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Hotwife Story: Allie at the Adult Theater

By Seth

I happened to be in Cincinnati for the weekend and I called David and Allie Friday night to see if they were around and if they might like to join me for dinner that night. I called their house, and Allie answered the phone and we chatted for a few minutes and then she put the phone down and called David on his cell phone to see if he wanted to meet for dinner.

We made arrangements to meet at a buffalo wings place near their house. I got to the restaurant first and only had to wait a few minutes before Dave and Allie showed up. Allie looked good enough to eat. She was wearing some sexy jean shorts that hugged her ass perfectly and white tank top barely kept her full breasts hidden. I was looking at the menu while I waited when they walked in and Allie came up nice and close to me, rubbing her breasts against my arm and whispered into my ear “So what do you like on the menu? I hear their breasts, I mean Chicken breast sandwich is good…especially with some special sauce…”

I looked up into Allie’s eyes and she had an evil twinkle in them as she stood there with her tongue pressed out against the side of her mouth, looking like she was giving head. I replied “You like special sauce on your chicken breasts do you?”

Allie then said “I love my breasts covered in sauce….”

David interrupted saying “All right you two, behave!”

We sat down and had a good meal and basically caught up on what both of us had been doing since the last time I saw them. I could tell that Allie had something on her mind, so I asked her to “spill the beans…”

Allie looked over at David and gave him a raised eyebrow look and David leaned over, to make sure nobody would hear and said “What are you doing tomorrow night?” I shook my head “nothing” and David continued “Allie wants to take a road trip and was wondering if you’d like to join us in going to Indiana…”

I asked what was in Indiana and Allie replied quickly “A Movie house….A X-rated theater..”

I smiled at Allie and said “Oh, you still have that fantasy of yours don’t you??” Allie took a drink of her beer and said “You betcha!”

We quickly paid our tab and walked out to the parking lot. David asked me where I was staying and I told him that I was thinking of driving to a friends place and he suggested that I just stay at their place, especially if I was planning on going with them to Indiana. So I followed them home to their house and spent the rest of the night there. Nothing too much happened the rest of the night, Allie wanted to save herself for tomorrow night, but she did give me one of her famous blow jobs and I rewarded her with a huge load of cum on her breasts, just like she likes.

Saturday morning came too soon for my liking, and I was woke up by Allie jumping on my bed and saying, “Get up! Time to shower so we can bet out of here and head to Indiana!”

I gave Allie’s sexy breasts a good morning squeeze and made my way into the shower and when I came out, David had already printed out driving directions to Clarksville, IN where the place was. I asked what the name of the theater was and Allie replied “Theatair X”

I laughed and said “That’s real original…”

David spoke, “It’s spelled fancy…to make it sound more High class. We heard about it from a couple we played with and they said the wife had an incredible time there, so we hope Allie does also!”

I asked about how long the drive was and David said that it would take us about 2-3 hours, depending on traffic. Allie went to her bedroom to get dressed for the trip and David said “Allie’s really glad you can come with us. This is something new for her. She wants to play with complete strangers and never learn their names. I’m not sure if she will fuck anyone besides the two of us, but she sure plans on sucking and jacking off a lot of cock tonight!”

Allie came down in a nice tight flowered sun dress that buttoned completely down the front. She had on black stockings and her black CFM stripper shoes and she had on one of her anklets. Allie could tell I was checking her out and she said “It’s my ‘I give great head anklet!'”

Allie stood there for a minute and David walked up behind her and “ripped” open her dress from behind. Actually, her dress had snaps up the front, so she just popped out of the dress. Allie was now standing in front of me wearing just stockings, a garter belt and a black shelf cup less bra. Her nipples were out for all to see.

David said “She’s going to have those guys playing with their cocks in no time when she takes off her dress!”

I agreed that Allie did look hot and if we didn’t get on the road soon, I was going to fuck her right there on the couch. Allie chuckled and put her dress back on, and said “I’m planning on fucking you, just not right now!”

We went out to David and Allie’s SUV and loaded up the back with our bags and David asked if I would mind sitting in the back with Allie as he drove. I didn’t have any problem with that and soon we were heading down the highway towards Indiana.

We had hardly left Cincinnati before Allie announced out loud that she was horny and wanted to play. She began tugging at my zipper on my pants and pulled out my hardening cock through the opening. As quickly as the head appeared from my pants, it disappeared into her mouth; Allie had what she wanted: a cock to play with.

