified “cuckolding” as the thing we were doing but this certainly was what was happening in the “classic” sense: big, strong guy with a huge cock taking the wife of a little wimpy guy with a little cock.

And Scott’s writing

I watched her crawl to Big’s cock, make love to it with her mouth. I saw her gasp as he entered her, make deep gutteral moans as he pumped deep into her. I saw her eyes roll back in her head. Finally, she begged him to stop. She’d had enough. And like the gentleman he is, he did just as she asked …though I could see the Alpha grin on his face. His victory.

Afterwards, as they dressed and chatted amiably, I was left on my knees, naked, still bound and as insignificant as a chair or a used towel. Was it deliberate to tease me or had they simply forgotten I was there?

Mrs. Emma Kelly's Playhouse - Last Tango

Their photos, and her short boyish bobbed haircut really do it for me. It’s a regular read of mine. Enjoy!

A scorching hot blog: Maria’s Diary

If you haven’t taken the time to read Maria’s Diary, I highly recommend you do so ASAP. Apparently, she’s stopped writing it–and who knows how much longer she’ll keep it online. It is one of the best accounts of a real cuckold relationship that I’ve ever seen. Maria is a supremely dominant woman, and she paints an awesome picture of putting her husband Martin through a sublime cuckold humiliation. She’s also posted some incredible photos of herself in different degrees of fetish wear. Here’s a taste:

She’ll never know that during the entirety of our conversation. I was kneeling in front of my lover, playing with his prick. Whenever Grace spoke I would lick and suck Matt’s beautiful cock, taking as much into my mouth as I dared. When it was my turn to speak, I would masturbate him, doing my best to keep my voice from shaking as I rhythmically pumped my arm back and forth. Matt had to keep quiet and wasn’t able to give me any indication of how close he was to climaxing, so when he eventually sprayed me it came as a complete surprise. It was a gorgeous feeling having my face showered with hot sperm, and even when Matt had finished spurting, I was able to feed further by licking my tongue around my lips and by sucking every last drop of cum from his prick.

This was no spur of the moment act. I had decided to do it days before and had been relishing the moment ever since the idea came into my head. I was going to humiliate Grace just as I had humiliated her small-dicked son. Even though she wouldn’t be aware of what I had done, it was nevertheless still a humiliation. Next time I am at her house she will look at me and see a wicked glint in my eye – a taunting, gloating look; a look of victory.

That’s it bitch, have a wonder why I’m laughing at you. Do you want to know the reason? It’s because your daughter-in-law is a whore and she’s cuckolded your pathetic wanker baby. Not only have I had another man’s prick inside me, but I’ve had him shoot his cum over my face while you’re listening to me on the phone. And I’ve got a video of me straddling your son with my lover’s sperm dripping out of my pussy into his gaping mouth. Would you like to see it? Would you like to see mummy’s boy Martin drinking another man’s milk?

This incident with the phone call to Grace is what I class as a symbolic act of cuckolding. In fact I’d go as far to say that it is acts such these which define cuckolding for me, and without them I might as well just describe myself as ‘having an affair’. The constant humiliation I inflict upon my husband (and now his mother) through such symbolism is what makes cuckolding so extraordinarily exciting and rewarding. The fact that there are so many ways to rub my spouse’s nose in his inadequacy means that a cuckold marriage need never become boring or stale. Every day I amuse and excite myself by thinking up new ways to psychologically punish Martin. Even better, the more I act like a complete slut, the more effective the result. In my quest to rid Martin of every last vestige of manhood, I get to indulge in ever more depraved and whorish sex. And let us not forget that my husband’s mental agony is accompanied by a perverse arousal that leaves him desperate to masturbate at this relentless torture.

She declared that she wasn’t going to write anymore as of February 13th, so enjoy her blog while it lasts!

UPDATE: I checked the site on March 18, and it was offline.  Too bad.  Well, it was fun while it lasted. 

Shared Cindy

From the no-time-like-the-first-time dept.:

I just came across a entirely too hot blog post at Shared Cindy, that I felt I needed to share with all of you. It’s a great recap of a great first time for a shared wife. Here’s a snip:

Joe made another small grunt and his rhythm broke for a split-second, then he resumed his glorious fucking of my wife. Cindy’s orgasm had subsided and she began to coax Joe into his. “Cum for me, Joe. I want you to cum inside of me.” Joe again made the grunt, this time louder and with a large exhalation of air.

“Oh…”, he uttered.

“Yes, my Darling. Fill me full! Make me a slut wife! Cum inside of me while my husband watches.”

This kind of talk was too much for Joe as he was already close. With another sharp “Ohh… “, then with the same grunt, but much louder, Joe ejaculated inside of Cindy with strong, clenching spasms, exhaling hard with every jet of sperm he sent shooting into Cindy’s clenching pussy.

Here’s a link to the full post from back in August. Enjoy yourself.

The Holiday Life: Down San Miguel Way

Fellow hotwife blogger Clayton Holiday posted a great recap recently of an experience he had watching his wife give an electric poolside blowjob to a total stranger. I completely identify with this experience. There’s really not much hotter. Here’s a snip of his post:

Racked with lust, my wife knelt down before the man and her hand retracted the loose folds of the foreskin to reveal the reddish satin of his cock. Then, she took all of his cock in her mouth; her nose nestled solidly into the black hairiness of the man’s groin.

My wife moaned as she strained to encircle the cock that curved up from a thick mass of black pubic hair.

My cock began to stiffen immediately. I knew so well how it felt to have that delicious tongue swirling around the head of my cock.

Although I was intent upon watching the other man’s hard shaft as it was absorbed deeper into her mouth, I couldn’t stop the unconscious stroking of my own appendage.

Then I noticed the man flexing his hips, sliding his cock even deeper past my wife’s ovalled lips. Her eyes were closed; her face serene and her hair fell against the stranger’s hairy thighs. The bulging veins of his appendage throbbed against the walls of her warm mouth.

The stranger murmured in gratification as he felt my wife’s sucking his cock. He held her head and moved in and out of her mouth as if he were fucking her pussy. He thrusted harder and harder into my wife’s face, so fast she could barely breathe. He moaned and spoke indecently to her while he fucked her mouth in front of me.

“You slutty cocksucker,” he said. “You could earn a living on your knees.”

Hotwife Lisa’s blog

You might recall Hotwife Lisa from a photo post of her’s I uploaded in August? Lisa and her husband Jim have recently started photo blogging. Check out her new blog! The photos they’ve posted so far are super hot–some great dildo shots. I can’t wait to see how it grows and what they post. Enjoy!

Regrettable fucks

Have you ever had a sympathy fuck? A mercy fuck? A revenge fuck? Twisted Monk has started compiling a list of regrettable fucks. Have a look…some of the funnier ones are reader submitted in the comments.

Adult blogging tips

SpankBoss over at the Spanking Blog has posted some great guidelines to help people start blogging adult topics and themes…and we couldn’t agree more. Here’s a snip:

Do make sure you love your theme. If you don’t, you’ll be bored blogging about it every day. Next thing you know, it will be six weeks since you’ve posted.

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