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How does it feel to be a cuckold? In a word: Jealous

A lot of you have been emailing me privately over the past week or so, since I started to talk more about how Allie has a new lover in her life. Most of your questions have been, more or less, about how does it feel?

Tom asks:

How does it feel to be a cuckold now, David?

Jason asks:

What’s been going through your mind now that Allie is fucking again?

The truth is, I couldn’t feel better. But the feeling, is indeed, jealousy. How can I reconcile the two, you might ask?

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately, as you can imagine. Why would I enjoy feeling jealous? I wrote a memorable post on cuckold jealousy last year, but now I’m still dealing with my own personal issues.

Time and time again, I’ve counseled readers privately with their own feelings of jealousy as they explore their own cuckold / hotwife experiences and fantasies. I can attest that I had kind of forgotten how particularly powerful they can be. What is it about jealousy that could possibly be enjoyable though?

So, I started thinking about why people might enjoy other kinds of fetishes. You know, like spanking, or water sports, or extreme humiliation. Of course, there are tons of reasons why people might be into whatever fetish they crave, so I’m not even going to attempt to try to generalize them all.

One thing got me thinking though. Fetishes do generate incredible emotional responses, some we might classify as good, and some we might call bad. But all of them are very powerful emotions. It could be, that for some people, the raw power of a particular emotion–even something we might at first consider bad or harmful, could become a turn on. Just like the person that enjoys being spanked–and begins to get off on the pain of it–a person could begin to be turned on by the feeling of jealousy.

So, watching my hot wife get fucked, or, as in the case so far with Mark, hearing about her getting fucked stirs up some incredible pangs of jealousy, not to mention some incredibly hot views. And that jealousy, in turn, drives my passion for Allie.

There are other reactions I have in addition, sure. I love seeing her being a slut, and I love watching her in action. I love the buildup to her leaving on a date, and I love the play-by-play I get when she gets home. And there are other perks as well.

What do you think? Think I might be on to something? Post your thoughts in the comments and I’ll try to keep up with the conversation.

9 Responses to “How does it feel to be a cuckold? In a word: Jealous”

  1. on 30 Apr 2008 at 5:12 pmhoodie

    Is there a bit of a bi angle here too? Seeing those big cocks being serviced and plunging into your wife’s cunt?

    Not to mention slurping other dude’s cum out of that used cunt.

    I suppose that it’s NOT a bi thing, but rather that a straight guy HAS TO slurp down that other guy’s cum, but always seemed to be that there’s a bit of bi-curiousity at the very least. Not to mention stories where the cuckold is down there licking assholes and balls while the BIG cock is in his wife.

  2. on 30 Apr 2008 at 6:26 pmMichael


    I remember your post on jealousy and it helped me understand my own jealous feelings and the turn on aspect. My wife has been seeing other men since 2000. We are an older couple late fifties. She is currently seeing a much younger man, late 20s. In addition I pay for the apartment they have together, utilities and food.
    I also travel for work, so when I get home sometimes she calls and tells me she’ll be home later, maybe. She knows how to put me through it. She is so ready for me when she does arrive. We are still so sexual together, the sex just keeps getting better. I know it is partially due to the HotWife/cuckhold lifestyle.
    I’m jealous but in a turned on way, turned on that she is still so hot and can attract a much younger man.
    Thank both of you for your site.


  3. on 01 May 2008 at 2:57 amwads

    My girlfriend and I swing only with select parteners since we insist on playing bareback. We both get off on watching each other fucking.

    For me, the most erotic part of this lifestyle is the drive home afterwords. The knowledge that she is sitting beside me with another mans sperm swimming around in her body makes me hard as a rock. We always end up fucking the night away once we get home, and yes, my sperm ends up swimming with his inside her womb.

    For her, she has told me that she loves seeing my ass cheeks flexing as I am screwing another woman and the look on the husbands face as I ejaculate deep into his wifes womb.

    In short I guess she and I are a couple of cream pie junkies.

  4. on 01 May 2008 at 5:54 amLiz

    Facinating thread!!! Wads and I aren’t exactly into the cuck lifestyle, but we do experince something like it. I should warn you that, what I am about to share, is very personal and may be offensive to some. So read on at your own risk.

    Many years ago, despite birth control I became pregnant and ended up with a man that I didn’t really love. Finding our sex life to be very vanilla and dull, I began looking at other men. I was 3 1/2 months along in my pregnancy when I met Wads.

    What can I say, it was chemistry. I found myself in his bed only hours after we met. I knew that, if my finace ever found out I was screwing another man with his offspring growing inside me, it would be devistaing and cause him unspeakable immotional pain. Strangely though, this turned me on…

    While pushing my hips upwards to meet Wad’s deep thrusts, I imagined confessing this infidelity to my fiance and seeing the hurt in his eyes. I was feeling so sleezy and guilty, yet so powerful and in control. I ended up cumming very hard with those thoughts while Wad’s dick streatched my pussy.

    To make a long story short, I knew I could not marry a man that I didn’t love and have his child. I ended up braking it off with him and terminating the pregnancy. I know that may sound selfish to some, but I am just not cut out for motherhood. Upon healing up, I got fixed.

    I couldn’t have intercourse for quite a while after the abortion. Wads did however make gentle oral love to me durring this time and I enjoyed returning the favor. We also watched a lot of couples porn. It was durring this period that we discussed swinging.