Allie wasted no time in sending me to heaven and back. She swirled her tongue around my cock head and then took my semi hard cock deep into her mouth, all the way to my balls. I had learned that Allie liked to do this trick of deep throating a growing cock and then lifting her head slowly up the shaft as it grew. She told me once that she loved the feeling of a “never ending” cock in her mouth, as she called it. Well I didn’t disappoint her and I felt my shaft grow harder and longer as she sucked slowly back up to my swollen head.

Allie took her mouth off my cock for a second so she could look at me and while she ran her hand up and down my shaft she told me to sit back and enjoy the ride soon and then swallowed me down her throat again. I’m sure David could hear my moans of pleasure, mixing with Allie’s mouth slurping on my cock.

I watched Allie work on my cock for a few more minutes before I tapped her on the side of her head and asked her “Wanna fuck?” Allie smiled at me and said “That was the general idea…I plan on fucking both you and David and being full of your cum before we go into the theater.”

I looked at Allie and she smiled even wider and said “That’s right, CREAM PIE me Baby!” I could see that David was looking in the rear view mirror and he said “Fill her up nice and full for me, will ya?” Well, with an offer like that and her husband’s approval, who was I to refuse Allie?

Like I had mentioned before, Allie was dressed for easy accessibility. With her button-down the front sun dress and garter belt and stocking, she was ready to play. I unbuttoned most of the buttons on her dress and began playing with both Allie’s breasts and pussy, alternating between the two areas. It wasn’t too long before the car was filled with the smell of Allie’s horny pussy and David laughed and said “I think she’s about ready to fuck. If you play any more with her pussy I think she’ll explode.”

Allie purred like a horny kitten and said “He’s right….I need your cock and I need it now!”

I maneuvered Allie onto her back so she was lying flat on the car seat and finished unbuttoning her dress completely. She put one leg over the back of the front passenger seat and the other over top of the back seat spreading her pussy wide open for me. I looked into Allie’s eyes and said “I want to taste you for a minute first.” Allie just smiled and said “My favorite! Lick it before you stick it!”

I lowered my mouth to her pussy and began to eat on her. I heard the sounds of her first orgasm very soon, one of many to come before the night was over. I ate and fingered her pussy and played with her tits and nipples. Allie loved it. Her moans and groans of pleasure and orgasms were almost constant.

I couldn’t take it anymore and I kicked off my shoes and pulled my pants and boxers completely off so I could really give Allie a good pounding. I moved up between her legs, put the head of my cock against her pussy lips and rubbed her clit nice and hard. I felt her pussy juice moisten the tip of my cock and knew she was ready and I pushed my cock into her.

Allie moaned out to my cock penetrating her, “Oh, yessss… FUCK ME GOOD!” Allie put her arms around my neck and squeezed her thighs tight against me as I began to pump into her body. David began to tell Allie when we were driving next to a semi-truck and she seemed to clench her pussy tighter around my cock as we passed the truck. We all laughed as we were passing this one JB HUNT truck and the trucker must have noticed Allie getting fucked in the back seat, because he blew his air horn. After that, it seemed like every truck we passed while I fucked Allie blew it’s horn.

Knowing we had an audience, Allie stuck her tongue in my ear, a trick she learned that makes me cum pretty quickly when fucking and soon I was pounding into her pussy like a jackhammer. Allie could tell I was getting close and she cried out “Fill me up with your cum. Give me your cum NOW!” Between both Allie’s tight pussy and her screaming for me to fill her up, I lost it and flooded her pussy with a eruption of molten cum. I must have fired three good hard streams into her before my body started to quiver and I collapsed on top of her. Allie kept yelling out “YES! YES! YES!” as my cock throbbed inside of her.

The scent of pussy and cum filled the car as Allie and I cuddled in the back seat. David asked Allie if she had fun and Allie replied “Don’t I always have fun with him?” David chuckled and told her she had a good point and shook his head. Allie then asked me to sit up so she could stretch her legs. Allie didn’t bother putting her dress back on and sat next to me topless, with her tits visible to anyone who we passed. A couple of cars noticed and this one young guy in a Mustang kept trying to get beside us to get a good look. Allie told both David and me that she was going to have some fun and she rolled down her window and cupped her breasts so the kid could get a good eye full. She even tweaked her nipples and licked her lips for the kids viewing pleasure. David told her to moon the kid and Allie stood up and stuck her ass out the window for a moment and then sat back down and the kid honked and waved his approval for the show.

