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Hotwife Story: Allie and the Bachelor Party

By Seth

A friend of mine was getting married and I had mentioned to David if Allie and he would like to come to the party, they were more than welcome. David asked if we had any “entertainment” for the evening and I said we were working in getting a stripper for the party. David mentioned that they had met this incredible lady who was a stripper at a club they go to and told me her name was Buffy gave me her number. I called Buffy and discussed that I had gotten her name from David and Allie and she even lowered her normal fee since I was a friend of theirs.

On the day of the Bachelor Party, Buffy called and said that she would have to cancel because her regular escort was unavailable. I told her David and Allie were coming to the party and Buffy said she would make arrangements to ride with them and they could act as escorts for her. Buffy called me back and said she had talked with Allie and it was all set.

Buffy showed up with David and Allie at the hotel and there were 10 guys, including David and Buffy and Allie. I took Buffy into the bathroom and discussed the business specifics with her. While we were in the bathroom talking, David introduced Allie to the rest of the guys and the bachelor. Buffy and I came out of the bathroom just to hear the guys asking Allie if she was part of the show also. Allie told them that she was just there keeping her friend company and to watch the show and she wouldn’t be entertaining.

The guys told Allie that if she was going to watch, she had to play the same drinking game as them. For every article of clothing that Buffy stripped off, they all had to do a shot of tequila. Pete, the bachelor, said he would be offended if Allie didn’t play along. Allie looked at David and agreed to play…

Buffy had me turn on her music and she started her show. She was a good dancer and she took her time taking off her clothes. She wriggled all around and gave the guys little lap dances and made her way around the room while all the guys clapped and cheered. Every time she took off a little piece of clothing, the guys passed around a tequila bottle and took a big swig of it. They made quite the big deal when the bottle was passed to Allie and she took a big swig from it! David came over to where I was standing and said “You know Allie and tequila don’t mix too well….She gets really horny when she drinks it!” I just smiled at him and shrugged. David had noticed that 2 of the guys there were my friends who had played with Allie in the past, so he smiled and asked “Are you planing a gang bang for Allie tonight?” I told him that I wasn’t sure that the other guys were up to it, but if he and Allie wanted to play after the party, that would be fine with me and my two friends.

After Buffy had taken off like the 4th piece of clothing I could tell Allie was well on her way to getting hammered! She was getting into the act and started whooping it up with the guys and yelling at Buffy to take it off! Buffy noticed Allie getting into the show and came over and gave her a little lap dance also. The guys really liked watching that and wanted Allie and her to make out. Allie shook her head no and said “I’m not drunk enough yet!”

By the time Buffy was down to her g-string and bikini top, Allie was sitting on my friend B’s lap! Now Allie had fucked B a couple of times before tonight, so she was comfortable with him. Allie was wearing a little mini-skirt and a crop-top and B’s hands were roaming all over her, especially over her pussy which was exposed since she was straddling him and not wearing any panties. The guys saw what was going on and started to chant B’s name as he felt Allie’s boobs and then pulled up her top to flash everyone.

Buffy, the hired entertainment, not wanting to be out-done, yanked her top off and shook her tits at the crowd as the guys cheered. Of course, she took her top off they all did a shot! After a few more g-string lap dances Buffy went over to Pete, the bachelor, and got him to pull her g-string off with his teeth. Everyone clapped and cheered and they all did another shot of tequila.

Now that Buffy was completely naked, the guys started throwing dollar bills at her and she got on the floor and started writhing around and rubbing herself with the money. Buffy looked up at Allie and saw that the guy she was sitting on was now putting his fingers in her pussy and was fingering her. Again not wanting to be out down, Buffy stuck her finger in her pussy and started masturbating for the guys. They went nuts and started chanting. Allie went nuts watching Buffy play with herself and soon everyone in the room was yelling at Buffy to fuck herself with a beer bottle!

Buffy paused for a moment and then reached out and took David’s beer from his hands, took a big swig out of it, then laid down on the carpet and slowly stuck the tip of it inside herself. The guys were nuts watching Buffy and one of them shouted out “Let us lick your pussy!” Buffy stopped playing with herself and said that that wasn’t part of the show, it was “HANDS OFF.” Allie leaned over and asked her drunkenly if it was “Hands Off” for her too? Buffy looked confused and the guys really started cheering, so she shrugged and said, “What the fuck.”

Allie climbed off the guy she was on and got on her knees and knelt over Buffy and slowly ran her tongue around her body. The guys moved in to get a better look as Allie ran her tongue around Buffy’s nipples and then up to her mouth and gave her a big french kiss. The guys exploded in a big cheer at the sight of the two women making out!

Allie broke off the kiss and worked her way back down to Buffy’s pussy and started to lick her. Once Allie was there licking Buffy, the same guy who had yelled out and asked to eat Buffy’s pussy, blurted out again to Allie “Let us lick your pussy!” Buffy agreed and said “Yeah, let them lick YOUR pussy.” Allie paused for a minute and looked at David. He nodded his head YES and Allie looked back at the guys and said”Okay!” and hiked up her skirt up over her ass. One of the guys got behind Allie and started licking her pussy. She kept eating Buffy while the guys lined up and fought over who would get to taste her next.

After a few minutes of pussy eating, R another one of my friends who Allie knew and had been with suggested that the women give Pete the Bachelor a blow job. R used the reasoning that it was a party in Pete’s honor after all… Buffy didn’t like the idea and repeated that this was a “Hands Off” event and that included her doing anything sexual with any of the guys. Allie again looked over at David and he shrugged and gave her the OK. Allie looked back at Buffy with a wicked grin and said she’d blow the Bachelor, but Buffy had to do it also. Buffy again said “NO WAY!” And the two of them went back and forth about it for a while. Finally Buffy said she’d do it, but Allie had to go first. I think Buffy was counting on Allie not doing it, but once Allie gets good and horny, there’s no stopping her. And add in the fact that she’d had a few shots of tequila and Allie was about ready for anything!