    Wads and I now swing with only a select few since we prefer bareback. Every time I look into Wad’s eyes as another mans bare cock enters me, I remember my ex fiance. Soon after, wicked and evil tinges surge through my body which always leads to powerful multiple orgasms.

    On the same token, I love to watch the husband of the woman Wads is fucking. There always seems to be a mixture of pain with arousal. Barebacking seems to intensify this. It is so much more personal.

    I do experience small twangs of jealousy when I see Wads with another woman which makes me feel kind of submissive. This is nice too. I think that we all have cuck tendancies weather we realize them or not.

  5. on 01 May 2008 at 5:12 pmlupo

    I took a test a few weeks ago. It made you think about things from your youth to find out why you want to be a cuckold. I filled it out, took about 4 hours to do so. At the end I sent it to my wife like it said to.

    The thing I most got out of it is that I have always liked hotwives and was always wanted to be a cuckold. I say this with my mouth open in shock. Wheb I first read about Cuckolding I thought no was… even pissy about it. Yet as a kid (16 till 21) all my girfrinds cheated on me and in that time I only had sex twice. I was drawn to that type of person. I even took and Cuckolded a GI myself when I meet my wife she was daating a guy in the arm forces that was over seas. when he came back I got that jelous feeling. I won and he lost her. Now 1f years later we are meeting (I meet him for lunch today) a guy to fuck my wife and for him to make me a cuckold and leave me creampies to clean up… how things change and stay the same.

  6. on 02 May 2008 at 5:04 pmStace

    I don’t fully understand where I fit into all of this. The wife and I commenced our journey into other parties via some dogging – getting off in the car while others watched, self stimulated and gradually were invited into things via light touching etc. She liked the attention. One of our firiends came home with us and had a few drinks in the courtyard. He was eventually invited to cum over my wife tits. Rather than ogle, I observed from a distance getting drinks etc. Things gradually built and we have met others. Watching Carole prepare is exciting, seeing her happy that in her late 40’s she can still attract men, watching men with her and watching her go from partially interested to fully interested is so exciting. I suppose some jealousy but its more excitement, pride and invigourating that we are prepared to keep pushing new boundaries in our sex life in our 40’s with three kids (one 21) and 23 years of marriage. I have no interest in being with other ladies but are stimulated by Carole taking partners with me or around me. I would be happy for her to have somebody without me but she is not interested as yet in travelling that road. I have to say, however, that there is no interest on my part to be fully cuckolded to the point of cream pies, humiliation etc. To me, this crosses into bi-sexuality fantasies or a variation of bondage. No, for me, to have a big boobed, curvy woman around that is prepared to fuck others for the enjoyment of it with me as part of the team is where the whole hot wife thing is. I understand that for others there other variations. The common theme is we all love hot fucking wives!

  7. on 04 May 2008 at 2:07 pmRobert Lee

    So what are the other perks you are talking about? What is your thoughts on the fantasy of Allie getting knocked up by another man while you are off working and can only hear it on the phone?

    I love having my wife sleep with other men and filling her during their sex sessions. For me there are two things I love about it: the hot warm feel of another man’s cum inside her knowing she could get knocked up, and knowing she is getting laid by a man with a much larger cock.

  8. on 30 Jun 2008 at 3:17 pmJROCK

    The experiences I felt at the beginning of my cuckold, interracial lifestyle is jealousy and an overwhelming feeling of excitement that takes over but jealousy does play a factor but then its that same jealously that drives the fetish like what David mention in his blog. for other husband it could be something different, but usually it all boils down to the same thing, watching the hot wife getting stuffed! and its the best fetish for me at least.

  9. on 06 Nov 2008 at 5:58 pmbfrank

    We started by going to a topless beach.My wife was too embarrassed to remove her bikini top but after I continued to encourage her to do it,she relented and slipped her top off to reveal her big fat tits.The guys walking by couldnt stop staring at my sexy wife and I found myself hard as a rock.My wife discovered that she loved the attention and the effect it had on me.One day,after 3 visits to this beach, a good looking young guy stopped by our blanket and struck up a converstion with us and shared some beers with us.He kept complimenting my wife on how hot she looked and we drank and got very relaxed.I asked him if hed like to come home for more drinks and he readily accepted.At home,my wife slipped into a sheer nightie and soon I asked if hed like to take some hot photos of her.She was nervous but very excited and a little drunk too.After some topless photos,i told mary to slip off her panties and she nervously complied.A few nude pics and I was massaging her clit and sucking her tits and soon i motioned out friend to join us.Mary never flinched as he began eating her soaking wet pussy.When she started moaning loudly,I motioned for him to enter her because I knew she was beyond refusing.I almost came instantly as I watched this man slide his big fat cock into my young wifes pussy for her first time with another guy.Mary started to moan and wrapped her legs around his back as he kissed her deeply and they fucked wildly like ive never seen her fuck before.He started groaning and as I stroked my cock he shot off in my wife .Watching his ass cheeks tighten and his ball sack contract as my wife screamed in orgasm sent me over the top.I shot off all over my belly.I was hard again quickly and more aroused than ive ever been.When I inserted my cock in marys sloppy cummy pussy and felt another mans cum in her for the first time,i was hooked for life.I couldnt control myself and shot off inside her.The mixture of jealousy and fear and arousal was something that cant be explained unless you experience it yourself.After that night,my wife became a hotwife and had well over a hundred men over the course of 15 years.many were steady lovers who satisfied her on a regular basis and I loved having her as a hotwife.

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