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New Story: Backseat Snowballing

Here’s a true story about Hotwife Ginger, and how she entertained her husband Rye and their friend Mario just the other night, in the backseat of a parked car. Super hot! Here’s a snip:

It didn’t take him much longer to go over the edge as they fucked beside me, especially with my telling them how much I was looking forward to having him fill her mouth with his seed. She got off his lap, turned around with her bare ass toward me, and dropped her face onto his pulsating prick. I shoved my fingers deep into her flooded twat while his groans of ecstasy filled the car, and as he came he pushed his head back, hitting a switch that turned on a small light over the back door. Hardly distracted from his orgasm into my wife’s mouth, he leaned back to turn off the light, then continued moaning and tossing his head. He hit that light switch twice more during what must have been a solid five minutes of draining his balls into the mouth of my happy spouse, who seemed reluctant to lift her head off her prize. (Continue reading full story…)

One Response to “New Story: Backseat Snowballing”

  1. on 19 Oct 2011 at 7:32 pmdr Dy

    Better , watching wife giving blowjob til the end with lover so,after giving snowballing with me.

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