We pulled off the highway to get some gas and Allie put her dress on. While we were pumping gas, I noticed that the kid in the Mustang had pulled in behind us at the next pump. I nudged Allie and nodded my head for David to see and we all laughed. Allie said to us “Watch this and she walked back to the kid’s car. David and I watched as Allie talked and flirted with the kid and then I heard David say “She’s playing with her hair… She wants to fuck him!”

Allie put her arm around the kid’s arm and walked him back toward our car. She smiled at us and said “This is Joe…He enjoyed my little show I put on for him and he wants to ask you guys a question, but he’s afraid, so I’ll ask it for him……Can I suck his cock while he drives?”

David and looked at each other in disbelief at what we had just heard. Allie was wanting to blow a guy she just picked up on the highway. She was obviously hornier than we could ever guess.

David started to protest, but Allie had the plan figured out. There was a rest stop about 20 miles up the road on the to where we were going and she would take a cell phone and Joe, the kid would give us his cash and credit cards. He’d get his money back when we got Allie back at the rest area. During the drive from the gas station to the rest area, she’d suck and play with his cock…

David looked at me with a “what do you think” look and I just shrugged my shoulders. David thought about the offer for a second and just nodded his head “OK” and we gave Allie a cell phone and Joe handed me his money and credit cards. David and I both just stood next to the car as we watched Allie walk back with Joe to his Mustang and they got in.

David shook his head and muttered to himself “I’m married to a slut and I love it!”

We got back into David’s SUV and drove off down the road with Joe and Allie following us. Soon the Mustang passed us and Allie flashed us her boobs as they drove by. Passing us and getting in front of us must have been part of Allie’s plan. For just as soon as they got in front of us, we watched Allie’s head lean over and begin bobbing up and down on Joe’s lap.

David had me get his camera out and take a couple of pictures of Allie as she sucked cock in the car in front of us. It wasn’t long before Allie lifted her head and she stuck her hand out the window and waived us forward. As David pulled up beside the Mustang, Allie rolled down the window and opened her mouth. We could see the Kid’s load all over her mouth and face. I leaned across David and snapped a picture of Allie’s face before she swallowed down the load.

For the next couple of miles, all David could talk about was what a Hot slut Allie was. The Mustang pulled in behind us as we drove and I watched as Allie leaned back in the seat, put her feet up on the dashboard and played with her pussy and tits. David noticed what she was doing in the mirrors and basically screamed to me “Get some pictures of that!” I crawled into the back seat and took a couple of pictures of Allie in the car behind us, fingering her pussy.

We made it to the rest area and pulled in and Joe pulled in with Allie right behind us. David gave him back his money and credit cards and Allie gave Joe a big kiss and squeezed his cock through his pants and thanked him for the fun ride. Joe looked at David and said “Dude, your wife is WILD!” David smiled and said “Why do you think I married her? Her pussy is the best ever and she likes to share!”

We said our goodbyes and watched Joe get into his car and drive away. Allie just smiled at the two of us and said “It’s been awhile since I had cock that young. I forgot how much a 21 yr cums.” I smiled and said to her “Well, we have proof of his wad on film for ya!”

David pulled out the map and told us we were only about 40 miles from where we were going and asked Allie if she could behave herself until we got to the hotel and checked in. Allie promised to be good….since both her pussy and tummy were full of cum she could wait awhile before needing more cock….but only just a little while…

6 Responses to “Hotwife Story: Allie at the Adult Theater”

  1. on 19 Apr 2007 at 2:51 pmRichard

    holly shit that was fucking hot got a go…. Thanks to that story I’m all sticky hope to me someone like her once I’m back in the states.

  2. on 09 Sep 2008 at 5:32 pmMichigan Bill

    Allie is so HOT!!!

  3. on 15 Nov 2010 at 11:46 pmmaree

    I had sex in cars before with strangers, but never pick them up from gas station and went in their cars, for a blowjob. Have to do this very soon..

  4. on 07 Dec 2010 at 4:40 pmM

    I’ve been to the XXX Theater at Exit 4, just across the line from Louisville, KY in Indiana a hundred times or more with my ex wife. It is a fun place to party.
    she would never wear panties or bra. She would always get naked in the theater and let the guys feel her up and suck on her tits but that’s all.
    She would bring her own male friends with us to fuck her in front of the other men there so she would be safe.

  5. on 19 Dec 2010 at 7:01 amJerry

    Great story!!! what happened at the theater??? would love to read it..

  6. on 19 Dec 2010 at 7:02 amJerry

    I am a trucker and we love to see these things happen and to be flashed.

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