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Interracial encounters

There’s a lot of chatter out there, and we receive about this as well, about interracial hotwife encounters. A lot of cuckold couples seek out dominant black men for threesomes (not to mention group encounters and gangbangs). We’ve had several interracial encounters (with single men and couples), and I’m not sure what the big fuss is about. I think it has more to do with the man’s personality, rather than skin color–but that’s just me.

I’m curious what the attraction (if any) with visitors to this site. Do interracial hotwife / cuckold situations (Black men with white wives? White men with black wives?) turn you on? If so, why?

I know people are interested in it for many different reasons:

  • a perceived social taboo factor
  • contrast of skin color
  • perception that black men are better hung (and therefore can sexually please women better)

I know if I dug into the subject more and did my homework, I’d find more reasons for this attraction. But I’m curious what you think. Is this something you’d like to hear more about? Drop me a note with your thoughts and I’ll post some of your feedback soon.

I guess I could mention we’ve observed that the generally-held assumption that black men are well hung seems to be true. Allie has been with four black men in the past, and all were hung to a significant size–to the point of her being kinda intimidated by them. I’ll also try to write about some of Allie’s past encounters with black men in the future, if you’re interested.

5 Responses to “Interracial encounters”

  1. on 19 Aug 2005 at 7:55 amAnonymous

    It’s not just Black Male/White Female….I’m a White Male and I’ve been with 6 Black Women over the years. Just wanted to point out that there are Black women who like WHITE cock.

  2. on 22 Aug 2005 at 2:59 pmsexyhotwife

    I’ve been with several black men and have not noticed a difference in size. I sleep with black guys because it turns my hubby on, I have no particular attraction to one skin color over another.

  3. on 09 Mar 2008 at 4:44 pmBeth & Mark

    Beth has been with 5 BBC at my request. Thay have all been hung very well. I’m only 6″ and Beth loves big cock. I like seeing my wife with BBC. I think it stems from the Black/White social issues…somewhat of a taboo, somewhat of a Black Man having HIS way with my white wife.

  4. on 06 Sep 2008 at 9:53 pmThe Lusty Texan

    Every study/survey I remember seeing says black men, as a race, do not have bigger penises than white men. Maybe I’ve just met a bunch of well-hung black guys, but in my experience black guys do seem to have larger penises that white guys. But, maybe there’s something about the color black that makes them look bigger (although, when I wear black, it’s because I want to look slimmer).

    I think the taboo factor is strong. And the white skin – black skin contrast is striking.

    I have watched much more porn than I should admit to, and while watching I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about this topic. I think part of the reason is there is something about the way light reflects of darker skin. If you look at a muscular white guy and a muscular black/tanned guy who have identical bodies, the muscles and muscle definition on the black/tanned guy seem to stand out more. Alternatively, if you look at an overweight white guy and an overweight black/tanned guy who have identical bodies, the white guy looks fatter to me. Maybe I have some cultural biases I’m not aware of. Or maybe my computer screen isn’t very good.

    Personally, I’ve been disappointed back dicks don’t taste like chocolate… or so I’ve heard.

  5. on 06 Sep 2010 at 5:38 pmArmando_G

    I think most of this interracial talk has more root in porn and swingerlife than reality. If you notice, most of the sites than advocate ww/bm are also linked to ir porn and cuckold sites.

    It could be wonderfull if there where more serious IR sites who could touch “sensitive” subjects (like ww/bm and bw/wm) whitout all this racial bias, stereotypes and…porn!

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