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Where I ordered Allie’s hotwife anklet charm

Daniel wrote the following question in the previous post’s comments, and it’s something we get asked quite a bit. I thought it bears mentioning here in the blog:

Danica has several anklets she wears — but none engraved.

Any recommendations on where I might get additional anklets to add to her collection? Would love to find one that was engraved “Hot Wife.”

There are a few vendors on the Internet that are selling “hotwife charms,” “hotwife anklets” or “hotwife jewelry.” If you Google any of those terms, you’re bound to find something. However, I found that those vendors are very, very expensive–and it’s hard to tell exactly what you’re getting for your money.

I’d recommend that you try where I purchased Allie’s jewelry. I ordered it online via Things Remembered. They have tons of locations in malls across the country, but I wasn’t comfortable going into a mall and asking a clerk behind a counter to engrave “I fuck around…” on a charm. At least by ordering online, there was some anonymity, and you can customize them however you want.

Plus, the quality was very high, the shipping was very fast, and all-in-all it was largely inexpensive. I ordered the first charm online through them, and ordered a 2nd one (“I give great head”) a few months later.

2 Responses to “Where I ordered Allie’s hotwife anklet charm”

  1. on 16 Jun 2005 at 1:39 pmCharms

    Hi Allie, great site. We have a few Anklets your readers might like on our site. we are at and just click to the swingers jewelry sections.

    We have a HW anklet and a BBC anklet. If you do not allow sites to be mentioned, you can delete this post. Thanks again and great site.


  2. on 06 Sep 2008 at 5:24 pmThe Lusty Texan

    Now that it’s been a few more years and your relationship seems have shifted a bit from swinger or ‘hotwife’ toward ‘cuckold’, would you be more likely to walk into a store and ask for the charm to be engraved in person? If you enjoy the humiliation aspect of this ‘lifestyle’ ;-), that would be a great way to get a bit of it. Even more so, if Allie was with you when you went to the store.

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