Allie crawled over to Pete on her hands and knees and she started to loosen his belt on his pants. Pete reached down and grabbed her hands and asked her to stop. He professed his love for his soon to be wife and didn’t want to do anything that he might regret. All of the other guys groaned and started calling him names like “pussy whipped” and “chicken shit.” Allie wasn’t about to give up without a fight, so she started to rub Pete’s cock through his pants, while Pete argued with everyone. You could see that what she was doing had an effect on him and soon Pete’s cock was making a tent in the front of his pants. Allie gripped his bulge and looked into his eyes and asked Pete in a sexy voice “Sure you don’t want me to suck your cock?”

Pete couldn’t take it anymore and gave into peer pressure and undid his belt and let Allie do the rest. Allie unzipped his fly and pulled out Pete’s cock and started to run her tongue up and down his shaft. She then put her lips around his cock head and the guys let out a big cheer as Allie started to bob her head up and down on Pete’s cock. Allie bobbed her head up and down a few times on his cock and then pulled her mouth off of it, leaving a string of saliva from her chin to Pete’s cock hanging and told Buffy to come over and get a taste of the bachelor.

Buffy hesitated, but the guys were cheering and Allie looked at her and said “A deals, a deal!” So Buffy gave in and crawled over to Pete and Allie and took his cock in her hand and Buffy slowly started to jack Pete off. Buffy paused for a second and looked at Allie and then back at Pete’s hard cock in her hand and said “Screw it!” and she leaned over and took Pete into her mouth and began sucking on his cock.

After a few seconds of sucking, Buffy stopped and yelled out that she wanted a shot of tequila. Somebody handed her a bottle and Buffy took a nice long drink of tequila. She handed the bottle to Allie, and put her mouth back on Pete’s cock and began blowing him again. Buffy, it turned out was a really good cock sucker and with in minutes she had Pete ready to blow his load. Allie wanted to taste it, but Buffy refused to let Allie have a suck and Pete erupted in Buffy’s mouth. When Pete was done cumming, Buffy took her mouth off of his cock, grabbed Allie’s face and gave her a deep, passionate french kiss. As it turned out, Buffy hadn’t swallowed Pete’s was and was actually sharing his load with Allie while kissing her. The girls broke off their kiss and each of them wiped their mouth with their hands and smiled at each other.

Allie then looked at Buffy and said ” So who should we fuck first?” Buffy looked at Allie and said “Excuse me?” Allie replied to her “You said if I blew the Bachelor, you’d help me fuck these guys…” Buffy really started protesting and screaming at Allie “I didn’t say that!” They bickered back and forth until Allie suggested that Buffy blow each of us and act as Allie’s “Fluffer” and Allie would fuck each of us. Buffy agreed to the idea and reached for the guy closest to her and unzipped his pants, got his cock out and started sucking on it. Allie moved to the bed and motioned for David and me to come over to her. She asked David if he had brought any condoms and David handed Allie her fuck bag, which contained her condoms and lube.

Allie looked at me and asked “You want to go first since you invited me to this party?” I unzipped my pants and pulled them off and let Allie suck on my cock till I was hard to her liking. She handed me condom and told me to get on my back. Allie then straddled me and positioned her pussy over my cock head and lowered herself down onto me. She was super wet and I slide in pretty easy and Allie began to ride me. It didn’t take long for her to switch from nice slow strokes to almost jackhammer pace. Allie needed to cum on a cock and she wanted to cum now. I could feel her pussy start to tighten and she put her hands on my shoulders and ground her pelvis into mine as she gave into her passion and started to cum while on top of me.

After a minute or so, Allie stopped moving on me and had me roll with her so she ended up on her back. She then put her legs around my waist and said to me “Fuck me good….” I started to thrust into her and Allie started to clench her pussy muscles around my cock, massaging it as I pumped into her. Allie had done this trick before to me, and each time before she had done her “cock massage” I hadn’t lasted too long…this time was no different. I felt my balls tighten and I pounded into her has I came. Once my orgasm was done, Allie had me pull out and remove the condom and hand it to her. She called out to everyone in the room to watch her. She wanted to do a special party shot. Allie took a swig of tequila, and then put the condom to her lips and let my semen flow from the condom into her mouth. When she had emptied the contents of the condom in her mouth, she opened her mouth and showed everyone. She then took another shot of tequila and motioned for Buffy to come over to the bed.

Allie grabbed the back of Buffy’s head and forced her mouth open with her tongue and shared her special cum and tequila shot with Buffy. Everyone went wild in the room and both girls seemed to enjoy it. I just laid there and enjoyed the show myself!

The next hour or so after I fucked Allie was an orgy of sex. Buffy went around the room licking and sucking everyones cock getting them hard so they could fuck Allie, and Allie was busy fucking whoever was ready for her. By the end of the night all the guys were buck naked with limp cocks and spent. Buffy was sitting on the floor between a guys legs getting a gentle back massage. Allie finally declared the party over and her pussy closed for the night. She got up off the bed and walked over to Buffy and pulled her up off the floor and lead her into the bathroom and the two of them took a shower to clean up. After they had showered, Allie and Buffy came out of the bathroom and Allie looked at David and me and said “10 guys in one night… Now that’s what I call a PARTY!”

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