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Queen of Spades temporary tattoos

Found a link to these tattoos in my inbox today, and found it very blogworthy.

There’s an interracial couple, Sheryl and Greg, out there that sells these simple temporary tattoos to designate white women that prefer sex with black men: a black ace of spades with a Q in the middle. Here’s a snip from their site:

If you are a white woman who prefers sex with black men, now there is a simple, inexpensive and discreet way to advertise your preference. A Queen of Spades Temporary Tattoo will help potential black lovers identify you at parties, at nightclubs, or even at the supermarket. It will also let white men know they would be wasting their time with you. Place a tattoo in a conspicuous place on your body when you go out on the town to pick up black men, then remove the tattoo before you go to work next Monday morning!

If you’re into this kind of thing, then they’re a steal at $1.99 each–and they’re bound to be quite the conversation starter or icebreaker at the swing club or out on the town on the dance floor.

I guess my question is how recognizable a symbol is this really? Are a lot of black men really on the lookout for this? I guess even if they’re not, someone is bound to be curious about it.

I think we’re going to buy a couple of them just in case.

Here’s a peek at Sheryl showing one off:

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  1. on 10 Dec 2006 at 12:41 amAnonymous

    Thanks for the plug. We’ve also given you some props in a recent blog post.

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