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The Friend With Benefits – An Introduction

So, if you’ve been following me on Twitter, you’ve probably figured out that my wife Allie has a new Friend With Benefits (hereafter just the FWB) that she’s been fucking since the first part of February. 

I thought I’d write a a short introduction to him and describe a typical encounter between the three of us. 

I wouldn’t say it’s a serious girlfriend/boyfriend kind of relationship–but they do spend a lot of time together, both in and out of our bedroom. 

The FWB is a nice guy, and I like hanging out with him. The three of us end up doing a lot of stuff together. Which is cool. But the dynamic is atypical and there’s a tension. Not a bad tension, but it’s there. 

He and I have an understanding that he’s in charge of the bedroom with her for now. And I’m growing okay with that. Allie and I are working hard to keep our personal communication constant so that there aren’t any hurt feelings between her and I–and sometimes they’re have been, but we work on that constantly. 

Any given week it varies how often the FWB comes over, but if I had to guess, I’d estimate that it averages about four nights out of seven. Sometimes more, rarely less. Allie might pay a visit to his house once or twice a month or so–but our place is just easier and more comfortable for them to hook up in.

The FWB is slightly younger than she is. She’s 38. He’s almost 30. He’s in decent physical shape–not great, but not bad either. And he has a lot of tattoos, which she really likes a lot. 

Oh yeah. I forgot to mention one very important detail. He has a huge, nine-inch cock. It’s just ridiculously big. 

I’m not joking. It’s a magnificent specimen. Allie says that it’s not just long, but thick. And heavy. She claims that she’s never encountered a cock before that had such heft–where it feels heavy in her hand. She has told me that when she holds it up over his stomach when he’s laying down and drops it, it makes a solid thud. 

She is, to use her word, “addicted” to his cock and what it does to her.

And what does it do to her?

Well, I’ve only been able to witness them having sex personally a few times with my own eyes. Once in person, once from a far from the hallway, and once on a private video stream from a webcam I set up in our bedroom. So, I can’t say for sure from what I’ve seen. 

Let me instead describe what I’ve heard. 

I’ve heard Allie make more guttural moans and cries from being fucked by her FWB than I’ve ever been able to make her do. I’ve never once been able to elicit the kinds of reactions from her that he has. 

I have made my wife cum countless times. I’ve never once made her cum like he has. Not. Once. 

She screams. She moans. She yells. She thrashes. She claws at the bed. It is scary and intense to listen to her. 

And it’s both wonderful and abjectly humiliating to me. I get so insanely jealous of the reaction he is able to get, and how much she is addicted to his cock. 

They started fucking bareback from the very first encounter they had, because the condom that she had in her purse likely wasn’t going to fit. Plus, I think she wanted to feel him bare inside her pussy. And she knew that I would want to experience his sloppy seconds later after she returned. Which I did. And was instantly hooked. 

Almost always after Allie has sex with the FWB, they cuddle and talk for a few minutes then she shows him the door. Occasionally he’ll spend the night, but it’s very rare. After they kiss goodnight, she typically finds me washing on the couch in the living room waiting for her. Usually, I’m rock hard, turned on from listening to her get drilled upstairs in our bed. 

Allie almost always does the same thing: she’ll open up her robe and let it drop to the floor. Then she’ll come over to where I’m laying and without much small talk or introduction, climb on top of me to straddle my head so that she can dump his cum all over my face and into my mouth. 

Honestly, I can’t tell you how many creampies from my wife’s pussy I’ve experienced in the past six months from the FWB. I’ve just lost count. 50? 60? 80? Have no idea. But every time, without complaint, I’ve swallowed up every drop, and tongued her used pussy clean as best as I could. I’ll write more about Allie’s creampies some other time soon. 

After I lick her clean, she will usually climb on top of my cock and let me inside her. Or she’ll lay back and spread her legs for me. 

And here’s the thing. Well, two things. 

First, no matter how well I think I can lap up a creampie with my tongue, it still coats the inside of her pussy completely. So, her insides are just amazingly slick–much more so if she was just wet and gushing. 

And second, after months of fucking her with his massive thick cock, the FWB has just ruined Allie’s pussy. I mean it’s rearranged. Completely stretched out, especially in the hour or two after they’ve been together. Allie just gets opened up. 

So what does that mean? More humiliation for me. Because I can’t have that effect on her, no matter what. I’m just not equipped for it. And I don’t have a small cock–but there’s just no comparison to his. 

So combine her cum-coated pussy with being completely gaped open by his enormous tool, and it makes for a completely alien sensation. It just feels otherworldly. In a good way! 

But there’s no chance that I can last long under those conditions. Not after listening to her cum again and again and again upstairs, screaming and carrying on. Not after licking and lapping his cum out of my panting wife and getting the mindfuck of becoming more and more submissive to him because of it. And not after experiencing how he obliterates her pussy night after night after night. 

I usually cum in minutes. 

And Allie is happy about that. 

She loves that I’m mindfucked by the experience, humiliated and put in my place by his bedroom superiority. 

She loves the exasperated smile on my face. 

And frankly, she’s usually too exhausted by him to be able to go on much longer each night.

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