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Why would a man want his wife to fuck another man? A Woman’s Perspective

At a new and extremely exciting hotwife forum, a thoughtful hotwife named Liz has written a spectacular post about some reasons they enjoy the hotwife lifestyle, and some observations she’s made about why on earth some husbands and wives would want to engage in this kind of play. Here’s her post:

It is nice to know that there are couples that share our predilictions and fetishes. We have found a fun and interesting activity that we feel enhances our relationship. I believe that when a couple can find something they both enjoy it is important to share that with each other. Too few couples let their true feelings be known to each other.

For people here who have never tried it and are curious or fantasize about it, even if it never comes to pass I suggest that you both enjoy it for what it is. Having sex with other people is not for everyone as my husband often advises, but if it is for you it is fun, harmless and rewarding for both.

I have been asked by others what I feel when I am having sex with another man in front of my husband. That is a complex question actually. The feeling varies with the situation and the person involved, but mainly it is one of my desire to show my husband that I can be very good and please not just him but all men of varies tastes and desires.

In reality my husband and I enjoy different scenarios. I prefer to have him in bed with my other partner. My biggest thrill is to have two hard men available for me in whatever position I am in. I love to be on my belly/side with one leg pulled up to my chest and have one man entering me from behind and the other kneeling in front. The experience of having two cocks at one time is for the the ultimate thrill and satisfaction.

I also like to have the men exchange postions often especially when they are in me. The contrast of having two totally different cocks in and out of my pussy is the biggest thrill imaginable. It is especially good if the men are different sized. When one pulls out and the other enters it “confuses” my pussy in a very erotic way, then my pussy adjusts to the new cock and no sooner then it gets used to it, they exchange once again.

The culmination of the experience is when the first man comes in me. I love the feeling of it flowing into me and whether it is my imagination or not – I feel each and every spurt. When the second man enters me after the first one comes ( this is usually my husband) then the sensation is enhanced even more. I can feel him better in me. It is like the cum provides addtional feeling not unlike a massage oil does when a masseuse applied it to your muscles.

For my husband – he prefers to watch me completely from beginning to end. I tend to put on a little show for him as I do this. How I do this varies with the mood and the other man. I prefer to take charge of the sex. That means I like to be on the top giving the appearance that I am in control. I will use my motions to satisfy the man. I always enjoy making sure that my husband is part of it. I will motion to him to lean forward and give me a brief kiss – this is highly erotic kissing my husband while another mans cock is inside me – especially true when the man comes in me while we are kissing.

As I fuck the man I like to turn to him and purse my lips or blow him a kiss or mouth words to him like “I love you”. This again is highly erotic.

I also enjoy sometimes ignoring him – treating him as if he is not there watching me, yet still exaggerating my motions a little as he watches. I like to do this if I am fucking the man in the missionary style. It is very intimate and lends itself to a little sense of privacy between the other man and me.

I typically am not one for the “wild” type of sex; fast, furious, or whatever. I like slow lovemaking style sex with every man I am with. There are of course exceptions to prove the rule. I should let my husband share those with the group as he seems to enjoy putting his perspective into the stories. He recalls them much better than I do.

There have been many times the we have done the sleazy type of sex or games. One old friend of his thought I was a prostitute. He and Alex shared my “fee”. Later when we told him we were married he was even more thrilled. He didn’t even want his money back

We have no serious disagreements about styles or even what kind of men we choose. Most of the men are one evening or one time sex flings. Provided you are cautious and use good judgement – these are safe and fun and preferred. My husband has allowed me to fuck a few of his long time friends. This again is safe provided you are careful and make sure he understands the nature of the sex.

The only complaint I have is that Alex barely lets me rest after I have sex. He wants me immediately. That is his stongest fetish. I perfer to bask in the afterglow for a few minutes and enjoy the after-sensations. He does let allow me this every now and then but taking the time to just stare at me until he cannot stand waiting any longer.

It is usually easy for me to find other lovers. A lot of white guys have an Asian fetish. I suppose men like a touch of the exotic.

The main feeling I get when I have sex in front of him is pride. Proud that my husband thinks I am so sexy, proud that he is secure enough to allow this without jealousy, and proud that I can satisfy many men of varied tastes. I suspect that he is also proud of himself that I always prefer him to others and that no matter how many men I have sex with, I always think that he is the only true lover I have ever had.

Check out the whole message thread here.

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7 Responses to “Why would a man want his wife to fuck another man? A Woman’s Perspective”

  1. on 04 Nov 2008 at 2:31 pmanon

    i am sick and tired of my husband asking me to fuck other men, i’v not done it yet but everytime he wants sexy fun with me he mentions it, he wants me to fuck a man and he spy on me while i’m doing it, afterwards he wants to fuck me and see the other guys cum come frome me. He then wants me to chat a guy up and get him to fuck me with my husband, i wonder why this is such a powerful desire of his. i don’t want to do it but i would do it just to please him, The thought of another guy fucking me drives me wild but i wonder if it will be the making of us or the end. i mean will he through it back into my face in an argument? makes me wonder.

  2. on 28 Dec 2009 at 5:39 pmLiz

    So glad someone else has said this, my boyfriend of three years always talks dirty fantasy talk in bed, it turns me on too so I thought little of it, and suddenly he wants to make it reality – he wants to see me fuck another man. I feel sordid about it, it makes me feel cheap, I want my lover to want me selfishly, jealously. Just raises all the questions – why doesn’t he want to keep me for himself? Does he want to fuck other women too? will he throw it back at me some time in the future if I go ahead? Etc etc etc!!

  3. on 03 Apr 2010 at 4:08 pmtypical man

    I think you women read into it too much. I mean you enjoyed haveing sex with men before your husband. All he wants is to see you truthfully enjoy the sex you can have if all the right componets are there. You are to tell me that women dont like well endowed men? I mean all the porn movies you see out dont men with little cocks. Why is that? Because a large cock turns men and women on. That’s why. A big juicey cock verses a little 4 incher . Your husband only wants you to have the best. He has put aside that he is not the best lover in the world . But he wants you to have the best lover he can find.Why do people have such a problem with just having fun and really enjoying sex.

    Live a little.

  4. on 29 Dec 2010 at 12:14 amKevin

    Once my girlfriend let me know that her first boyfriend shared her with a friend, when she was only 16. She acted like she wished she had never told me about it, and when I wanted to know more about it, she refused to talk about. So I waited till one night when we were having sex, and she was about to cum. I asked her if she enjoyed getting fucked buy two guys at once ? I was so shocked when she said YES, i loved it.
    After we both got off, I told her Id love to try that!! And like all the other post asked for it many times, just to see disappointment in her face. Like most women who want a guy to never want them to want a different man. Once I even asked for it for my birthday !! Something about the thought of my princess being a bad girl, just turned me on, way past anything ever, when I thought about it I could go all night, and get her off many times. After a while I stopped talking about it, mostly because I knew it would never happen.
    But after a while, she brought it up, I was shocked when she told me about a guy in town thats wanted her for years. I asked her if she was willing, and she said yes. The next night she called me at work, and told me to meet her at a sports bar close to our home. When I got to the place, she was sitting in her car waiting. She was wearing a long coat, and her hair in pig tails, so fucking hot, she had really spent alot of time making herself look hot. My fucking heart was pounding so hard, because I knew the man went to this bar alot. We played a few games of pool, and then she said he just came in !!! She walked up close to me, and opened her coat. My mouth dropped open !!!! She was nude under that long coat!!! My cock was so hard looking at her hot body, and just thinking about her being a bad girl for me!!! The drinks had me headed for the restroom, but when I came out she was waiting at the door. She said ” are you ready ” ? What I said ? She said he’s in my car ready to go, and that she flashed him, and asked if hed like to join us for sex. He dropped his drink on the table, and said hell yea.
    That night watching my princess getting fucked, and how turned on she was, she loved it way more than I would ever dreamed. She got off more times that night than she had ever in her life, and thanked me for days after that. But our sex went through the roof after that, like it opened a whole new door, we have sex now for hours, till we are both soaked with sweat from head to toe. Im sure its a chance something like this could hurt a relationship, but only if its not a good, close relationship. If you have a good relationship, it will most likely help. If the wife really thinks she would enjoy it, I say try it. Thats been a few years ago, and she has been with two guys, and the first one many times. You dont know what you are missing !!!!

  5. on 13 Jun 2012 at 6:56 amJoan

    I have been married for almost 15 years and I too have been asked to do this deed. At first I thought he was crazy to want this and I being a bit oldfashion wanted to hang on to the fact I’m a one man woman. Well at age 34 and while hubby and I were out of town on vacation I gave into his requests with a total stranger. I felt guilty as hell as well as nervious as Hell but all in all it went well for me. I got much more excited about what I was feeling than I thought I would and I even tried to hold back the massive climax I had. It wasn’t like hubby wanted to watch but more so he just wanted to know I have done it. Well during that two week vacation I got with that guy 18 times. I did all this during the last 10 days of our stay as for those first few days I had to get my nerve up to go ahead with it. All in all I think it was a wonderful experience for me and yes this guy who I only knew his first name and that he was also married but a few years younger than us did climax in me each time. I guess the real pleasure came when I came back to our room and I let hubby know I did it. He inturn went down on me with such lust unlike any time ever before. This I guess added to the pleasure I experienced. This however wasn’t all when we went back home it wasn’t long before I realized I had a problem (that is if you call it a problem being pregnant at age 34) I had the baby a beautiful little girl that was added to our two boys. We are sure its this other guys baby but we won’t go have the test done, we just want to believe it is (after all she does have alot of his features) Our life together seems even more rewarding and we are happily married more so than ever before. Still in a way it bothers me that I’m not the one man woman that I was so proud of being. Yet when I go out by myself I find myself checking out other guys, something I never did before. Its almost like I have gotten a taste of something taboo and maybe want to try it again on my own.

  6. on 16 Jun 2012 at 8:21 amCass

    Watching my wife with another man was a hard thing to get done for me . I had a crush on her when we were fifteen years old , but she was going steady with my buddy who at sixteen had a monster ten inch cock . He was known for trying to hurt girls with it and when he did take my wife it was brutal and he told all of us every detail . He did her four times and then told me I could have her . I was in love with a whore and found it exciting . Everybody knew she took Gary’s huge ten to the hilt and loved it . I married her thinking she would be my whore , doing my buddys so I could watch and see what her hot body looked like when Gary was doing her but she wouldn’t do it. To make maters worse , after Gary , she couldn’t feel me ! She would say ” Is it in yet”? I simply couldn’t satisfy my own wife . I knew I had to get her to take on one of my buddys somehow but it was always the same. “NO “!
    Then after a couple years of working at it hard with my buddy Ted , we bagged her after getting her tipsey with wine , and we worked her over , taking turns on her . When it was over and Ted left she look’d me in the eyes and asked me why her being a whore was so important to me . I told her I fell in love with her after Gary told us every detail of how you took it and that while he was pumping his cum into you , you told him you were his whore. Since then , all those years ago , all I’ve thought about is you being my whore. I told her I knew she could’nt even feel me and that I thought if My buddy Ted and I did a double penatration in her vagina I could satisfy her and truly use her as my whore . She looked down to her lap and sighed ,” It always goes back to those stupid words I said whem Gary was cumming in me doesnt it”.
    Then she handed me the phone and said , “Call Ted , and tell him to come over and help you sandwich your whore ” . Two hours later as Ted and I had her sandwiched between us She had her FIRST orgasm with me ! We were both in her vagina pumping her hard when she finally groaned those words she said to Gary , but this time she said them to me . ” Oh , hurt me , I’m your whore “!!!! since then she blossomed . Now she lets me tell her what I want to see , and does it for me. I still need another guy with me to “sandwich ” her but she lets me do her like that whenever I want because she’s finaly ” my whore “. Since then She has taken all of my buddys plus a lot of their wives and has even had a big cocked lover who has a bi wife . They double team my wife . So in the end you ask why does a husband want his wife to let another man do her ? The answer is every man craves to be married to a whore , and that she’s HIS whore . Simple as that !

  7. on 23 Jun 2012 at 11:34 amNick

    I am a 41yo male. Successful attractive and a great guy in general. I really want to get married and have a family but I found I am attracked to only hot beautful women who come off as being the perfect normal woman by day but is a very dirty girl behind closed doors. I cannot believe it, but it so turns me on to have my woman occassionally fuck another man. To me, this has been so difficult to find so I have been single. Also, I feel like there is something wrong with me? If I love her so much how can I share her? Maybe its because I can differentiate between love and sex, and if I know our relationship is so strong and she can only love me, maybe this would make us stronger? I never did this, but its all I fantasize about. In fact, I dont even want to be with other women, just my hot dirty wife?

    Has this ever ruined relationships for anyone? How do I find such a woman? Can a woman fuck other men and still love only her husband?

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